When You’re Feeling Like a Boss, This is What You Wear

You know that feeling when you’ve totally nailed it at work, cleaned up your entire house and checked everything off your to-do list with plenty of time to spare? It’s that high of confidence that nobody can bring down.

Yeah, that’s when you feel like a boss. And when you do, this is what you wear:

A sophisticated yet sexy top

Torrid Cold Shoulder Top

Torrid Cold Shoulder Top

An high fashion skirt:

Mynt 1792 Sheer Combo Maxi Skirt

Mynt 1792 Sheer Combo Maxi Skirt

Blinged out accessories:

Marina Spin Necklace from Charming Charlie

Marina Spin Necklace from Charming Charlie

A killer pair of bright pink heels:

Jessica Simpson Cirrus

Jessica Simpson Cirrus

And lipstick to match:

NARS Roman Holiday

NARS Roman Holiday

Why? Because you’re a boss girlfriend!

What to Wear When You Don’t Have Time To Get Dressed

MICHEAL Micheal Kors

MICHEAL Micheal Kors

I value my sleep. Sleep is absolutely golden to me, especially when you have a toddler who’s already ready to go at 6:45 a.m every morning, no matter what time she went to bed the night before (weekends included). For that reason, I purposely set my alarm to snooze at least three times before turning on the TV and waiting for the newspeople to tell me it’s really time to get up and get ready for work. So when it comes to getting dressed, I don’t have time to get super creative.

My outfit needs to do 2 things: Be cute and Be comfy.

After a lot of trial and error (and crazy mornings!) I have my everyday fashion pretty down pact. My fashion MO?

  • A stylish yet easy top (Burlington has an awesome selection)
  • Stretchy skinny jeans (Old navy’s Rock Star jeans are ah-mazing!)
  • Cute and comfortable shoes (Outlets are the perfect destination for said shoes)

Putting together a fashionable outfit is a no-brainer, especially if everything works well together. Keep your jeans to a dark wash, have fun with colors and prints with your tops and keep a pair of flats and heels on deck and you are good to go girlfriend!

Now cue the fashion inspiration:

Hello Fashion

Hello Fashion

La Petit Noob

La Petit Noob

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant

Hello Frambroise

Hello Frambroise





Circling Back to the Beginning


Date night. (don’t even ask me when the last time I took an outfit picture!)

Hey ya’ll hey!

I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here. Since landing here on a full-time basis crazy doesn’t even begin to describe how life has been! Achieving such a major life goal has its celebrations as well as its challenges, leaving this blog, my first love, sitting idle for a while.

I’ve gone back and forth with the idea of shutting it down for good, trying to figure out when I would have the time to dive back into it like I used to. For over 5 years now, this was the place was a spring-board for so many awesome things in my life, including my new gig.

So did my little space on the internet finally serve its purpose? Was it time to shut it down?

Yes and No.

Yes in the sense that it got me into the rewarding and fulfilling career I wanted, which was always a core purpose . But now it needs to switch gears and do something else.

One thing I learned writing for a living is it doesn’t just stop when you log out for the day. You have to keep flexing that creative muscle so it can stay in shape and keep your sanity. This blog was also a place where I could express myself, have fun and write about the things I couldn’t write about anywhere else.

So now this place will be my spot to let loose, put my creative feet up and have fun with you guys! Now there’s no crazy pressure to plan and strategize. I’m getting back to what make blogging so cool 5 years ago. Pure, unadulterated fun!

Hope you guys stick around for the ride!

Take a Peak Inside My Bag (Plus a Style Guide From Rue La La)


While it’s my philosophy that you can never have too many makeup products (or jewelry….or shoes!), when it comes to handbags I do feel like having the right bag or two is really all you need. When I’m shopping for handbags, I gravitate toward classic silhouettes, versatile colors and a price my wallet likes. I need something that’s going to get me from season to season, year to year especially if I’m making an investment. Part of making a smart choice is knowing your options and Rue La La has a great resource for handbags to help you do just that! From the type of bag your life calls for to understanding what really makes a handbag luxurious they have you covered.

In celebration of the launch of their style guide, they want to know what girls like us carry in our bags.I tend to rotate between a handful of bags and this week, I’m rocking my Lulu by Lulu Guiness satchel (similar here) I scored on clearance two years ago.  The cobalt blue is a breath of fresh air from my brown and black purses. Plus the bow is so cute!  Now what’s  in my bag isn’t all that exciting but I am all about the essentials (with a little bit of my product junkie tendencies sprinkled in!)

Work Essentials

Wallet: I bought this at a flea market sale a few years ago and this baby is still holding together. (Though I do see a new one in my immediate future!)

Samsung Galaxy S5: Seriously where would I be without my phone? It’s my connection to everything – from work emails to taking selfies with my baby girl. I’ve always been an Android girl ever since the first Galaxy and I don’t see that changing anytime soon!

Sony Earbuds: I can’t work without my music. When I need to bang out blog posts, I plug these into my phone, crank up my Pandora and I’m good to go. Otherwise, I would be seriously lost.

Check Book: I still have bills that require checks and they usually get written on the go.

Beauty Essentials

Essence of Beauty Hand Cream: Part of the collection I reviewed over a week ago, I wanted to take a piece of that calm and relaxing beauty routine with me. You know, when the road rage kicks in. LOL

Stila Convertible Color Lip and Cheek in Poppy: Besides having a handy mirror inside this compact, if I ever need a little color on the go, this color is perfect for both my lips and cheeks!

Collection of Lip Color: Anyone who looks through my purse will get a clear picture of each lip color I’ve worn in the past week. Once I apply one in the morning, it gets thrown in my bag just in case I need a quick touch up. It’s only until my makeup drawer starts looking empty do I remember to put them all back!  This week’s roundup includes:

  • Burts Bees Lip Crayon in Napa Vineyard
  • Tarte Lip Gloss
  • Mary Kay Lip Color in Downtown Brown
  • Burt’s Bees LipGloss in Sweet Sunset

Your turn! What’s in your purse?

Voluminous Curls are Just a Diffuser Away With The Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™

Blow DryerWhen I started my natural hair journey over four years ago, my goal was to have big, gold curly hair. It’s what got me through the rough transition, the awkward length stage and even now in the “I’m-getting-kinda-bored stage”. I’ve been having a love/hate relationship with my hair lately – the shrinkage in particular. Letting it air dry takes days of stretching before I get the big hair that I want and taking a blow dryer to it spells frizz central, no matter what I do. Even blowing it out caused more flyaways that made the hour it took to flat iron it a complete waste of time. I love my curls but want to show off the length i.e all of my hard hair-work over the years with the same definition that air drying gives me. Can using a high quality blow drier with a diffuser attachment deliver the hair I want?

Taking The Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™ for a test drive was the perfect opportunity to find out!

Hitting store shelves this past September, it boasts a brushless motor technology that reduces drying time by up to 70% (when compared to the T3 Dryer Model 83808). It also does so much more quietly than the previous 3Q dryer. It comes with a concentrated nozzle perfect for blowouts and a diffuser attachment made for these curls. It also has two heat settings, a cool shot feature, as well as three different speeds.

After washing my hair, deep conditioning it and adding my styling products, I set the Conair 3Q to low heat on a high speed. I wanted to dry my curls fast without frying them to death. Flipping my hair over, I let my curls fall into the diffuser cup and pressed it gently against head. I let the lift and dry my curls for about a minute before moving onto the next section. It took about 20 minutes to get my hair 90% dry.

The results?

Diffusing Natural Hair

I had second day volume on wash day which is completely unheard of for me. Even better, there was minimal frizz and plenty of curl definition to go around. I had a cute curly fro in no time! My hair was super soft too. As the week went on, my hair just got bigger and better! I loved the fact that it cut my drying time by a whole day without killing my strands. Finally, the answer to my hair boredom!

You can find The Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™ in more than 15,000 locations, including Target, Walgreens, Ulta, Walmart, Rite Aid, CVC and Bed, Bath and Beyond.


Photo courtesy of Conair

FTC Disclosure: This item was provided for review courtesy of www.beautystat.com