Outfit 26 of 30: True Blue and Almost Through

OMG, I am coming down the home stretch so I’m trying to get as much wear out of these skirts as possible.  So the black pencil skirt is back, rocking it with the closest thing to tights I can get down here in Florida.  I think I’m starting to like black pantyhose…

And oh, I learned a quick little posing trick for those of you with a chubby middle – stand straight and arch your back just a little bit.  Helps minimize  the chubs a bit! :)

Black Pencil Skirt

Royal Blue Shirt

Pencil Skirt – JCPenny

Royal Blue Shirt – JCPenny

Shoes – Payless

Necklace – CitiTrends

Outfit 25 of 30: Date Night on Fort Lauderdale Beach

My hubby and I have super hectic schedules and it was high time we took a time out for a date night.  It’s crazy that the longer you are with someone, the harder it is to go on a date (in the beginning things were so easy! LOL).  Living in South Florida there are plenty of nice romantic spots to hit and we decided to hit up Downtown Fort Lauderdale, a place I love going to!

I took the opportunity to wear this dress which hadn’t been worn for this challenge yet.  This dress holds a special place because I took my first outfit post  in it!  I never remixed it with anything and at this point in the challenge, I didn’t find it hard to!  By itself, it’s a rather casual dress. I though about dressing them up with my hot pink pumps but that would make romantic walks completely out of the question so that was out!  Cue the ballet flats!  I whipped out my purple cropped cardi and it gave it the perfect pop of color it needed….but it was still missing something.   I glanced over at my sparkling purple scarf hanging in the closet and poof! Fashion epiphany – use it as a belt!  Now the dress was where I needed it to be – super cute and super comfortable!

Black and white dress

Flower Hair Clip

We at at this great restuarant called Suite 100.  We had these mussels with pineapple sauce that was AMAZING (and I don’t even like mussells!)  This was the view from our table.  We had such a good time! Yay for date night!

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Dress:  Marshalls

Cardigan: Charlotte Russe

Sequin Scarf/Belt:  Charlotte Russe

Ballet Flats:  Rack Room Shoes

Flower Hair Clip:  The Icing

Outfit 24 of 30: Ruffles and Roses

One of things I wanted to incorporate more into my daily wear was skirts.  It’s not like I don’t love wearing skirts, especially to work.  Nothing can make you feel more girly (or scream I am woman so I mean business!).  But when I wear a skirt, I can’t just wear it with anything and it isn’t something I can just throw on.  I have to get the right top, the right accessories, and I always feel that I have to get especially dolled up to do my skirt justice.  All that requires extra time in the morning, which I don’t always have.  And oh, I also have to make sure I have pantyhose.

No, you didn’t read that wrong.  I’m old school and I like pantyhose!  I came up during the days when they were still cool and besides, I hate having cold legs when I’m in my AC-blasting office and I don’t like the feeling of wearing closed shoes without something on my feet. (Yeah, I am weird that way!).

Anywho, I invested in more pantyhose and I’m already getting used to getting up a little earlier to fit in these challenge pics so there isn’t any excuse why I can’t get more skirts in my fashion diet? Right?  :)

Rose Detail Skirt

Ruffle Cardigan

Rose Pin Stripe Skirt

Ruffle Cardigan – New York and Co

Purple Cami – New York and Co

Rose Detail Skirt – New York and Co

Shoes: Payless

Outfit 23 of 30: Did I Mention I Loved The Color Coral?

Yes, I’m rocking this color again but I promise it’s the only article of clothing besides this  one that I have in this color.  I don’t have to say that I really love this color and soo glad it’s in this spring!

This outfit was a simple remix – one which surprisingly I hadn’t done before.  This sweater always went with my grey trousers so I just switched it out for black.  Same pop of color but a dressier look.  Mission accomplished!

Coral Sweater, black trousers

Coral Sweater : Cable and Gauge

Trousers: New York and Co

Shoes: Payless

Earrings: New York and Co

Necklace: Brighton

Outfit 22 of 30: Easy Breezy

I realized that I going through this challenge I didn’t use my corally delicious scarf since my very first outfit of this challenge!  It’s such a Floridian color and I have to get more of it into the wardrobe for the spring.  I’m thinking breezy tops, flowy skirts, and if I can find some fierce sandals in this color, you couldn’t tell me anything! LOL.  My butterfly cuff bracelet also needs to get back into rotation.  It’s amazing what you find when you’re cleaning up!

Another 30×30 outfit first – wearing a button down shirt completely buttoned up.  I’m always layering it over a cami, simply because these type of shirts are rarely accomodating for “my girls”!  Seeing a middle button hanging on for dear life is really not cute, nor comfortable!  It’s been so long since I had this shirt, I never really bothered to button it up and thank goodness it worked out!  “My girls” and I are happy about that! :)

Coral scarf, grey trousers, white shirt

White shirt – JCPenny

Coral Scarf – K-Mart

Trousers – JCPenny

Flats – Rack Room Shoes