Going Old School With Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser


With my freelancing life taking me out of the house and requiring makeup every day, I needed something effective yet gentle to wash the day away the day. While my favorite cleanser does the job, sometimes I need something quick and moisturizing at the same time. Luckily, there was a jar of Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser in my Q-Tips box of Halloween goodies I received last month. This cleanser has been around a very long time, the little black dress of the skincare world. And after using it for a few weeks, I clearly understand why!

It’s Part Cleanser

It has the right ingredients to get skin beautifully clean before bedtime. It’s even gentle enough to use as an eye makeup remover, eliminating the need to use a separate product. You don’t need to wet your face before you use it either. Just slather it on, enjoying the creamy texture while its breaks up all that dirt and makeup. It’s even tough enough for waterproof mascara. With a wet towel, you wipe all that gunk away (rinsing is totally optional).  Just to make sure it got rid of everything, I followed up with toner and there wasn’t a trace of any dirt or makeup on that cotton ball.

It’s Part Moisturizer

While you’re cleansing, Pond’s classic formula infuses your skin with crazy moisture and keeping it there long after you rinse. The first time I used it, my skin felt so silky smooth I swore I hadn’t taken all of the cleanser off. After rinsing a few times, my skin was still soft to the touch. There was no reason to follow up with a moisturizer, which made my nighttime beauty routine even simpler. I seriously look forward to washing my face before bed.

Have you ever used Ponds Cream Cleanser?



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FTC Disclosure: Product was received as a free sample for review. All opinions are my own.

Relax On A Budget with the Naturally Indulgent Bath & Body Collection

CVS Beauty

With the holidays getting seriously close, life is about to get crazy. Between holiday shopping, costume parties, holiday dinners and after parties, being able to relax at the end of the day is super important. The good thing is, you don’t have to spend a fortune (gotta save up for Black Friday you know!) because Essence of Beauty has you covered. They’ve launched a body care line exclusively at CVS that has everything you need – from hand creams to body oils with nothing over $10. With three different scents to choose from, the Lavender with Rosemary Oil collection is the one you want if you’re looking to relax and wind down for the night. These natural ingredients were made for that and not having unsafe ingredients like parabens, sulfates and artificial dyes in the way, you’re sure to get nothing but the naturally best.

After a long stress-filled day, I start out with the Botancial Body Wash, a gel cleanser that’s infused with good stuff like pomegranate and goji berry. You won’t get a fruity scent thought, the lavender the only thing you can smell as it cleans away the day, leaving behind super soft skin.

Next is my favorite part, the Nourishing Body Oil. Since using this one, I’m totally hooked preferring it over lotion any day. The only caveat though is it has to be just as moisturizing. Luckily this one doesn’t disappoint. Rich with antioxidants and restorative oils, it goes on easy and absorbs quickly carrying the same earthy scent as the body wash. Did I mention that my skin stays crazy soft well into the morning?

Because my feet need extra moisture attention, I lathered them up in the Body Butter. This ultra thick, hydrating cream is full of great butters like shea and cocoa. It’s awesome in the hydrating department though I wish I wasn’t so thick, making it a bit tedious to apply everywhere. But for my toes, it’s perfect!

Other products in this collection include a Sugar Scrub, Shea Butter Bar Soap, Foaming Bath Soak and even a Hand Cream if you need to relax on the go. It’s available now at your local CVS store, so the next time you’re on a shopping run, pick some up!

What are your favorite beauty products to relax with after a long day?


Photo courtesy of: CVS

FTC Disclosure: Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples. All opinions are my own.

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Spa’ing At Home with Suave

Suave Skincare

You know what I can go for any day of the week? A relaxing time at the spa, complete with a massage, facial, and lunch by somebody’s pool. I would love a day free of crazy toddlers, endless emails, and daily chores. Nothing but peace ,quiet and relaxation.

Then I wake up and find myself back in my crazy life. Honestly a spa getaway isn’t in the cards for many of us, with time and money big factors. So what’s the next best thing? Having a spa day at home. But what if you don’t have time to even paint your own toes let alone soak in a tub in peace for 30 minutes?

Ladies, that’s me all day every day. Between having a part-time day job, freelance projects, a toddler and a husband, it’s hard to get even an hour to myself. But you still need that down time to regroup, refresh, and keep yourself from completely losing it. You need beauty products that can give you the same zen feeling of the spa in half the time. Luckily, the Suave® Professionals Body Care Line has exactly what you need.

Here’s how you get the spa vacation you need without leaving the house.

Have a Sweet Smelling and Skin Softening Body Wash On Hand

We all have to shower sometime so make the most of it by having a mini spa party. Suave’s Natural Infusion Awapuhi brings a little bit of Hawaii to your bathroom with Awapuhi Ginger and honeysuckle extract that not only smells fantastic but gets skin clean without drying it out.  The Moroccan Infusion body wash leaves skin baby soft and silky smooth with Moroccan argan oil. You would think you just had a Turkish bath at the spa (I’ve had one and its pretty darn close!). It was my personal favorite out of the two.

It’s All About The Loofah

All good skin spa treatments have some type of exfoliating action so skip the wash cloth and get a loofah in your life. Trust me, it makes all the difference!

Spray Body Oils Are Your Best Friend

A rubdown with body oil may not be in the cards anytime soon but the Moroccan Infusion Dry Body Oil Spray is seriously the next best thing. With a couple of sprays and a quick rub, skin is crazy soft and smooth thanks to the Moroccan argan oil. The best time to use it is after your shower, not needing any other moisturizing product for the rest of the day. Skin stays moisturized and smelling great¸ giving you a little piece of spa-like goodness for the rest of your crazy day.

Keep The Spa Party Going With a Great Lotion

Need a Moroccan argan oil moment but don’t have time to any of the above? Give yourself a quick little massage with the Moroccan Infusion Body Lotion. It leaves skin just as moisturized as the body wash and oil with the same relaxing fragrance as the rest of the collection. I have to admit that it’s not as luxurious as the oil but it’s the next best thing if you’re seriously in a hurry.

Are you a fan of Suave?


Photos courtesy of Suave

FTC Disclosure: Products were received as free samples. All opinions are my own.

Six Things You Need In Your Makeup Bag This Fall

Fall Beauty Trends

Labor Day is officially a week away signaling the end of summer and the beginning of another stylish season. Along with the end of summer parties and fitting in last minute vacays is the switching out of closets and makeup bags. I’m even on the ball when it comes to that, taking the time to clean out my makeup drawers to make room for new and fun fall things. And, as with every new season on this piece of the blogosphere, it’s time for another “Six Things You Need” feature.

What does the Fall have in store when it comes to makeup? In a few words – retro, metallics, barely there beauty, and plenty of pretty fall colors

Fall Inspired Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup brands have already released their Fall makeup collections and one thing they have in common are eyeshadow palettes filled with beautiful shades that scream autumn leaves and cooler weather. Dark greens, matte purples, and daytime nudes are all you need to get through this season looking gorgeous and on trend.

Nude Lipstick

If red lipstick just isn’t your thing then a nude color is the way to go. Balenciaga’s minimalist take on beauty can easily translate into real life, with the right foundation and a beautiful nude lip that works for every single occasion.

Black Gel Eyeliner

Remember the swinging sixties trend I told you about last week? The retro trend is carrying over into the Fall beauty world with thick lined eyes and exaggerated cat eyes. Black liner will be your best friend this season, the gel formula making it easy to get the dramatic look you want and the staying power you need.

False Eyelashes

Designers like Versace and Prada had their models sporting some over the top lashes on their Fall runways. While we don’t want to look like we’re rocking spiders on our eyes, there are other options to voluminous lashes than just mascara. I took the leap into false lashes land and it was a really fun and easy trip! Definitely worth getting a pair for your beauty bag.

Metallic Eyeshadow

Another big beauty trend on the fall fashion runways was metallic eyeshadow – from shimmery bronze to iced out silvers. Having these shadows on hand gives you a nice break from the traditional seasonal colors and add some beautiful drama to your life.


If you’re going to go for the barely there look you gotta keep it flawless, making concealer is absolute essential for your makeup bag. Pat some under those eyes and cover off those dark spots before setting it with a pressed powder.

Your turn! What are you beauty bag essentials for Fall?

Conair Isn’t Just About The Hair! Check Out My Test Drive of Their Satin Smooth Skin Care Line


The summer’s winding down and I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite done with the whole summer relaxing thing. Between birthdays and holidays this Fall, I need all the down time I can get. That means not spending all day and a million products getting my skin right.  Bright face, clean pores, and moisturized skin all day long is all I need right now. Anything that can get me that every day with as few steps and products as possible – this girl is all for it!

Satin Smooth Skin Care does just that. If you’ve never heard of them, then I’m sure you’ve familiar with Conair.  I had no idea the hair brand I’ve come to know and love had a skin care line so when they reached out to me to try out some of their products I was totally on board. Armed with the basics of any skin care regimen (cleanser and moisturizer) as well as something extra, I put all of my other products away, using them exclusively for the last few weeks.

So how did they do? Did they give me the results I needed in less time?

Renewal Facial Cleanser

Formulated with AHA, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, and Jojoba, this creamy cleanser brightens, cleans, and hydrates skin all in one step. It goes on so smooth, perfect for those of us who don’t like exfoliating beads or heavy products on their skin every day. It’s also gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin on  a daily basis. All you need is a small amount to smooth on and rinses off clean, the whole process taking under 3 minutes. Oh, and it smells amazing!

Day/Night Daily Moisturizer

Get ready for some move Vitamin C because the moisturizer has plenty of it, along with conditioning ingredients to keep skin moisturized as well as diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What I liked most about this moisturizer is that it can be used as a daily moisturizer as well as a night cream too, repairing skin while you sleep. Like the cleanser, it nice and light on the skin and absorbs quickly so you can go on with your beauty life (without the greasiness).

Ultra Bloom Serum

If your skin needs a little extra brightening, especially if you’re plagued by dark spots, apply this serum right after cleansing. It has plenty of botanicals, vitamins, and antioxidants to get skin looking it’s smoothest and brightest. A little goes a long way, though it takes a minute for it to get into the skin. Once it’s dry, put on the moisturizer and you are really good to go!

Using Satin Smooth Skin Care products was a welcomed break from my normal products that tend to be on the more intense side of skin care. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on the great skin I’m used to and it gave me the time I needed to enjoy the rest of my summer.

Would you give Satin Smooth Skin Care a try?

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Photo courtesy of Satin Smooth Skin Care

FTC Disclosure: These products were received as free samples for review. All opinions are my own.