Beauty Blast: Shampoo and Conditioner from Sebamed

I haven’t switched up my shampoo and conditioner in awhile, probably not since my this review.  However, thanks to my lovely preggo hormones, my hair was having some issues, despite the fact I’ve kept the same routine for months.  While I am experiencing a longer and fuller hair that pregnant woman boast about, I was also getting something that isn’t so nice – a drier scalp.  That’s why when the people at Sebamed reached out to me to try out their shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for normal to dry hair I was eager to do so!  What attracted me was not so much that it was made for dry hair (which meant that it promised the moisture my curls always need) but it has a pH balance of 5.5 that would restore my scalp to the natural (and itch free) state that it needs to be healthy.

So how did these products hold up after a few weeks of use?


Sebamed Everyday Shampoo Normal to Dry Hair

This clear-looking shampoo promises to gently cleanse hair without stripping it of it’s natural oils so it can retain moisture and give great volume.  With no parabens, this mild cleanser is supposed to great for daily use.  One thing I noticed as soon as I lathered up my hair was that this product has to have sulfates in it because it only took a little bit to cover all of my hair.  I looked at the ingredients and sure enough, they were there which left me a little disappointed.  I try to stay away from products with those type of ingredients.  As for getting my hair clean, it definitely did the job, though it did feel a little dry for my taste.  While it wasn’t the greatest thing for my hair, my scalp loved it!  The dryness and itchiness I was experiencing practically went away and just to make sure it wasn’t my imagination, I went back to my regular shampoo and immediately noticed the difference.  So this shampoo was a definite toss up – while it wasn’t the greatest thing for my hair, it was perfect for my scalp.


Sebamed Repair Conditioner

As with the shampoo, this product also aims to maintain the healthy pH balance of your scalp with a conditioning complex of Vitamin B5, avocado oil and plant extracts.  Unlike the shampoo though, the conditioner itself isn’t as thick and as a result I had to use a lot of it to cover all of my hair.  Because I only detangle my hair in the shower I always look to see if a conditioner has enough slip for me to do so and this one does.  I was actually a bit surprised given the product itself wasn’t as thick as I like my conditioners to be.  Once rinsed out my hair felt soft and not as dry as it did after shampooing though I really wasn’t as wowed as I wanted to.  If I had my choice between the two, I would definitely go with the shampoo just because it solved a major hair problem I’ve been having.

Have you tried any Sebamed products?


FTC Disclosure:  Products used in this review were received as free samples

Photos courtesy of:  Sebamed

Beauty Blast: Shining Star by Uncle Funky’s Daughter

Uncle Funky's Daughter

Caring for my natural hair is a learning journey.  Finding out what products work and which ones don’t take a whole lot of trial and error.  While I’m pretty sure I have my leave in conditioner nailed down, I’m still on the hunt for hair oil that will seal in my curly hair’s moisture.  Sealing is important because if I don’t my hair is dry, by the end of the day.  Dry hair spells damage and breakage, which doesn’t help me and my goal of growing this hair out.

For the past two months I’ve been reviewing Shining Star ($16) from Uncle Funky’s Daughter, a brand that specializes in creating the products our natural hair needs.  I heard of them around the natural hair blogosphere and when they reached out to me to review this styling product I was kinda psyched.  At the time I just finished cutting off the rest of my relaxed ends and I was in need of a great oil product that wasn’t too heavy for my fine hair but kept my hair moisturized.  Made with natural Jojoba and Soybean oil, this product is supposed to fulfill that old school tradition of “greasing your scalp” without the guilt of  using products that can clog your pores.  Shining Star is free of synthetic dyes, mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, and sulfates.  It claims to prevent a dry, flaky scalp while giving your hair great shine.  I also love the packaging!  Homegirl is working it! :)

I applied Shining Star after my leave in conditioner and it was a bit of trial and error as to how much to use.  With my leave in, I’m pretty liberal with it, applying it to my hair in sections to make sure I don’t miss a spot.  When I did the same thing with Shining Star, my hair was too greasy.  So I had to modify it by applying a dime size amount in my palm and then lightly apply it all over my hair.  If I’m  doing a twist out, I’ll put some on my finger tips and then undo the twists.  For my scalp I’ll do the same thing and gently massage it in, which works very well.   It gave my hair great shine, too and keeps it moisturized most of the day.  However I do need to apply a little more before tying up my hair on night.  The fragrance isn’t overpowering either, which is a plus especially if you use it twice a day like I do.  I also get better results on dry hair than when it’s just washed, where I’m finding I may need a slightly heavier oil to seal my hair while it dries. 

My husband is also a big fan!  He suffers from a really dry scalp and his old hair grease was just not cutting it.  When your man stops you while you are in Walgreens and randomly raves about “that new hair stuff you got in the bathroom”, you know he likes it!  His hair stays moisturized all day long and does wonders for his scalp. 

Have you ladies used any products from Uncle Funky’s Daughter?


Photo courtesy of: Uncle Funky’s Daughter

FTC Disclosure:  Product used in this review was received as a free sample.