Celebrity Wedding Hair Inspiration for Your Fall Wedding

Being a former bride myself, it can be a chore trying to find that perfect wedding day hairstyle.  I know I spent months trying to find “the” style and I welcomed all of the help and inspiration I could get!

Check out which hairstyle I finally wore on my big day!

If this describes you, I’ve enlisted some help for you!  Latrice Strader, the same Master Hairstylist and Owner of Destiny De’Ve Hair Salon in Washington, D.C. who brought you the tips on mastering an updo, is here to help!  Here she explains how you can get your perfect wedding day hair look, along with a look at this year’s newlywed celebs who got their look just right!

Regal Beauty

America’s favorite first daughter tied the knot in a beautiful dress and ceremony, in addition to a classic feminine French twist. “The twists and braids are perfect for Chelsea since she is young, vibrant, and is a part of American royalty” says Latrice. “For any bride desiring a classic look with a lot of volume and texture, this French twist is a top bridal hairstyle—perfect for any princess fairytale wedding” Latrice continues.


Foxy and Simple

Transformers star Megan Fox shows off her shiny jet-black hair on her big day by keeping it straight and simple for her wedding. “Straight hair is definitely a sexy way to highlight natural beauty,” says Latrice.  “For any bride who desires a sexier and more natural look, straight hair is the perfect hairstyle” Latrice continues.



Gold, Elegant Waves

Khloe Kardashian’s perfectly crimped locks are highlighted by her luscious golden highlights for her big day. Khloe’s gold streaks bring out her glowing fair skin as well. “Gold and/or deep brown highlights are a great way to highlight your natural skin tone if you have naturally dark hair,” says Latrice.  “Shades of lighter colors for those with naturally lighter hair can also bring out beautiful glowing skin as well.”




All-American Girl Updo

Carrie Underwood’s beautiful smile and voice aren’t the only things touching hearts all around the nation. Carrie’s golden tresses are gathered into an elegant updo with loose curls that are easy to work with. “Carrie’s side swoop bangs complement her loose curls perfectly and add a fun yet beautiful look to her style,” says Latrice.



Fit for a Queen

Grammy award winning Alicia Keys continues to set trends even on her wedding day. Incorporating a diamond encrusted tiara with an elegant chignon tucked and pinned away from her face, Alicia exudes a regal look on her big day. “Alicia’s beauty is radiant with this simple yet glamorous hairstyle,” says Latrice.  “It’s a super chic and classic look that highlights her beauty well, especially with the added touch of the tiara.”

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Photos courtesy of: Latrice Strader

Emmy’s 2010 Red Carpet Run Down

As a beauty and fashion blogger, I tend to find the red carpets at awards shows a tad more intriguing than the show itself!  Now I’m not a celebrity stalker, but I do appreciate great fashion and beauty looks when I see it!  Just like I did last year, here are my fav picks from the red carpet from tonight’s Emmy Awards!

Kim Kardashian - From the dress to the makeup and hair is just flawless! She makes my list again this year!

Heidi Klum -Gutsy to go short at an event like this? Yes, but its Heidi and she pulled it off smashingly!

Lea Michelle - This dress was an instant favorite on the carpet. From the fit to the ruffles I LOVE IT! And what a way to pull off navy blue!


Amber Riley - My Curvy ladies holla!! I would wear this dress in a hot minute! It shows off all those curves beautifully! Oh, and gotta love the clutch!

Eva Longoria - The fitted gown with a ruffled ending was definitely a trend tonight. What made this outfit for me was the hair and earrings. Such a chic finsih!

 Photos courtesy of: Yahoo! and go here for the full gallery

Fierce Accessories: Marcia Gay Harden Rocking a Nooni Clutch

I know some of you ladies may never heard of Nooni before, but when I received  this photo of Marica Gay Harden (of whom you seen in many movies such as Meet Joe Black and Whip It) with this gorgeous clutch before her appearance on “The Today Show” back on August 4th, I just had to share!

Nooni is the brain child of Vicki Vlachakis, who takes her design inspiration from her former position as a designer in the automotive industry.  After designing for companies such as Mercedes Benz and GM, she started Nooni, which is new to the fashion scene.

I think the clutch is super cute and the color just pops against her Little Black Dress. 

What do you ladies think?  Yay or nay on the clutch?


Photo courtesy of : Nooni

The Art of Accessorizing 101: How to Rock Your Jewelry

We all know that the right accessories can take an outfit from fab to fierce.  But the misuse of a great accessory can have you looking plain crazy!  So I thought I’d share with you ladies some tips on how to rock your accessories the right way!

One Statement at a Time!

Statement pieces are all the rage since last Fall.  From chunky necklaces to chandelier earrings, we ladies are more than willing to rock the latest.  However, we shouldn’t be rocking them all at the same time!  If you’re going to wear a statement necklace, make sure your earrings are really low key.  If you’re rocking chandelier earrings, you could probably get away with a simple necklace or no necklace at all.

Neckline dictates your Necklace

When you’re wearing a necklace it’s very important to make sure that compliments the type of top you’re wearing.  A top or dress with a V neckline, calls for a necklace with a similar shape.  Tanks and tees call for round necklaces.  Long, layered necklaces look great with a high neckline.  Wearing a strapless top?  Show off a great pendant or bib necklace. A word of caution – becareful that you’re necklacedoesn’t hang too low or it will get lost in the cleavage!

Keep it simple!

This ties in with the first tip but applies to all of your accessories.  Don’t feel like you have to pile on the jewelry to dress up an outfit.   A cool layered necklace can instantly dress up a tee or tank.  A great pair of tear drop earrings can take that updo or ponytail to another level.  You don’t need a lot of pieces, just the right one!

Let’s dish ladies!  What tips do you  have when it comes to wearing accessories?

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Photos courtesy of: Accesshollywood.com, 2.bp.blogspot.com, about.com, celebrityfashion.com

Getting Celebrities Red Carpet Ready! My Interview with Celebrity Fashion Designer Lorena Sarbu


I don’t know about you, but the highlight of any awards show is the Red Carpet coverage.  I’m more interested in what the celebrity is wearing than what there nominated for and I am very guilty of switching the channel once the red carpet segment is over! So how excited was I to interview fashion designer Lorena Sarbu, whose fashion creations have graced the red carpets of this year’s Daytime and Primetime Emmy Awards shows!  She went from designing dresses for her dolls as a child to designing dresses for celebrities such as Sharon Lawrence, Shohreh Aghdashloo, and Tamara Braun (one of my favorite soap stars!).  She was wonderful enough to talk to me about her design inspirations, her favorite designs and celeb clients, as well as her own line which launches in 2010!


MJ:      What is it about fashion that truly inspires you and your designs?

LS:       The core of my inspiration stems from art and travels. Whatever catches my eye that reflects beauty in a unique way is what really guides my vision for fashion. Part of my business requires me to travel around the world, so when I do, I try to steer away from what is known as mainstream. I like to explore outside of the norm and search for places that have distinctive pieces of jewelry, new and old fabrics, or different little trinkets. I find that each color, design, pattern and even texture has a way of provoking inspiration. Then it’s the images and feelings that materialize into a beautiful garment.


MJ:      I absolutely loved the dresses you designed for Sharon Lawrence and Tamara Braun (who is one of my favorite soap actresses!)  I loved the way the dresses hugged and accentuated their curves, creating a sleek and sexy look.  Is this type of silhouette something you create in a lot of your designs?

LS:       I design to celebrate a woman’s figure. Whoever the woman and whatever her body shape, it is important that her best attributes are accentuated. I keep this in mind when I design anything feminine and sexy for women. Evoking confidence in what you wear is part of looking fashionable.

 MJ:      What were the ideas behind your boutiques in Beverly Hills and Milwaukee that opened this past summer?  Do you plan on opening any more? What locations do you have in mind?

LS:       Opening a boutique in Beverly Hills was the first for obvious reasons. The prime location and luxury market was appropriate for the store. Milwaukee is very dear to my heart because it is where my husband is from and it is in the Midwest where I began my studies in fashion.

MJ:      Trends such as the one-shoulder dress are very hot this season.  What new fashion trends, if any, are you incorporating into your 2010 collection?

LS:       I always try to make sure my designs are modern and elegant with trend in mind. This coming season I am mixing an array of luxury fabrics, lace silks, beading etc. I will also be launching short cocktail silhouettes with a feminine and sexy appeal.


MJ:      What sets your designs apart from all other designers out there?

LS:       As a designer, it is imperative for me to make sure my vision for design turns out exactly how I conceptualized it. I only use the best fabrics and am very meticulous when it comes to attention to detail and fit. These elements are very important to me as an established fashion trendsetter and I believe they are necessary to not only gain the respect of the consumer.

MJ:      What are you favorite events to design for?

LS:       Like any woman and designer, I love to watch award shows for the fashion. So naturally, my favorite events to design for are the Emmy’s, the Globes, and of course, the pinnacle of fashion… The Oscars.


2MJ:      Out of your designs I’ve seen so far, Tamara Braun’s Daytime Emmy number is my favorite! What are your favorite celebrity dresses that you designed and who wore them?

LS:       My favorites so far have been Sharon Lawrence and Shohreh Aghdashloo. Working with these talented ladies was such a privilege. They are very creative and know what styles and colors best flatter their bodies and personalities. My designs were meant to not only accentuate their stunning figures, but to help them feel comfortable, yet sexy. I had such a wonderful time working with them and the entire process was truly memorable.

 MJ:      What is one celebrity you would love to design a dress for that you haven’t yet?

LS:       It would be a dream to design something for Penelope Cruz, who to me personifies the look of Lorena Sarbu. Another would be Eva Mendes, who I feel has really been very adventurous and bold with her look and style, but all the while, beautiful and classy.

 MJ:      I know when going out for a night on the town, I definitely aim to look red-carpet worthy! What advice could you give to women when it comes to choosing and wearing evening wear?

LS:       Stay true to your bodies – learn and understand the positives and negatives, but really strive for something that will bring out the positive!

4MJ:      If you could describe your style in three words, what would they be?

LS:       Sexy. Feminine. Adventurous.

I want to say thank you for Lorena for sharing her thoughts and advice with us and I wish her much success with her new line!

To see more of her designs and previews of her new collections, visit her site!



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