PD2: Cologne You and Your Man Can Enjoy!

After my great interview with Patrick Dempsey, I received my own sample of his second cologne with Avon, Patrick Dempsey 2. With the cologne being described as an embodiment of the intimacy and connection between two people, I made sure my fiancé tried this bad boy out promptly to see if it lived up to this description!

This fragrance had the complexity of scents that Mr. Dempsey himself loves in a fragrance.  It had that complex-but-smells-so-good-something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on but loved anyway!  When the top notes hit, I could definitely smell the Nutmeg, later on followed by that Spicewood scent.  As time passed the scent moved to something else (once again, can’t quite place it!) and that created another pleasant experience for me!  Its sexy subtlety definitely had that element of mystery Dempsey was going for, from the scent to the bottle it comes in.

What does my fiancé think? 

Well, let’s just say that he has been wearing it everyday since I gave it to him!  His brother wants to get his hands on it and he was even complimented by the teller at the bank the other day! So it’s safe to say that he likes it just as much as I do!

Check out Avon to get your man smelling good and sexy this holiday season!

Play, from Givenchy is another Fiance Favorite!

Photos courtesy of: Avon

FTC Disclosure:  PD2 colgone used for the review was received as free sample.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009: What’s Your Inner Angel?

One of my favorite runway shows to watch is the Victoria Secret Fashion show.  I love the backdrops, the over-the-top outfits, and the musical guests (Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back had to be one of the best songs I saw on the runway to date!).  So I was pysched to watch it this year, anxious to see my girl Heidi Klum do her thing!  And she did! I really enjoyed the show!    The Black Eyed Peas gave an awesome performance and it was fun to watch the models have fun! 

Ok, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who ever indulged in the fantasy of strutting her stuff on the runway!  (I admit, I imagine myself on a runway every morning on the treadmill!).  So of course, as I watched the Angels do their thing, I was looking for the outfit that I would wear.  Granted, I would need a good weave and a serious trainer, but hey a girl can dream can’t she? 

These are my fav picks from the show!

The Million Dollar Bra. Can't go wrong with a sexy bra, diamonds, and heels!

Plenty of bling and sexy thigh boots. Great combination!

My girl Heidi does her thing! That fluffy train is definitely runway worthy!

What's a Vicky show without wings! And I'm a big fan of corsets!

I love the color of this outfit and the center design is a nice touch!

The bigger the better and these wings are no exception!

I love things over the top and that spray of feathers takes the lingerie up a notch!

My girl Fergie rocked the stage with her voice and this outfit!

Let’s have fun ladies!  If you could rock the Victoria Secret runway, which outfit would you be wearing?  How did you like the show?

Photos courtesy of: CBS.com

To Headband or Not to Headband? Are You Rocking One This Season?


Juicy Couture Headband, $48 at Bloomingdales

This Fall season has been about making a statement, from rocking thigh high boots to bold chunky necklaces.  So far a girl has been game (though I have yet to get those boots!). So being the hair fanatic I am, I wanted to see what was new and cool in hair accessories.  But when I started hitting up my favorite accessory havens, all I kept coming across was   all kinds of glittery, sparkly, flowery headbands! 

To be honest with you, I haven’t rocked a headband since grade school in the late 80’s early 90’s (yes ya’ll I’m telling my age!).   Back then they were cute, coming in every neon and polka color on the planet! But frankly, they gave me a headache after awhile, so most likely you won’t see me with one.  But I do think they are a great hair accessory that can be very cute and practical at the same time, especially when it comes to keeping that hair out of your face.  They work for short hair, long hair, curly or straight and that’s definitely a plus!

So while you check out what cool headbands I found, I wanna know:

So what do you think?  Are you on the headband train? 

Forever 21 $11.80

Target $9.99


Natasha accessories $32 at Dillards


Cara accessories $24 at Bloomingdales


It is all about the hair!

Ready for a quickie hair makeover?  Try the Drawstring Ponytail!

Just for Me isn’t Just for Kids!  Benefits of using a child’s relaxer

Keep that African American hair beautiful! Check out these tips!

Photos Courtesy of: Bloomingdales, Target, Forever 21, Dillards

Grey’s Anatomy Star Launches His New Cologne! My Interview with Patrick Dempsey

Avon has been tag teaming with some major actors when it comes to fragrances.  Last month, we were inspired by Reese Witherspoon’s “In Bloom”, which  embodied her childhood memories of mother’s perfume and white flowers.  The next celeb on the list this year to come out with a personally inspired fragrance? Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy from Greys!).  This isn’t his first stab at being a scent creator.  With one cologne with Avon under his belt, he has launched his second fragrance, Patrick Dempsey 2 this Fall. I was able to personally talk to Dempsey to get the inspiration behind the fragrance.

I learned that this new fragrance was an evolution of his first one, taking him a new direction.  Instead of capturing the essence of an individual pursuing their passions as he did with Unscripted, he chose to go with a fragrance that was more personal and intimate.  He explained the concept behind PD2 as a “connection between two people.  The simplicity of how wonderful that is and then trying to find a moment to have a date night and to keep honoring that.”

So who better to serve as the inspiration for creating such a connection in a bottle than his wife and the strong bond he shares with her.  For Dempsey, his wife was also the perfect  as his model in the sultry, yet romantic ad for the fragrance (I know ladies! I can’t take my eyes off of it either!) When we talked about his ideas about creating the ad, he told me he didn’t want to do the usual ad showing the “male face looking directly into the camera”.  Instead he wanted to embody that intimate and special moment that a couple shares.  “I should be looking into her eyes and I should be able to definitely capture between the two of us.”

So what does he look for a mens fragrance?  “I think a subtly in the scent but at the same time  there’s a complexity that I like in the sense that when you first spray it on, which is your top note ,and then whats the lingering effect that you have when it gets down to the base notes.  I think those are things that I like and something that’s not overpowering.  Something that’s very organic.  That’s some of things that I like.  Something that’s fresh.”

Does PD2 fall in line with the subtle complexity and organic freshness that he likes in a fragrance?  Well you will just have to stay tuned for the review!

In the meantime, feel free to continue gazing at the ad! :)


A special thank you to Patrick Dempsey for taking the time out to speak to me!

Photos courtesy of: Avon

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Sheckys Gets the Girls Together! My Shecky’s Girls Night Out Miami

A couple of weeks ago, my aunt hipped me to Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out, a fashion and beauty event that tours different cities showcasing what’s hot in beauty and fashion from emerging designers.  While enjoying free cocktails and giveaways, you and the girls can check out what these designers have to offer.  Well, if you haven’t guessed it, I love beauty and fashion, so when I heard they were in Miami this weekend, I snatched up a ticket, got a cute outfit (complete with painfully cute pumps!) and headed on down!

The event took place at the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club in the heart of South Beach, where each guest room was turned into a mini shop for each vendor.  So after I signed in and grabbed my complimentary cocktail by Sky Vodka in the lobby, I began my Girl’s Night Out! After making my way through what seemed like a million rooms, and hallways too small to accommodate the large crowd, I was able to find some vendors I really liked!

Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

The accessory addict in me was out in all of her glory when I came across this jewelry line!  Lately, a girl has been fienin’ for some statement necklaces and this place had them!  They were very unique and oh so trendy that I was in love! They had pieces that were fab and some that were just totally out of the box, which is something I love in jewelry!




Cimber: Designs in Jewelry

Sorry ladies, the addict in me is just too strong and I couldn’t help but gravitate to another jewelry designer.  Unlike Traci Lynn that uses a lot of metals, bling, and chunky pieces, Cimber brought me back to earth – literally!  The necklaces crafted out of semi-precious stones and crystals were awesome!  They looked like works of art and definite conversation starters!




Soy Delicious Moisturizing Candles

Soy moisturizing candles??   These candles are made of soy, not wax and, according to their site, burns for up to 80 hours.  So after taking in the wonderful smell of the room from these scented candles, I had to find out how the moisturizer played in all of this.  The lady there dipped a small stick into the liquefied soy “wax” and put in on my hand.  It felt warm and relaxing, like massage oil.  How cool is that!

Besides the venue being a little too small to accommodate the large crowd, I had a good time!  I got to see a lot of stuff and even snatched up a Shecky’s Red Carpet pic on the way out!

What else is hot!

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My New Winter Play Things! 

Photos courtesy of:  Sheckys, Traci Lynn Jewelry, Cimber, Soy Delicious