2 Summer Ready Styles With Motion’s Style and Create Collection

Motions Hair Products

Along with their latest hair care collection, Motions also released the styling products you need to keep the hair party going. When it comes to this fine, curly hair my styling products have to moisturize and hold my style at the same time, especially in this crazy heat

Flat Twist-Out With Motions Light Styling Foam

Flat Twist Out on Day 3

Flat Twist Out on Day 3

Total Disclaimer: Twist-outs and I never got along. They’re either two piecey or two frizzy-both never lasting more than a day. So you can imagine how nervous I was doing this style with the Light Styling Foam. After washing and conditioning with their Treat and Repair Collection, I put in my usual leave in and styling cream, sealing with olive oil. Then I created medium sized sections and applied the styling foam. What I really liked about it was how incredibly light it was on my hair and didn’t leave it feeling greasy. I combed it through, twisted each section and used perm rods at the end.

When I took them down the next day, my hair did appear a lot shorter than it does with my regular style but the softness and the shine totally made up for it. Each curl was smooth too and the best part? It practically stayed that way all week! I just had to re-twist a few sections on Day 4, mostly for volume purposes. It gave my hair the hold it needed for a great style all week long.

Wash and Go with Motions Versatile Foam Styling Lotion

Wash and Go on Fine Hair

My go-to style for years, I wanted to see if the styling lotion could take my wash-and-go until my next wash day. Whether your doing this style, wrapping hair or heat styling not only does it give hair the hold it needs to look good but acts like a heat protectant as well. After applying my normal products, I scrunched in the styling lotion, the foam thinner in consistency than the styling foam. Once my hair dried, curls clumped together nicely and delivered the wash-and-go style that I’m accustomed to.

Other products you can play with in this collection: The Light Hold Working Spritz, perfect for pinned-curls and the Shine Enhancing Pomade for smoothing down edges.

Have you tried any of these Motions styling products before? Which one is your favorite?


*FTC Disclosure: Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples. I was also compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.

Getting My Curls Summer Ready With Motions Treat and Repair Collection

Motions Treat and Repair Collection

I’m thinking Florida completely missed the memo that it’s April because it went from 70 degrees to practically 90 overnight. Hotter weather means a lot more fun outdoors but it can also spell a serious curl disaster. If I’m not careful, my curls can get completely fried in the South Florida sun. When the folks from Motions reached out to take their new Treat and Repair hair collection featuring Color Care for a test drive, I didn’t realize I was getting my summer hair survival kit. Each product in this trio is formulated with coconut oil, vitamin E and amla to strengthen hair to treat hair from the inside out for strength and shine.

So how does this system work?

Step 1: Motions Color Care Sulfate Free Cleanser

This smooth and creamy cleanser works up an awesome lather sans the sulfates. It gets hair clean and leaves it crazy soft and ready for the next step. $7, target.com

Step 2: Motions Color Care Dual-Treatment Conditioner

Using the power of Keratin and a protein complex this rich conditioner repairs and moisturizes hair (even my fried curls after a good weekend outdoors!). Paying special attention to my ends, which has seen a lot of damage lately, I applied a good amount to my hair in sections. This conditioner has a great slip so detangling was super easy. Once all the tangles were out I rinsed it out and moved on to Step 3. $7, target.com

Step. 3 Motions Color Care Deep Moisture Mask

In my world, there is no such thing as too much conditioner so following up with a deep treatment mask was a special treat! Not as thick as the conditioner but packed with the amla, coconut and vitamin E oils all the same, I put it on section by section, racked it through my curls and covered it with a plastic cap. Then you can do a couple of chores around the house or sit under a warm dryer for up to 10 minutes – either way the mask does an awesome job of getting into hair and leaving it crazy soft and manageable. $7, target.com

Natural Hair

After using these products exclusively for 3 weeks, my hair hasn’t been this soft and this strong is a very long time! My curls stayed moisturized, shiny and defined for up to week. The double conditioning did wonders for my hair, leading to less and less breakage and those crazy fairy knots. I also like it because it works for both natural and relaxed hair (and you have to love the price point for each of these too!)

Have you tried these new products from Motions? Share your thoughts in comments!


*FTC Disclosure: Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples. I was also compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.

Does the Nivea In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion Really Work?

nivea-inshower-module-packshots-front.ashxThe power of advertising is strong ya’ll! I saw the commercial for Nivea’s In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion and no sooner did I hit up CVS and grab a bottle for myself. One half of me was like, “Seriously MJ, did you really think a lotion you can wash off really work?” But the beauty blogger in me was like “OMG, you have to buy it.” So I did and here’s what happened.

It works….for a little while anyway.

Following the clear instructions on the bottle, I cleaned my skin, rinsed off and then applied it all over (except the bottom of my feet because this stuff is crazy slippery!). Making sure I didn’t miss a spot, the product thick like a lotion but went on light like a serum. I rinsed off and got out of the shower. Off the bat my skin was feeling super soft, thanks to the Almond Oil. It didn’t leave behind any greasy residue and I smelled really good!

Now the brand says this product provides 24 hours of hydration and as much as I really, really wanted to love it this is where the product falls short. You can’t really just rinse off and go, especially if you have really dry skin like I do. Following up with lotion or body oil is a must, otherwise the ashy-ness will creep up on you.

Can we chalk this one up to the beauty game? Maybe. If you use it at night, it’s a nice little beauty treat before bed. If you plan on heading out for the day, stick with regular lotion.

Have you tried their in-shower body lotions? What did you think?


My Current Skin-Care Loves


Keep it simple.

That’s always my motto when it comes to taking care of my combination skin. Because there are two different skin types going on with different needs, when I find something that works I totally stick to it. Even when I decide to get adventurous and try something new, I always come back to these, which haven’t failed me yet!

Biore Charcoal Facial Cleanser

Ever since I reviewed this cleanser last year, it’s the only cleanser I use. It’s powerful enough to get down in those pores to remove dirt and makeup but gentle enough not to dry skin out in the process. Even my husband’s a fan! $7, ulta.com

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser

An essential part of my night time routine, this cleanser/moisturizer hybrid gets rid of all makeup and excess oil while leaving skin so soft I don’t need to put on anything else. $5. target.com

Maybelline Clean Express Classic Eye Makeup Remover

A semi-recent discovery of mine, I didn’t realize how much I liked it until I ran out of it and bought something else. The gel formula is less messy than liquids and glides on so much easier. Taking off the most stubborn makeup is a breeze and for the price, it’s a steal! $5, walmart.com

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer for Combination Skin

I’ve tried a lot of moisturizers, some of which were all kinds of awesome but when it comes a product that always gets the job done, it’s this one from Neutrogena. One of the few moisturizers out there that cater especially to my skin type, it provides enough moisture for the dry parts of skin while keeping it light in the T-Zone. Skin also feels firmer after use, too. $10, neutrogena.com

Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Mask

When the hormones are out of whack or I’m overdoing it on the greasy foods my skin totally freaks out. I’m talking about white heads, black heads and big, painful pimples. That’s where this mask comes in, formulated with salicylic acid that gets to out that bacteria that’s causing skin to break out in the first place. I just slather it on, wait 5 minutes for it to dry and then wipe it off. In a day or 2 my zits are cleared up and I’m a happy camper. $6, walgreens

What are your favorite skin-care products?

3 Cool Ways to Rock Sneakers This Spring

Up until my late 20’s, I lived in nothing but sneakers. They were quick, comfortable and were the perfect touch to my jeans-and-T-shirt uniform. Some days, I wish I could wear mine to work but they get enough wear when the weekend comes around. As we get into sandal season, we shouldn’t put away those kicks just yet. I mean, let’s face it, there are times when our toes shouldn’t be out in public and when you don’t have time to freshen up that pedi, that pair of Reeboks or Converses do come in handy.

Here are three super cool ways to rock your favorite pair of sneakers.

Casual Cool

Whether you’re running errands or meeting girlfriend’s at Starbucks, you can give that tee and jeans a stylish flair with crisp white sneaks, a cool pair of shades and a killer red lip. Oh and a big, faced watch and designer clutch doesn’t hurt either!

Fashion Trend

Fashion Trend

Match Your Prints

Give your printed, spring dress an unexpected fashion twist with sneakers. The key to pulling this off? Make sure your the color of your kicks and your dress compliment each other.

Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules

All Black Everything

Go monochrome from head to toe, from the shades to your sneakers, making sure you have a flattering blouse and the perfect skinny jeans in-between!

Miss Poole

Miss Poole

Are you rocking sneakers this spring?