Bringing My Curls Back To Life with One N Only’s Argan Oil Hydrating Mask

Deep Conditioning MaskI was seriously late to the deep conditioning party and honestly I didn’t know what I was thinking! Every since I started incorporating it into my natural hair routine, I’ve noticed a huge difference. My hair stays so moisturized that I don’t even need to apply styling products throughout the week. My curls are healthier and I can count more good hair days than bad. A great deep conditioner is crucial to say the least, setting the beauty tone for the rest of my hair week. I’ve used some great ones that leave my hair so soft it should be a crime and others that did a so-so job?

So where does One N Only’s Argan Oil Hydrating Mask fit in the scheme of things?

Two words: Ah-mazing!

Just like their styling mousse, I was floored by how well this hair mask performed, especially since it doesn’t require any type of heat. Formulated with Moroccan Argan Oil, this rich conditioning treatment restores hair to its healthy and moisturized glory, improving elasticity and protecting it from free radicals. All it takes is five to seven minutes and a quick rinse and you can see an immediate difference. My hair is crazy soft when I step out of the shower and seriously stays that way until wash day the following week. I don’t need to apply any moisturizing products whatsoever (just a little gel for these edges cuz girl…that fuzz is not cute!). When does come time to wash my hair again, my strands are much easier to detangle giving great slip and shedding is kept to a minimum. Even the little fairy knots that plagued my beauty life for the last few weeks were nowhere to be seen.

I can go on but honestly I would just be repeating myself. This hair mask is amazing and perfect for a busy girl like me who doesn’t always have time for a major deep conditioning session.

Are you a fan of One N Only?


Photo courtesy of Ulta

FTC Disclosure: Product mentioned in this review was received as a free sample for review. All opinions are my own.

A Summer Hair Regimen for Us Fine Curly Girls

Natural Hair

How I rock my hair 90% of the time

For the past few months I’ve been trying to change up my hair routine. I feel like my hair growth has stalled a bit and the sun is doing a major number on my hair. Not only that, my little girl is really shaping up to be an Olympic swimmer so we’re  spending at least two days a week in the pool. Most recently, I dyed all of my hair for the first time ever and though I didn’t get the color I was looking for (I got a tint of burgundy instead of burgundy), my hair needs extra TLC.

After a few tweaks I’ve finally nailed a hair routine that gives me stronger hair and, most importantly, super moisturized curls that only require refreshing up to two times a week (as opposed to every morning). From start to finish, my hair routine takes an hour and half.

Natural Hair Products

Prepoo with My Favorite Conditioner

I’ve read how great prepooing your hair is a gazillion times, yet never bothered to add it to my routine. I thought I just didn’t have the time. But my hair was getting drier by the day and once I started doing it during my review of Motions new hair care line, I discovered all the moisturizing goodness I was missing!

So while my daughter is eating lunch, I coat my hair with TRESemme  and put it up in a bun. By the time I eat something and get my munchkin off to bed for her nap, 30 minutes have already gone by and it’s time to rinse.

Cleanse with a Sulfate-free Shampoo

This part of my routine never changes. Sulfate free shampoos get my hair clean without drying it out.  Since my hair is already soft from the prepoo, it stays that away even after shampooing.  My shampoos of choice: Coconut Milk, Moroccan Argan Crème, and argan oil & shea butter shampoos from Organix. I’m telling you, this brand is awesome for natural hair and super easy on the wallet too!

Deep Conditioning

This was another piece of natural hair advice I often ignored, also believing I didn’t have time. Coloring my hair made me put that idea to bed, going with conditioners that required heat for my low porosity strands. I also took a break from my comb and use my fingers to detangle. It’s gentler on my hair, especially my ends which get the most tangles.

The Creme Of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment is by far my favorite. 15 minutes under a hair dryer is all I need to get the soft and strong hair I need. If I’m super pressed for time, I’ll use the Motions Deep Conditioning Masque which only needs 5 to 10 minutes with low heat.


I’ve tried to expand my styling horizons; from chunky flat twists to cute summer do’s like this one. However, nothing compares to big, fluffy goodness of my Wash N Go especially if I stick to the way I always do it. My leave in­-conditioner from Cantu Shea Butter goes on first, followed by a moisturizing cream, like the Curl Enhancing Yogurt from Organix. I seal everything in with olive oil and apply either my Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper for the Brazilian Keratin Mousse for hold while my hair air dries.


While I love my satin pillow, I found that it was still doing a number of my sensitive edges. So after pineappling my hair with the Mixed Chicks Spring Bands, I throw on my satin bonnet and then lay on my satin pillow. If my hair is feeling little dry, especially if it’s getting close to my weekly wash day, I use a refresher spray and my leave in to bring my curls back to life.


Your turn ladies! What’s your summer hair routine?

Giving My Curls the Definition It Needs with Organix Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream

Defining Cream

With summer right around the corner, the temps and humidity around here is kicking into high gear. That means frizzy hair isn’t that far behind and I have to make sure I’m ready for it! I need hair products that can hold my curls together when I’m out and about enjoying the Florida sun. I won’t have time to re-wash and style my hair mid-week so my styling products need to do the job from wash day on. When I heard that one of my favorite brands Organix had a Curling Perfection Defining Cream ($7.99 at WalMart) as part of their Moroccan line, I just had to give it go!

Infused with Moroccan Argan Oil, this styling cream penetrates hair to smooth away frizz, tame flyaways, and give curls the definition they need. It also protects hair from heat styling and UV damage. After using my leave in conditioner on clean hair, I applied the defining cream on each section of hair. Because it’s on the thick side, a dime sized amount does the job (otherwise you’ll be rubbing it in all day!).

Natural Hair

Once my air dried I had awesome definition, my hair popping like crazy! Frizz was nowhere to be seen, even on the top of head where my curls are the loosest. Even after wash day, my curls maintained their shape without the crunchiness some gels can leave behind. It worked so well, I started using it on my daughter’s hair, keeping her curls intact no matter how wildly she sleeps. It didn’t weight my hair down either. I also loved the fact that it helps protect my hair from the sun while I’m out.

My only complaint was on the moisture front. When used by itself my hair dried out pretty fast. To keep that from happening, I had to use my usual hair moisturizer first and then the defining cream.

Are you an Organix fan? What’s your favorite products?

Never heard of them before? Check out my other reviews.

5 Tips for Caring for Your Fine Natural Hair

Type 4 Hair

It’s been almost four years since I gave up the relaxers and let my hair do its natural thing. Since then, I can honestly tell you that it was one of the best beauty decisions I’ve made for myself. Even on the few occasions when I straighten my hair, I’m craving my curls after a few days. I’ve also learned a lot when it comes to taking care of my fine natural hair.

Oh don’t let this curly fro fool you! If I started putting this hair into twists right now, they would be the scrawniest things you have ever seen (and the twist outs are even worse!). It takes styling fails like that to remind me that everyone’s hair is different. What a girl can do with her thick hair can be a total fail for mine.

That’s what inspired today’s post. I’m breaking down ten things to keep in mind when caring for your curly hair.

The bigger the better for twists/braids. The bigger they are, they less scalpy your twist/braid outs will look. You’ll also get a lot more stretch and volume, especially if you curl the ends.

Detangle  on soaking wet and conditioned hair. While I envy those girls who can detangle their hair dry, it spells disaster for my fine, natural hair. So save that when your in the shower and your hair is loaded with conditioner. Fine hair is especially prone to breakage so you want the detangling process to be as smooth and painless as you can.

Olive oil is your best friend. Shea butter and even coconut oil is too heavy for my hair so olive oil is the one for me. Pre-poos, hot oil treatments, oil rinsing, sealing in moisture – olive oil is light enough for fine hair yet strong enough to penetrate our strands and keep them strong and healthy.

Less is more when styling your hair. Another reason why twist outs aren’t the best for my hair is that after day one, I have to re-twist my hair again to keep the definition. Taking a modified approach to the wash and go and letting your hair be is one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy. Handling fine hair too often just leads to more breakage.

Save the heat for special occasions. Keeping blow-drying and straightening to an extreme minimum is a definite do for fine curly hair. Too much heat not only leads to more damage but crazy frizz as well. No matter how low the setting or what products I use, frizz is inevitable in the straightening process. You also don’t want that frizziness to carry over into your curly life too. So rock your curls and save the straight hair for special occasions!

Do you have fine, natural hair? What tips do you have?

A Style Routine That Moisturizes and Stretches Fine Natural Hair

4A Natural Hair

For the past few months I’ve had to do some tweaking to my hair routine. The wash and go that I’ve loved over the years wasn’t being kind too kind to my hair anymore. My wash days were getting longer with major detangling sessions, longer drying times, and loss of moisture was getting me super frustrated. I took to my favorite hair blogs and YouTube channels and tried a whole bunch of things, giving the twist outs and braid outs a go again and using new products like coconut oil.

Yeah, major fail on all fronts.

While I have a lot of hair, the strands themselves are really fine which means twists and braids look crazy and taking them out just left me with limp hair. What they did give me was really moisturized hair and the stretching aspect of those styles kept my tangles to a minimum on wash day. I thought, ‘how can I get the moisture I want without sacrificing style?’

After a few more test runs, I finally came up with really simple routine that doesn’t require changing up my products or adding styling time. I’m even able to stretch my weekly shampoo days a few more days. (Gotta love that!)

Alright, here’s what you need:

  • Leave in Conditioner like Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream
  • Styling Cream like Shea Moisture’s Curling Smoothie
  • Oil (my hair only loves Olive Oil)
  • A T-Shirt
  • Bobby Pins
  • A Wide Tooth Comb
  • Hair Scarf

Okay, here we go!

  1. Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair.  Make sure you detangle in the shower.
  2. Add a little olive oil and tie it up with your T-Shirt. Make sure you get those ends twisted up to help stretch your hair and soak up the water. Then go chill for about an hour (I usually take a nap!)Natural Hair
  3. After taking your hair down, it should be 80% dry and have some good stretch action going on.Natural Hair
  4. Divide your hair in half. On the first section, apply your leave in, styling cream, and oil in that order.
  5. Go through that section with a wide tooth comb to make sure your hair gets all that styling goodness.
  6. Apply a little bit of holding gel and put that section into one big twist. Then twist that around into one big bantu knot and secure with bobby pins.
  7. Repeat these last few steps on the other section and when you’re done, you should be looking like Princess Leia. :) Bantu Knots
  8. Tie your hair down with a scarf and either go about your day or call it a night.
  9. When you’re ready to take them down, do a little fluffing and you should be good to go! There shouldn’t be a need to apply any more product because you’re hair should be stretched and moisturized. The goal isn’t to have a defined twist out but rather stretched and moisturized hair.

4B Natural Hair

For this tutorial I let my hair dry all the way which gave me a bit more frizz than I like. Normally I take it down when it’s about 90% dry.

To keep this going until next wash day, here are a few tips:

  • If your hair just needs a touch up, apply a little oil and pineapple it for the night.
  • To re-moisturize, apply a little styling cream and do a few big bantu knots before bed. No need to detangle or any of that stuff. You just want to breathe some new life into your hair.
  • If your edges are frizzing out, spritz with water and smooth out with a little hair gel. I do the same on the hair on my crown because it’s always the first section to fall apart.


Do you have fine, natural hair? What are some of your tips and tricks?