Beauty Blast: The Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask from Bliss Spa


Bliss Spa Mask

Remember that facial I told you ladies about last week that I received at the Bliss Spa? Well I wish I had the time (and the funds!) to get a facial all the time but giving myself a bit of pampering at home is just as good!  And it looks like the folks at the Bliss Spa had the same idea because they have something for people like me to take a little bit of the Triple Oxygen Facial home with us.  That my friends is the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask ($52) i.e the really fun foamy stuff they put on my face towards the end of my treatment.  Specially formulated to act as a stand in for the facial , it has a ton of Vitamin C and grapeseed extracts that aim to hydrate and revitalize dull and tired skin as well as prevent future breakouts. 

I’ve actually been using this mask for a few weeks now, especially on those mornings when I’m feeling extra sleepy and need a quick pick me up.  Right after cleansing I apply the pink colored cream all over my face.  It smells fantastic, which is always a plus with me!  After a few moments, I can feel the cream starting to foam on my face and it feels just as cool as it did during the facial!  Granted it didn’t foam as much but it does the job, my skin feeling good already.  After about five minutes I rinse it off and my skin looks great!  It feels really soft and refreshed, all ready for my toner (when I decide to use it! LOL) and moisturizer.  As for preventing future breakouts, I think the combination of the facial and then using this foam afterwards has helped with that, my pimples I had before the facial a distant memory. 

Though this may seem a little pricey, I think it’s a great way to have a mini facial for even the busiest of schedules.  All you need is five minutes and you get the same feel good effect you would with a 10 or 15 minute mask.  It’s a great morning pick me up and a little of it goes a very long way!


Photo courtesy of: Bliss Spa

FTC Disclosure:  Product mentioned in this review was received as a free sample.

My First Facial: A Review of the Triple Oxygen Treatment

Bliss SpaIf you’ve been keeping up with me, when it comes to my spa trips I’m normally getting some kind of body treatment. I’ve had a bamboo massage, a milk and honey massage, a Blissage and a Baborganic Body Treatment, but I have never had a facial.  The only thing extra I’ve done is a mask or a little microderm abrasion treatment at home but nothing else!  So I was really looking forward to the opportunityon Saturday to return to the Bliss Spa on Fort Lauderdale for The Triple Oxygen Treatment (75 minutes/$160), their most popular facial that promises to literally give your complexion a reviving breath of fresh air.

After talking with Maria, the lady who was going to do my facial, about what type of skin I have and what my trouble spots were we got started.  We first started off with a skin-type specific peel, which felt very, very tingly! It was a bit uncomfortable but I was confident in knowing that this stuff was really getting into my pores.  Besides, it smelled really good so that helped me get through that!

Next was a preextraction oxygen wrap, which was a cream that was put on my face, then wrapped in this thin plastic and then a wet, steamy towel.  It’s supposed to get your skin really, really soft so that Maria can get in there and extract all the yucky stuff.  Good news is there was a protective cloth that was put over my eyes so your eyes aren’t wrapped in plastic! LOL.  The cloth also smelled like yummy cucumbers and felt nice and cool on my eyelids.  Now, because this was my first facial it was really weird having my face wrapped and it actually made me feel a little nervous!  But when the hot towel went on, I was relaxed again because I love hot water on my skin (I’m the one that takes scalding showers everyday! LOL).  While the wrap was on, I got a nice shoulder, arm, and hand massage which was really nice!  I appreciated that she didn’t just leave me sitting there on the heated table (one of my favorite things at a spa).

Once the wrap was removed and my face was wiped off it’s extraction time.  I can’t lie to you ladies, this is one of the most uncomfortable parts of the entire facial.  It’s kind of like when you go and get your eyebrows waxed, you know it’s going to hurt, but at the same time you know you are going to have awesome eyebrows.  That’s how this part of the facial felt like!  With my eyes still covered and a light shining on my face, Maria tackled my entire T-Zone, from forehead to chin, which has been breaking out a lot lately.

After my skin had been successfully extracted, the Triple Oxygen cream and mask goes on.  That was kinda fun, especially after the extraction business!  As soon as the mask goes on, it turns into this bubbly foam that just felt really cool!  Felt like my face was in a bubble bath!  While that was on I got a nice foot massage, which I really needed after working out the night before.

One more wrap with a hot towel and I was ready for the hydrating enzyme pack and vitamnized oxygen spray.  The enzyme pack was nothing more than a cream and Maria did an awesome job massaging it in before wrapping my face with this seaweed looking type of cover along with a hot towel (ya’ll can I just say  again how much I love the hot towel?!).  Once that was off my face was gently sprayed with a cool blast of oxygen that felt super refreshing.

Fresh out of my facial!

The results – most of my forehead and chin breakouts were gone!  I was amazed!  My skin felt soft, very firm, and very refreshed.  I had one minor little pimple but by the next morning it was practically gone. My only little peeve was that my nose was extra shiny all day afterwards (my little sister noticed so I know it was more than usual!).  Other than that the experience overall was really cool and I indeed felt pampered and it’s a good treat to give your face every once and awhile.

Have any of you ladies had a facial?  Would love to hear your experiences with them!

Photo courtesy of:  Bliss Spa

FTC Disclosure:  Spa treatment mentioned in this review was received as a complimentary service.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Spa Trip: Bliss Spa at the W Fort Lauderdale

September has been all about spa and spa treatments and for my latest review, I went on down to Fort Lauderdale Beach to the W Fort Lauderdale, which sits right across the street from the shore.  Two weeks ago all of those hurricanes were chilling in the Atlantic so they waves weren’t as friendly as the normally are and the sudden whips of wind totally killed my hair!  But enough about that! On to the review!

On the third floor of these ultra modern hotel taking up more than 4,000 square feet is the Bliss Spa.  You may be very familiar with Bliss because not only do they have spas all over the country, they also sell their spa goodies online.  (I snatched up a few myself, which I will review later!)  I first walked into their Bliss Spa boutique to check in and then I was taken to the women’s locker room and lounge.  It wasn’t your typical locker room, taking its cue from the contemporary hotel it’s housed in.  It didn’t take long for me to get into those terry robes and slippers that I love so very much and sit in the lounge that had cool red and white geometric wall paper and clean line couches.  Square plates of cheese, crackers, and brownies were there for my snacking pleasure (and the brownies were good by the way!)

Soon my massage therapist came in and took me to my dimly lit, all white room for my Blissage 75.  Once I lay down on the heated table (which is great by the way!) It starts with wrapping my feet in a very hot wax foot-softening wrap.  It felt wonderful to me because my skin loves scorching hot water.  However, if you don’t have a high tolerance for heat, you may want to skip it.  During the massage it does solidify around your feet and feels kinda squishy in a good relaxing kind of way!  I was then massaged for 75 minutes from head, including my neck, to toe, with the wrap coming off and my masseuse massaging each and every toe!  It’s a deep tissue massage, which my body always craves for and afterwards, all I wanted to do was sleep! The oil he used didn’t leave me feeling all sticky, though my feet had to be wiped off (due to the wax) so I didn’t kill myself!

I really enjoyed it and I would definitely recommend this one to my ladies who need to get all of those body knots and tensions massaged out!

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Photo courtesy of: Bliss Spa

FTC Disclosure: Treatment reviewed in this post was received as a complimentary service.