Beauty Blast: Moisture Replenisher Conditioners from Infusium 23

Infusium 23

Keeping your hair conditioned regardless of what type of hair you have is essential to having beautiful and healthy hair.  Restoring the moisture you may have lost while shampooing and keeping it there as your tresses face the natural elements is a conditioners job and for a curly girl like me, I have pretty high expectations!  Not only does it have to do its main job, it also has to be a great detangler because now the only time I comb my hair is on wash day and the less tugging I have to do, the better!  After having a good experience with Infusium 23’s shampoo, I had the chance to review their conditioner and leave in conditioner, which I’ve heard through the natural hair grapevine.  The Moisture Replenisher Collection aims to hydrate dry, parched hair, especially if it’s dry because of chemicals, heated appliances, and over-exposure to the elements.  After using all three for the past two weeks, this is what I thought!

Moisture Replenisher Conditioner

Formulated to provide deep conditioning so it leaves hair soft, healthy, and manageable I thought the conditioner was good.  The scent of the conditioner was amazing and my hair didn’t feel dry at all when I stepped out of the shower.  My only concern was that it wasn’t thick enough for me and didn’t provide the slip I needed to detangle my hair. I would have to use a lot of it to get my curls slick enough to safely detangle them.

Moisture Replenisher Leave-in  Treatment

This water-like conditioner can be used not only on wet hair but dry hair as well to protect against dryness and breakage.  I wasn’t crazy about using it after I washed my hair because my hair needs a cream based formula, especially since I let it air dry.  So I still had to add my regular leave in conditioner.  However, it does a great job refreshing my dry curls first thing in the morning or during the day when they need a boost.  Because the conditioner is so thin, the bottle doesn’t do it justice, making it hard to distribute on my hair evenly.  So I just transferred it to a spray bottle and I was good to go!


Have you ladies tried this line from Infusium 23?  What did you think?


Photos courtesy of:  Infusium 23

FTC Disclosure:  Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples