Conair Isn’t Just About The Hair! Check Out My Test Drive of Their Satin Smooth Skin Care Line


The summer’s winding down and I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite done with the whole summer relaxing thing. Between birthdays and holidays this Fall, I need all the down time I can get. That means not spending all day and a million products getting my skin right.  Bright face, clean pores, and moisturized skin all day long is all I need right now. Anything that can get me that every day with as few steps and products as possible – this girl is all for it!

Satin Smooth Skin Care does just that. If you’ve never heard of them, then I’m sure you’ve familiar with Conair.  I had no idea the hair brand I’ve come to know and love had a skin care line so when they reached out to me to try out some of their products I was totally on board. Armed with the basics of any skin care regimen (cleanser and moisturizer) as well as something extra, I put all of my other products away, using them exclusively for the last few weeks.

So how did they do? Did they give me the results I needed in less time?

Renewal Facial Cleanser

Formulated with AHA, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, and Jojoba, this creamy cleanser brightens, cleans, and hydrates skin all in one step. It goes on so smooth, perfect for those of us who don’t like exfoliating beads or heavy products on their skin every day. It’s also gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin on  a daily basis. All you need is a small amount to smooth on and rinses off clean, the whole process taking under 3 minutes. Oh, and it smells amazing!

Day/Night Daily Moisturizer

Get ready for some move Vitamin C because the moisturizer has plenty of it, along with conditioning ingredients to keep skin moisturized as well as diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What I liked most about this moisturizer is that it can be used as a daily moisturizer as well as a night cream too, repairing skin while you sleep. Like the cleanser, it nice and light on the skin and absorbs quickly so you can go on with your beauty life (without the greasiness).

Ultra Bloom Serum

If your skin needs a little extra brightening, especially if you’re plagued by dark spots, apply this serum right after cleansing. It has plenty of botanicals, vitamins, and antioxidants to get skin looking it’s smoothest and brightest. A little goes a long way, though it takes a minute for it to get into the skin. Once it’s dry, put on the moisturizer and you are really good to go!

Using Satin Smooth Skin Care products was a welcomed break from my normal products that tend to be on the more intense side of skin care. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on the great skin I’m used to and it gave me the time I needed to enjoy the rest of my summer.

Would you give Satin Smooth Skin Care a try?

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Photo courtesy of Satin Smooth Skin Care

FTC Disclosure: These products were received as free samples for review. All opinions are my own.

What You Need for a Fresh and Flawless Face

Summer Skincare

Contrary to popular belief not all beauty bloggers rock makeup 24/7, including this one! Even when I worked a 9 to 5, I still had a few makeup-free days during the week to not only give myself a break in the morning but let my skin breathe. That didn’t mean that I let the idea of a fresh and flawless face go to the wayside. Quite the opposite, skin is at its best when it doesn’t need makeup radiating from the inside out.

While we all wish we can wake up and have selfie ready skin, we need to have the right products on hand. From cleansing to moisturizing, having the right tools and a consistent routine will give you a fresh and flawless face sans cosmetics.

So, where do you start? Look no further than here. ;)

1. Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

To get your face twice as clean in less time, this cleanser from Biore is the way to go. Formulated with charcoal, a natural deep cleansing ingredient, your skin is freed from all that dirt and makeup that can make your face look less than stellar.

2. Molton Brown Pink Toronja Refining Toner

For a dirt double check, follow up the Pink Toronja Refining Toner. Not only does it feel as amazing as it smells, it does an awesome job getting any dirt you may have missed.

3. Burt’s Bees Brightening Moisturizer

This moisturizer totally delivers on its promise of bright and radiant skin. The sweet smelling botanical extracts reduces fine lines and wrinkles while keeping skin soft and moisturized all day long.

4. BlissSpa Sugar Lip Scrub

It’s so easy for our lips to get overlooked in the primping process so we have to make sure we include them in this fresh face party. Dry and flaky skin is no bueno, so exfoliate and polish those lips with a scrub that uses yummy ingredients like sweet sugars and natural butters.

5. Soft Lips Cube

To keep the soft lip party going literally all day without any touchups, you need to get this lip moisturizer in your life. One swipe is all you need (and the packaging is super cool too!)

What are your skincare must haves for a makeup free day?


FTC Disclosure: Products mentioned in this roundup were previously received as free samples for review. All opinions are my own.

Kiss Everlasting French Nails Gives You A Serious Salon Worthy Manicure at Home

Kiss Everlasting French Nails

When I received the Kiss Everlasting French Nails as part of my Influenster Spring VoxBox, I had some serious reservations. I never had any luck with any type of glue on nails, my instant manicure not lasting more than a day and that was before I had my daughter. My hands do way too much – from washing dishes and wiping down the highchair a million times a day to chasing my girl around, picking up toys, and handling car seat buckles.

So as I looked at this box of 28 nails that looked just like the French tips I used to get back in the day and they claimed it would last for 7 days without chipping or cracking, I was like “Yeah…right!” The kit also includes pink glue, a mini file, and a manicure stick. I had to put my skepticism to the side to be a fair beauty blogger and give these nails a try.

I first cleaned my nails with polish remover and gave them a minute to dry. I used the manicure stick to gently push back my cuticles so the nails would look natural as possible when I put them on. I then went through the nails and sized them on each finger, finding a perfect match for each one.  I put a thin layer of glue on my nail and two drops on the Kiss nail and put it on. I made sure fit right under my cuticle and held it down for five seconds. Once they were all on I went straight to bed, too afraid to do anything else before they had a chance to dry.

In the morning I had a gorgeous, smooth, and shiny French mani with medium length tips. The length took a bit of getting used to (texting was a pain at first!). But to make sure these nails lived up to its promise, and see if it can stand up to my brand of ‘normal use”.

Ladies, let me tell you, despite all diaper changes, toddler story times, and cooking a few meals these nails not only held up but looked fantastic! My husband stopped me to ask when I had the time to go get my nails done. My mom friends couldn’t believe these were glue on nails. No chips or cracks and I went four days without losing a nail. By day seven, I only lost two and for me that’s not bad at all!

Kiss Nails made a believer out of me and I will be rocking these again this summer (because I never have time to go to the nail salon!).

What about you? Will you be giving these nails a try?


FTC Disclosure: The product in this review were received as free samples for review as part of the Influenster program. All opinions are my own.

So Fresh and So Clean with Biore’s Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser


When I hear the word ‘charcoal’ it usually means I’m going to throw down on some good BBQ food.  Now ever since I got introduced to this mask, it’s also a big ingredient in skincare these days.  Biore’s Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser uses it to draw out and trap 2 times more dirt and impurities than your normal cleanser. That comes in handy in the summer months between the extra sweat, sand, chlorine, and everything else your skin picks up during your summer fun.

This oil free cleanser looks black in the bottle but turns into a smooth, white foam when you apply. It rinses clean and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. After a week my face hasn’t seen a nasty pimple or bothersome blackhead. I also love how my skin feels afterwards, a cool tingling sensation letting me know my pores have been cleaned out. And oh, the softness is a major plus too!

Are you a Biore’ fan? What’s your favorite product?


Photo courtesy of Biore’

FTC Disclosure: Product was received as a free sample for review. All opinions are my own.

It’s a Bright and Beautiful Summer with Burt’s Bees Brightening Skincare Line

Burt's Bees

A fresh face.

A youthful glow.

Bright and beautiful skin.

This is what every girl wants, especially when we start getting more mature (aka older!) and life gets in the way of all that. Lack of sleep, harsh weather, and all kinds of stress can take a toll on our skin from dark spots to uneven skin tone. Burt’s Bees wants to take care of all of that with their new Brightening Skincare line. Clinically proven to brighten and even out skin tone in just four weeks using a unique formulation of White Daisy Extract. They take you from cleansing to toning with just five products.

I had the chance to use three of them for the last few weeks and needless to say I was quite impressed!

Brightening Daily Facial Cleanser

The multifruit complex gets rid of all that dirt, oil, and makeup in a dime sized amount of creamy cleanser. It glides on smooth and rinses off clean, leaving soft and great smelling skin. It also does a great job of getting rid of makeup too. After using it religiously for a week, I noticed a crazy change in my skin. It was so much brighter you couldn’t even tell I was outside, sweating to death during my morning workouts.

Brightening Even-Tone Moisturizing Cream

After cleansing, I followed up with the Moisturizing Cream that was just as rich and sweet smelling as the cleanser. One small pump of product is all you need, formulated with botanical extracts to keep the brightening party going. It also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I loved using this cleanser but my only pet peeve is that I wish it had SPF protection. I need that sun protection and since it doesn’t have it, I have to add sunscreen on top of it.

Brightening Dark Spot Corrector

If you need more help in the dark spot department, this serum is for you. What I liked about it was that I can use it alone in lieu of the moisturizer or as a spot treatment, like I did after the moisturizer. I’m blessed that I don’t have too many dark spots to speak of so I didn’t use this as often as the others.

Skincare for Black Women

After cleansing, moisturizing, and spot correcting. Can’t tell I had a super long day, huh?

When it comes to skincare companies making claims that they can give you super bright skin, I’m always skeptical. With this line from Burt’s Bees, I can honestly tell you that they really deliver on that promise.

Here’s to a bright and beautiful summer!

Are you a Burt’s Bees fan? What’s your favorite product?

Psst, they have some awesome lip shimmers too!

FTC Disclosure: The products mentioned in this review were received as free samples. All opinions are my own.

Top photo courtesy of Burt’s Bees.