Beauty Blast: Moroccanoil Volumizing Hair Collection


I love oils and my hair loves them – it seals in the moisture my hair needs without weighing it down like heavy butters tend to do.  Hot oil treatments help me combat dryness while adding them to conditioners and styling creams amp up their moisture power.  I’ve never gotten my hands on Moroccanoil though so when they reached out to me to review their Volumizing Hair Collection I jumped at the chance. It came in a gorgeous beauty bag that I’m absolutely in love with!  As a matter of fact, I used it to pack my beauty stuff on my latest road trip.  Since I talked about this collection last month on Facebook, I’ve been using the Shampoo and Moroccanoil Treatment. Overall, I wasn’t as psyched about it as I thought I would be.

Volumizing Shampoo ($24)

Formulated to cleanse, detangle, and give hair the body it needs, this shampoo is free of all those parabens, sulfates, and phosphates we’re not crazy about. It also has argan oil and promises to leave hair manageable and shiny.   While I have no issues with volume, it did a great job getting my hair clean and didn’t leave my hair feeling stripped and dry after rinsing it out.   I didn’t notice a big difference on the detangling side nor on the shine factor.  It also didn’t leave my hair as soft as my current fav which was a bit of a letdown too.

Moroccanoil Treatment ($43)

This oil has ingredients like fatty acids, Omega-3 oils, and vitamins for shine and antioxidants to keep your hair protected.  It can be used as conditioning, styling, and finishing treatment and rest assured your girl used it as all three!  I was the most excited about this one, taking to it with both hands!  I used to seal in my moisturizer on wash days, as styling oil when fluffing my hair out in the morning, as well as a conditioner for my hair right before bed.  It smells amazing and it left my hair soft and moisturized.  It was a great alternative to my olive oil.  However, it performed just as well as my olive oil does and, because I have a lot of hair, I have to use a lot of it to get it all. As a result it didn’t last long (I’m savoring the last drops after using it for about a month).

The collection also came with a Volumizing Mousse.  Because I don’t use mousse, I had a friend of mine try it out and so far she loves it!


Have you used products from Moroccanoil?  What did you think of them?


Photos courtesy of Moroccanoil

FTC Disclosure:  The products mentioned in this review were received as free samples.  Opinions are my own.


Beauty Blast: Shampoo and Conditioner from Sebamed

I haven’t switched up my shampoo and conditioner in awhile, probably not since my this review.  However, thanks to my lovely preggo hormones, my hair was having some issues, despite the fact I’ve kept the same routine for months.  While I am experiencing a longer and fuller hair that pregnant woman boast about, I was also getting something that isn’t so nice – a drier scalp.  That’s why when the people at Sebamed reached out to me to try out their shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for normal to dry hair I was eager to do so!  What attracted me was not so much that it was made for dry hair (which meant that it promised the moisture my curls always need) but it has a pH balance of 5.5 that would restore my scalp to the natural (and itch free) state that it needs to be healthy.

So how did these products hold up after a few weeks of use?


Sebamed Everyday Shampoo Normal to Dry Hair

This clear-looking shampoo promises to gently cleanse hair without stripping it of it’s natural oils so it can retain moisture and give great volume.  With no parabens, this mild cleanser is supposed to great for daily use.  One thing I noticed as soon as I lathered up my hair was that this product has to have sulfates in it because it only took a little bit to cover all of my hair.  I looked at the ingredients and sure enough, they were there which left me a little disappointed.  I try to stay away from products with those type of ingredients.  As for getting my hair clean, it definitely did the job, though it did feel a little dry for my taste.  While it wasn’t the greatest thing for my hair, my scalp loved it!  The dryness and itchiness I was experiencing practically went away and just to make sure it wasn’t my imagination, I went back to my regular shampoo and immediately noticed the difference.  So this shampoo was a definite toss up – while it wasn’t the greatest thing for my hair, it was perfect for my scalp.


Sebamed Repair Conditioner

As with the shampoo, this product also aims to maintain the healthy pH balance of your scalp with a conditioning complex of Vitamin B5, avocado oil and plant extracts.  Unlike the shampoo though, the conditioner itself isn’t as thick and as a result I had to use a lot of it to cover all of my hair.  Because I only detangle my hair in the shower I always look to see if a conditioner has enough slip for me to do so and this one does.  I was actually a bit surprised given the product itself wasn’t as thick as I like my conditioners to be.  Once rinsed out my hair felt soft and not as dry as it did after shampooing though I really wasn’t as wowed as I wanted to.  If I had my choice between the two, I would definitely go with the shampoo just because it solved a major hair problem I’ve been having.

Have you tried any Sebamed products?


FTC Disclosure:  Products used in this review were received as free samples

Photos courtesy of:  Sebamed

Beauty Blast: Curl Care by Dr. Miracle’s

Dr. Miracle's Curl Care

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the newest hair care collection from Dr. Miracle’s made for curly girls just like me!  The Curl Care line of products, which debuts this month, contains all natural ingredients and oils, like Jojoba, Coconut and Safflower Oils and Aloe, that are formulated to give the same strong and healthy hair as their other products. What you won’t find in that list of ingredients are Sodium, Parabens, Sulfates, and Phtlalates. With  a honey and vitamin complex formula, the products aim to help hold curls for up to 12 hours without sacrificing their infamous Feel it Formula.  I’ve been using the entire the line for a few weeks now and this is what I thought!

Rehydrating Shampoo (12 Fl Oz; $9.49) and Nourishing Conditioner (12 Fl Oz; $9.49)

With Vitamins A and E along with Panthenol the shampoo is formulated to keep curls hydrated without stripping them of the oils they need to stay healthy.  The Conditioner aims to moisturize, condition, and soften curls with ingredients like Coconut, Joboba, and Vitamin E.  I enjoyed these two products the most out of all them.  The shampoo did a great job cleansing my hair and my hair didn’t fell dry at all, while the conditioner left my hair soft and manageable.  My only complaint is the tingling sensations that Dr. Miracle’s products are known for.  I think it was a bit much when using the the shampoo and conditioner together.  If I only used one of them, I can tolerate it, but using both had too much tingling going on!

Boost and Defining Leave in Conditioner (8 Fl Oz; $8.99)

This light leave in conditioner worked great on my freshly washed hair, keeping it soft and getting it ready to add  the other moisturizing products I use. It had the slight medicine smell that Dr. Miracle’s products are also known for but I didn’t mind it too much.  It also has a that tingling sensation too but once I’m done styling it goes away.

Soft Hold Creme (12 Fl Oz; $8.99) and Weightless Moisturizing Creme (8 Fl Oz; $8.99)

The Soft Hold Creme is used to individually define and hold curls.  After applying the Leave In, I would use this cream to help keep my curls in place while they air dried.  They did a great job doing that, almost as good if I had used a gel or the hair souflee that I normally use.  The Weightless Moisturizing Creme, which is lighter than this one, I would use to refresh my curls daily.  Though it gave my hair great shine and moisture in the morning, by midday, my hair was dry so unfortunately it didn’t last..

Frizz Control Serum (4 Fl Oz; $8.99)

With Vitamin A and Olive Oil, this serum is formulated to fight humidity and curl shrinkage while adding smoothness and shine.  Out of all of the products I used, I was the most disappointed with this one.  I didn’t find any reduction in frizziness and didn’t give me any more shine than the Moisturizing Creme.


Have you used any products from Dr. Miracle’s?


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FTC Disclosure:  Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples.



Beauty Blast: SheaMoisture Hair Products

One big thing that this journey to natural hair taught me was to be extra aware of not only the products I’m using but how my hair reacts.  It also helps me keep my product junkie tendencies in check too, making me think twice about buying something as well as stay with what works.  When my hair was relaxed I could try any and everything but my natural curls are very particular and the wrong product could spell a really bad hair day.  I loved the body products from SheaMoisture and I really wanted to give their hair product line a try.  After surfing the web and reading that so many natural haired girls are not only using it but raving about it, I took the plunge!

SheaMoisture Moisture Retention Shampoo

Moisture Retention Shampoo ($9.99 at Walgreens)

I thought I wouldn’t find a shampoo that could outperform my Carol’s Daughter staple, especially for a cheaper price but I was proven wrong!  This thick, moisture rich, and sulfate free shampoo is formulated for dry and damaged hair, which fits my hair to a T.  It really feels like a conditioner more so than a shampoo, not leaving my hair feeling so squeaky clean it becomes a dry frizz ball!  It gets rid of all the product build up that accumulates during the week without the harshness, leaving my hair super soft. I  definitely noticed a decrease in the amount of breakage I experience on wash days since I started using it since midsummer.  My husband likes it too and between the both of us, a bottle lasts quite a while which is another plus!

Curling Souflee from SheaMoisture

Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Soufflé * ($11.99 at Walgreens)

While the back of my hair has no issues maintaining its curl, the crown is a whole other story!  The curls there are looser and usually the first to frizz up and look really limp and not cute.  I used to use this product from Twisted Sista which was cool but I would have to use it every day, which for my fine hair is a little much.  When I was given this to review, I gladly tried it out, especially having such a big success with the shampoo.  The Soufflé, with agave nectar and flax seed is lighter than a regular gel but gives the same hold, helping my freshly washed hair keep its curl pattern long after it dries.  I use it after putting in my leave in conditioner and this hair oil from Uncle Funky’s Daughter, especially in my trouble spots.  My hair does feel a little hard on the first day but by day two the crunchiness is gone while my hair up top is still curly.  I don’t need to use it every day which is great (and makes the jar last longer!)

SheaMoisture Deep Treatment Masque

Deep Treatment Hair Masque ($9.99 at Walgreens)

In trying to deep condition my hair more often, I was looking for something that didn’t need heat all the time.  Truthfully I don’t have much time during the week to sit under a dryer so I bought this one because I could leave it in my hair for 30 minutes and rinse it out, or use it as a leave in.  The masque is thick when you take it out of the jar but dissolves quickly once it’s in your wet hair.  The sea kelp and the shea butter are supposed to get rid of all impurities while moisturizing and repairing damage to your hair and scalp.  As a wash out conditioner it’s great, leaving my hair really soft.  As a leave in, it was great on my hair, leaving it really moisturized especially overnight.  However it totally killed my scalp, making it really itchy and irritated (not fun).  So I had to go back to my old leave in and only use the mask occasionally as a wash-out conditioner.

Have you ladies used any of SheaMoisture’s hair products?

Oh, check out my girl Michelle’s review of some of their other hair product lines! :)


Photos courtesy of: SheaMoisture

*FTC Disclosure:  This product was received as a free sample.