The 10 Stages of Watching a Shonda Rhimes Show

When Thursday nights come around everyone knows that I am MIA from 8pm to 11pm for TGIT. From Greys to How to Get Away With Murder, if you still haven’t caught on to this spectacular night of drama-filled television, this is what fans like myself go through each and every week.

TGIT Prep 



The bombshell before the first commercial break

April Greys Anatomy


The crazy new case 

How to get Away with Murder


Trying to figure out who’s guilty

How to Get Away With Murder GIF


Wondering why this character is still on this show

Quinn and Huck


The kick-ass monologue

Rowan Pope


The  best tweetable line of the episode

Olivia Pope Fitz


That moment that gets you all in your feelings

Cristina Yang


The OH SH*T moment in the last 5 minutes of the show

How to Get Away With Murder


Realizing you have to wait whole week for the next episode



Sound off my fellow TGIT watchers! What am I missing?

If I’m Going to Give My Daughter Juice It Would From Apple & Eve

Apple and Eve JuicesBefore you have kids, you think that you will never be that parent (helicopter, nutrition obsessed…feel free to fill in the blank). But when you do become one, all those things you thought you weren’t going to do go completely out the window.

Me? I’m a stickler for schedules, if it’s not Disney Junior my daughter is NOT watching it and I am very aware of what she eats and drinks. My husband and I joke all the time that she is the healthiest person in this house and the funny thing is it’s true! I made her baby food from scratch and I even bought those sectioned plates to help me with portion control and make sure she had at least three of the major food groups. As for juice – it wasn’t until very recently that we started buying it and I have strict rules for that too. It has to be 100% fruit juice, no added sugars and no more than a cup a day (seriously!).

Enter Apple & Eve’s Organic Juices.

The Natural Style Apple Juice is made with 100% juice blend of real tarte and sweet apples. In each glass you’ll get two full servings of fruit without the added sugars and when you taste it, you can totally tell. It tastes smooth and fresh like the apples were picked right from the orchard. There’s also no crazy sweet after-taste that makes you want to drink a glass of water afterwards. Since my daughter is like me and doesn’t like super sweet things either, this juice is perfect for her.

The Quenchers are the juice box version of Apple & Eve’s organic goodness, with flavors like Razzberry Apple Splash, Berry Lemonade and Organic Fruit Punch. Like the apple juice, it’s flavored with real fruit and 50% less sugar than the regular fruit drinks. Before my daughter had a chance to inhale them all, I tried the Berry Lemonade. More lemonade then berry, it tastes crisp and refreshing without being crazy sweet.

Bottom Line: If I’m going to give my daughter juice, it’s going to be the healthiest one I can give her. These options from Apple & Eve definitely fit the bill. I would feel good giving my daughter these with her after-school snack.

How about you? Have you tried these juices from Apple & Eve.


FTC Disclosure: The products mentioned in this review were received as free samples as part of the Influenster Program.

Light Up Your Look: A Jewelry Inspired Chandelier

Home Decor I’m a sucker for home décor! When I bought my house a few years ago, I was just as excited walking into a furniture store or browsing HGTV as I am in the jewelry section of my favorite store. Decorating a house and picking jewelry require the same type of fun skills – finding the finishing touches for your home that give it that extra style boost it needs. You start with a vision of what you want a room to look like and have fun shopping for all of the possibilities.

Now when they say that a house is never-ending project, they weren’t kidding! One room that needs some serious work is my dining room – the lighting in particular. I have no hanging chandelier over my dining room table, I’m sad to say and as I was compiling my list of lighting options, I was asked by the folks at One Kings Lane to participate in the Light Your Look campaign. Talk about great timing!

I had to find the perfect lighting accessory from their collection of awesome chandeliers inspired by one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. The first thing that came to mind was the earrings I wore for my wedding.


These chandelier earrings were the perfect choice (duh!). It had just enough bling without overwhelming my entire look. They were smaller than the earrings I normally wear but had the same amount of glamour that my gown needed.

Those are the qualities I look for in a chandelier. I want classic and luxurious lighting but on a smaller scale so it doesn’t taking over the entire house. That’s why I chose the Galveston 5-Light Chandelier in Silver. It has a sleek yet stylish design with just the right amount of dangling crystal accents that remind me of my earrings. The diameter is perfect too, according to One Kings Lane’s guide to buying the right chandelier for your home. Because my dining room table seats 8, the diameter of this cool light fixture is just the size for my dining room.

One Kings Lane

What do you ladies think? Did I make the right choice?

Fourth of July Shenanigans

Did you guys have an awesome Fourth of July Weekend?

I’m not gonna lie, I had a ton of fun. It’s a holiday that’s right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas for me. Besides the fact that it’s a holiday that heavily relies on food and family, it holds a really special place in my heart.


I met my best friend and husband 10 years ago at a Fourth of July BBQ held at a mutual friend of ours. It was a huge party and yet we managed to play a few rounds of spades and trash talk the entire time. Though we wouldn’t go out on our first date until a month later, I’m always reminded of that day when the holiday comes around. Now, we make sure we do it up when the Fourth rolls around.


We kicked off the weekend at another huge BBQ thrown by friends with tons of food, music, and some very heated Domino games. When the sun went down, the fireworks came out – all $1,000 worth. My husband and his gang of friends say it’s for the kids, but I’m sure they  had more fun setting off those things than anyone else!

2 1 5

Saturday was a girl’s day at the beach. My daughter and I met up with my mom and headed out to Oleta Park in North Miami. Armed with fried chicken, tuna salad, and plenty of iced tea I was ready to chill on out. My daughter, however, was not! When this water baby wasn’t swimming, she was collecting rocks, or shoveling sand. Needless to say she slept very well that night.

Sunday was my chill day, getting my house and my head ready for the week.

How was your weekend? 

5 Totally Random Things I Love

Today is one of those days.  You know,  where you have absolutely no idea what to blog about?  With all the pre-planning, editorial calendars, and brainstorming you can still have a day (or two!) where you have no idea what to write about.  It’s moments like this where you just have to go with the flow and fun!

Yes! Fun! Even if you want to blog professionally!  Between chasing a super active baby (she is crawling and cruising around all my furniture!) and actively building my business, this girl needs a little fun!  So I’m rambling off ten completely random things I’m obsessing about at the moment.


Chocolate Everything!

Have you seen my Food Board lately?  it’s filled with Oreo this, fudge that, and softy, gooey chocolaty goodness.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t crave something chocolate.  Thank goodness I’m doing myself and my waistline a great service by  not keeping those things in the house!

Ankle Strap Shoes

Have you seen these from Giuseppe Zanotti?? OMG!  Not that I could wear those or any of the other sky high ankle strap sandals I’ve been swooning over lately, but a girl can dream, right?

Fringe TV Show

The TV Show Fringe

To keep myself sane working at home, Netflix has become my best friend!  One show I used to watch but fell off after a few episodes due to lack of free time was Fringe.  I’ve been watching the show starting from Season 1 and I’m officially hooked!  The writing is amazing and the concepts are simply mind bending.  It’s hard to find good TV shows that get your mind going like this one does.

PS:  If you love Sci-Fi shows and actions movies like I do, like my new author Facebook page!

Big Curly Hair

Okay, when am I not obsessed with big natural hair?  Since you’re girl got a good trim last weekend, I am back on the “Get this hair growing!” train.  That means being diligent with my natural hair practices, keep an eye out for natural ingredients that my hair can benefit from, and leaving my hair be as much as possible!

Tote Bag

Micheal Kors Nautical Bag (Nordstrom)

Over sized Handbags

If my twenty year old self read this she would scream!  I wasn’t a handbag type of girl back then, notorious for carrying around the essentials in my back pocket.  Now that 95% of my outings involve taking the princess with me, carrying two bags is out of the question and the diaper bag is getting kind of old.  I need something stylish (and baby proof!) that I can carry not only the stuff I need but the things she needs as well!  (I’m open to suggestions!)


Your turn!  Tell me five random things you’re loving right now.