2013 Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Beauty Stocking Stuffers Under $20

Beauty Gifts

Sephora Collection Event Entry Palette $11 / Organix 3 Piece Starter Kit – Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil $10.99 / Bath and Body Works Santa’s Helping Hand Gift Set $16.50 / Sweet & Shimmer Gem Mirror $4.99 / essie Mirror Metallics Nail Polish $8.50 each / Smashbox Try it Kit $19 / e.l.f. Lip Cylinder with Lip component $10 / philosophy purity made simple facial cleanser ornament $10 / The Body Shop® Coconut Shower Scrub & Moisture Set $10.50 / Olay Ooh-La-La Luscious Moisturizing Skin Care Gift Set $9.99 

We’re coming down the holiday home stretch and if you still have more shopping to do a) don’t fee bad and b) don’t panic!  You still have a little time and I have some more gift ideas for you that won’t break the bank.  I find that stocking stuffers aren’t only great little bonuses for close family but the perfect last minute gifts for friends and extended family that you haven’t shopped for yet.  From a cute eye shadow clutch to a bath and body set, there are plenty of affordable options that you can easily pick up at your favorite stores!

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2013 Holiday Gift Guide for the Curly Girl

Natural Hair Gift Guide


Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Kit /  DEVACURL Trial and Travel kit / Better Than Good Hair by Nikki Walton / Ouidad’s Curls are Coming To Town / Mixed Chicks Spring Bands / Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Starter Kit / Satin Luxury Pillowcases 

This year has proven that natural hair is no longer a trend with more and more girls getting back to their curly hair roots.  Giving them the latest hair products would be an awesome holiday gift, especially if their early in their hair journey.  Hair kits are definitely the way to go, especially if the curly girl in your life doesn’t have a set regimen yet.  It allows her to try out a full set of products to see if it works out for her and her hair.  By some chance they don’t, there’s no pressure (who wants to throw out full size bottles of anything!)  Shea Moisture and Carol’s Daughter are my personal favorites while DevaCurl and Ouidad get a lot of positive play in the natural hair world.

If you’re still iffy on getting her hair products, hair accessories like the Spring Bands and the Satin Pillows are excellent options no matter what her hair type.  The bands are great for keeping the curls out of her face while the satin pillows will keep them looking gorgeous while she sleeps.  The latest book from the founder of Curly Nikki herself is an extra bonus, a how-to guide to fabulous curls right at her fingertips!


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Beauty Blast: TRESemmé Flawless Curls Conditioner

Conditioner for natural hair

I was in CVS a few weeks ago taking advantage of a sale on one my favorite brands.  Because it was so popular I was only able to get shampoo.  So I kept strolling down the aisle and came to the TRESemmé section.  I’ve heard a lot of buzz about their conditioners on natural hair blogs but never had the chance to try them out.  I saw the big bottle of their Flawless Curls Conditioner for only $5 and snatched that up quick, praying it was just as awesome as everyone said it was.

A part of the Flawless Curls hair collection, this conditioner is formulated with vitamin B1 to help moisturize hair where it needs it the most, while helping to detangle and tame frizz. I loved the consistency of this conditioner, pleasantly surprised at how thick and creamy it was.  It gave me so much slip, my detangling session a breeze, even without oil rinsing.  My hair stays soft and moisturized well after rinsing it out, my curls looking fabulous even before my styling products.

I honestly haven’t been this impressed with a conditioner in really long time and the fact that I get so much conditioner for my money is another big plus.  I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I haven’t even touched the halfway mark (that’s music to a product junkie’s ears!).  Besides the conditioner, the collection also has a shampoo, Curl Locking Styling Spray, Extra Hold Mousse, and Lotion Crème.  I have my eye on the shampoo and lotion crème!

Have you tried any products from TRESemmé?  Which ones do you like?


Photo courtesy of Walmart

FTC Disclosure:  Product mentioned in this review was personally purchased by me.

Beauty Blast: Spring Bands from Mixed Chicks

Mixed Chicks

While Mixed Chicks is widely known for its hair products that cater to curly girls like me, they sell more than just cleansing and styling products.  They have the tools that we need for our hair like paddle brushes and spring bands, which is what I’m talking about on today’s beauty blast.  These springy, plastic hair bands promise to keep your hair up and out of the way sans the tears and tangles that fabric ties can cause. You get five in a pack and are available in five fun colors (the light aqua is my favorite!)

At first glance they remind of those key chains I used to wear on my wrist back in the day.  I would’ve never thought to wear those in my hair but in this case, you would be crazy not to!  Tying up my hair was absolutely effortless!  You see, my hair in the back has very, very tight curls which are hard to stretch out to wear up in a ponytail.  Even when I tie up my hair at night I would have to make two ponytails instead of one.  Because the bands are so stretchy I’m able to tie up all of my hair without pulling the back too tight.  As a matter of fact, my hair didn’t feel tight at all, which is something my tender head can’t take much of. Just using the bands once around your hair is enough to get those curls out of the way. You also get some nice curly, poof action, especially if you gel down your edges or wear a pretty scarf (like I did here!) I didn’t realize just how often I wear my hair up – during my morning workouts, wash days, before bed, running errands, and, most recently, these past few days when I was too sick to do anything with my hair.  They were a real lifesaver, keeping my hair (and my appearance!) pulled together!

As for the tearing, there were some minor breakage but nothing super crazy and tangles were practically nonexistent.  I did notice that over time the bands do stretch out on you, especially if you wrap them around your hair more than once.   I also wouldn’t suggest using them on super wet hair because you will get some minor breakage when you take them down.

Have you tried any of the accessories from Mixed Chicks?


Photo courtesy of Mixed Chicks

FTC Disclosure:  Products used in this review were received as free samples.  All opinions are my own.

Beauty Blast: Organix Moroccan Argan Crème Sheer Hydration Leave-In Mist

Organix Hair Products

Ya’ll know how big of a fan I am of Organix hair products and jumped at the chance to try their Moroccan Argan Crème line.  The name alone just screams moisturizing creamy goodness, with Moroccan oil mixed into a lavish cream promising to deliver super soft and shiny hair.  All the products in this line are safe for all types of hair, including those of us who are rocking color without any of that sulfate business.

For over a month I’ve been using the Sheer Hydration Leave-in Mist.  It can be used on wet or dry hair as a detangler, heat protectant, and an anti-frizz spray.  The word mist is very misleading, the moisturizer more of a lightweight cream.  It smells amazing, like a creamy cocoa butter scent.  I used it as a daily styling product, giving my curls the moisture and shine they need to start the day.  It also left my hair super soft¸ not weighing it down or feeling greasy.

My only complaint is the packaging.  Because it’s not a mist, if you spray it directly on your hair it goes on as a strings of cream, taking forever to evenly distribute it through your hair.  I had to spray it into my hand first and apply it to my hair in small sections. With this hair, you can imagine how long that takes! The nozzle gets clogged quite frequently too, so you have to make sure you clean it off when you’re done.  An easy fix for that is putting this leave-in in a  pump bottle or a jar, like their masques.

The next on my list is the shampoo.  I bought it at CVS the other day when they were having a sale on their Organix products.  It was one of the few shampoos they had left so you know this girl was happy!

Have you tried any Organix products?


FTC Disclosure:  The product mentioned in this review was received as a free sample for review.  All opinions are my own.

Photo courtesy of: Organix