Tuesday Top Five: Fiercely Short Hair Styles

If you checked out my Friend Friday Vlog, you’ll notice that I’m wearing a short bob hairstyle.  I haven’t had a bob in a really long time.  As a matter of fact, I’ve only rocked this hair style once and I’m rocking it again, not so much by choice (growing out my relaxer left the back of hair with ragged ends that just had to go!) but I love it all the same.  I’ve found myself finding new ways to rock my new do!  It also makes doing my hair in the morning sooo much smoother!  So in celebration of my new do, I’ve found five celebs whose short hairstyles I simply adore!


I loved how Rhianna rocked this asymmetrical bob!  It’s so edgy yet super girly all the same!


You know Halle Berry had to make this list!  I can’t lie, I have to get a serious dose of beauty courage (and give my husband a sedative!) to cut my hair this short.  But for now, I’ll let Halle rock it for the both of us!


I loved Hayden Panettiere  in Heroes and though she looked awesome with her long locks, I have to say she is rocking this due really well! It makes her look more mature and sophisticated.



Victoria Beckham has awesome style and her hair is no exception!  This tousled look is awesome and I’m inspired to try to get this look myself!


 I loved this layered look on Kelly Rowland for like…ever!  It screams diva to me and if I ever decided to cut my hair again, I would definitely go for this look.

What celebs are rocking your favorite short hairstyles?


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Tuesday Top Five: Favorite Beauty Trends

Tuesday Top Five: Fragrances

Tuesday Top Five: Faux Fur Vests

Tuesday Top Five: Favorite Beauty Trends

Like fashion, beauty trends come and go, with some that are totally awesome to some that I would rather pass on.  Today’s Top Five are my favorite beauty trends, beauty trends that I would gladly try out and not feel foolish walking out of my house!  I also think these trends are quite doable, even for the makeup newbie and give a great twist to your ordinary beauty routine!


Smokey Eyes

Though you may think this beauty trend is a classic, it’s not just reserved for black and grey shadows anymore.  Blues, Purples, and Golds are perfect colors to use for this look, each giving off it’s own vibe, yet screaming glam all the same!   I went to Sephora and got a super cool blue smoky eye with one of their mini makeovers.  I absolutely loved it!


Vintage Glam

The classic pin up girl look is totally sexy again.  While the first trend plays up the eyes, the lips take center stage with this one.  All you need is a neutral eyeshadow, a peachy blush, and bold red lipstick!  The vintage glam hair also has a beauty blogger attention, with smooth, shiny pin curls or totally awesome fingerwaves.


Two Toned Eyeshadow

Rocking one color on your lids and another on your lower lash line may have seemed crazy before, but it’s totally hot now.  If it’s done right you can add crazy drama to your eyes, perfect for a night out on the town.  Just remember that ultra glam eyes call for a soft lip.  You don’t want to overdo it!

Nude Lip

I was a little unsure about this trend at first because I didn’t think it would work with someone with my skin color.  I thought I would look washed out.  However, when I tried it out, not only was I proven wrong, I really liked it!   You also want to choose a color that not only is closest to your skin tone, but has a little shine to it too, giving your lips  life even though they’re nude.  My favorite lip gloss to use is Sweet Raisin and Bliss Bronze from Mary Kay.


Grey Nail Polish

I recently gave up my acrylic tips for colored nail polish and I’m having so much fun with it!  One of the hottest colors this fall is grey and this was another trend I was kinda iffy about.  However, I discovered a grey nail polish called Winter Whisper from Silly Paintz on a trip to Sally’s Beauty Supply that I absolutely love!  Instead of the matte finish grey, it has a slight sparkle to it that I love!  Granted, the quality isn’t the best (it chips way too easily) but I absolutely love the color and looking for a suitable replacement.

What are your favorite beauty trends?

Photo courtesy of:  realbeauty.com, zimbio.com, makeup-fashion-trends.com, sallybeauty.com, evasitoe.wordpress.com

Tuesday Top Five: Fragrances

Happy Tuesday Ladies!

I first want to apologize for not posting up the Tuesday Top Five last week.   Last week was a super tough week for me and my creative brain was really fried!  But no worries, because I’m back this week feeling good and today’s installment is all about smelling good!  I’m incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to review the things that I do and this past year I have reviewed a lot of fragrances.  I love putting on perfumes and body sprays whether I’m going out with the hubby or just going to bed!  My nightstand is completely overrun with cool perfume bottles and these next five perfumes get the most play in my beauty routine!


I can never, ever rave enough about this perfume!  This is one of my absolute favorites!  From a fun bottle to a fun scent to being name after one of my favorite fashionista’s Sarah Jessica Parker, I’m in beauty blogger heaven!  I would gladly buy a few bottles of this just to make sure I never run out!


Balenciaga Paris

I use this perfume when I want to get my “grown woman on”, splashing this on when I’m dressed super professional.  The scent is really chic and sophisticated, making me feel like the business powerhouse I working towards being!

Calvin Klein Beauty

This is the newest addition to my collection, who will be getting it’s own review real soon.  But for now, I’ll tell you that the scent is very feminine without having to smell super fruity.  It’s light and airy, yet strong enough to keep you smelling good all day!


Lola Velvet

Out of all of my perfumes, this one has the coolest bottle, with is big, velvety flower top and purple glass bottle.  The fragrance is just as fun as the bottle, with  a flirty scent that’s strong ( so you have to be careful not to overdo it!)


Harajuku Lovers G

The bottles in this entire collection are so flippin’ cute and even after the fragrance is gone, I would keep the bottle as a cool keepsake.  This perfume was a pleasant surprise because I expected it to be an overly fruity, teeny bopper kind of perfume.  However, it was the quite opposite, still having a girlyness feel but not overbearing, making it real nice to wear!

What are you top five favorite smell goods?


Photos courtesy of respective companies.

Tuesday Top Five: Faux Fur Vests

My most recent and sudden fascination with faux fur vests can be attributed to two things: Seeing V from grit and glamour show off her awesome collection of faux furs that are absolutely fabulous and seeing the faux vest from Rachel Roy (that I included in the Top Five) at her Macy’s event two weeks ago.  I never even though about rocking a faux fur vest but I am totally feeling this trend and trying to find a way to get one into my fashion life!  So today’s Tuesday Top Five are five faux fur vests (okay say that five times fast! LOL) that I’ve found on my internet search thus far!

Rachel Rachel Roy Faux Fur Zip Front (Macy's)


Natalie Vest (Guess)

Juicy Couture Herringbone Faux Fur Collar Vest (Revolve Clothing)

Bright White Faux Fur Vests by Alberto Makali (Edressme)

Alice + Olivia Shawl Collar Faux Fur Vest (Shopbob)

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 Tuesday Top Five: Fashion Jewelry for the Workplace



Photos courtesy of:  edressme.com, shopbob.com, macys.com, guess.com, revolveclothing.com

Tuesday Top Five: Fashion Jewelry for the Workplace

If you’re like me and work a 9 to 5 in the office of Corporate America, being trendy can sometimes be a no-no.  It’s easy to get lost in the sea of suits, pencil skirts and white button downs, but you don’t have to lose your fashion individuality due to a conservative dress code.  One way I get to show my trendy side is through my fashion jewelry.  Here are my five favorite pieces I like to wear to work that give my otherwise conservative look a little bit of flair!


I love these Crystal Flower Earrings from Charlotte Russe! They are trendy enough for my personality yet conservative enough for work.


Avon Charmy Chain Statement Necklace. I love the vintage feel of these piece. Goes great with button downs!

This has become my favorite way to wear pearls! A classic with a twist!

I always wear this necklace with this coral tee. Not only does it dress it up, the gold compliments the color quite nicely. I also love that the earrings it comes with are small, not making the look completely overwhelming!
I got this earrings as a gift from my aunt a long time ago. Since they are big, that’s the only accessory I wear and since its a dull color gold, it doesn’t look outrageous in the office!

What fashioin jewelry do you like to wear to the office?
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