Beauty Blast: The Pure Paradise Collection from Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works

I’m still in shock that it’s August already and the summer is winding down.  Before you know it, they’ll be sweaters and Halloween decorations on store racks and shelves.    My mind can’t even go that far ahead yet so for now I’m going to keep the summer times rolling with today’s Beauty Blast.

Over the past month, I had the opportunity to try out the Pure Paradise collection from Bath and Body Works.  The skincare trio screams summer days by the beach with notes of guava, cassis, and fresh star fruit.   The scents of all three are refreshing and light, with the right amount of fruity fragrance.  Even when you used all three together the fragrances weren’t too much.  The shower gel  left my skin clean without drying it out, giving me plenty of lather to play with!  The body lotion gave me soft and sweet smelling skin while giving it the moisture it needs on a daily basis.   The Fine Fragrance Mist is the finishing touch with the most fragrance power.  Whether I’m heading out for the day or heading to bed I loved spraying this on!  It was something sweet to look forward to, imagining myself on someone’s resort with a drink in my hand and not a care in the world!


Are you a fan of Bath and Body Works?  What’s your favorite fragrance collection?


FTC Disclosure:  Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples for review.  All opinions are my own.

Photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works.


Beauty Blast: The Travalo for Perfume on the Go

Whenever I travel I am notorious for over packing!  I want to take everything, including my many makeup bags and perfume bottles.  Whether I’m taking a road trip or catching a flight I do have to realize that there is there a limit to what I can take.  When I finally decide at the eleventh hour what I do want to take, I’m worried about them spilling in its zip loc or worse all over my clothes.  Perfume bottles can be super cute to keep on your dresser but are notorious for not traveling well so I always feel super limited when packing those.

Enter the Travalo.


This new beauty gadget is a travel size atomizer that is meant to make traveling with your favorite perfume really easy.  I had the opportunity to use one just in time for my trip to Blogger Brilliance in Tampa.



I love how this bottle is the perfect size (and that it’s TSA approved!) so traveling with it is so much easier than bringing the whole bottle.  I was able to fit it into my makeup bag with the rest of my beauty things.  It has a little window for you to see how much perfume you have left in the bottle and the spray applicator applies just enough perfume, just like a normal bottle would.  The bottle is made of an aluminum that is strong and extra light (I mean my shoes make my bags heavy enough as it is!)



Getting your fragrance in there is also super easy.   You just remove the cap from your perfume bottle, insert the little funnel piece into the bottom of the Travalo and pump away!  No spills and no mess. Just be mindful of how much perfume you actually put in there because once it’s in, you have to use it all before you can switch to another perfume, especially when you have a lot of them like I do!




During my trip none of it spilled and I was so happy to bring my Marc Jacobs Lola perfume with me to wear.  I think the Travalo is a very cute and practical travel accessory to have, especially if you travel a lot!


What do you ladies think?  Is this something you would try out?


Photos courtesy:  Travalo

FTC Disclosure:  The product mentioned in this review was received as free sample.



Fierce Fragrance: The Essence Collection by David Yurman

David Yurman Essence Collection

If you remember awhile back I got the opportunity to review this beauty powder from David Yurman and I was a bit impressed, especially to see a jeweler stepping into the beauty realm.  If you’re not familiar with Yurman, he is the mastermind behind the iconic cable bracelet.  He made his mark in the jewelry world and he seems to be a contender on the beauty side of things. 

For this review, I got to test out the Essence Collection, a trio of fragrances that launched just in time for spring.  You can either wear these scents alone, or do a cool mix and match to create your own signature scent.  So, here’s the breakdown of each one.

Delicate Essence

This fragrance has notes of pink pepper, lotus blossom and sparkling orange.  I wore this scent the most out of three, because it was perfect to wear to work.  I could smell the sparkling orange, which gives this one this special little twang to it that I liked without being overpowering.

Fresh Essence

This one definitely lives up to its name, with notes of sparkling apple, cassis, juicy red fruits and fresh greens. The scent is very clean, almost too clean for me.  When I put a perfume on, I like to smell it on me a little bit more than I would using a lotion or body wash even.  If the scent was a little stronger, I may have used it more.

Exotic Essence 

This was my special occasion one, with notes of sparkling mandarin, casablanca lily, rose petals and exotic woods. It was the most sensual smelling one out of the three, the notes of exotics woods making it perfect for a night out with a special someone.  This one to me was more sexy than exotic.

All in all, I enjoyed this collection!  The staying power of each perfume was great, only needing to spray once in each of the traditional perfume places (sides of the neck and back of the wrists).  Looking back I wish I would’ve done my own mix and match with the three, but I still have some left over to do that!

This collection is available at Bloomingdales, David Yurman boutiques, and

FTC Disclosure:  Samples used in this review were received as free samples.

Photo courtesy of: David Yurman

Fierce Fragrance: Calvin Klein Euphoria

After having a pleasant experience with Calvin Klein Beauty, I was psyched to try out Calvin Klein Euphoria.  While Beauty is perfect scent for the daytime, Euphoria was meant to be worn for a night on the town, with notes of exotic fruits, florals, and a creamy signature note made up of amber and mahogany wood.  Just reading that description set my expectation up high and having it just in time for the holidays gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out. 

The bottle itself is ultra modern, a design that I wouldn’t equate with its name.  But the wavy shape of the silver and clear bottle is pretty cool, prominently standing out from the rest of the bottles in my collection.  The scent is very sexy with its mixture of the woods and floral scents.  The fragrance is rich, making a statement yet not totally in your face, like Lola Velvet can be if you put too much on.   I love how the fragrance stays put not losing its magic throughout the day.  I found myself wearing it during the day as well as on my nights out.

An added bonus?  They also have cologne for men, that is just as seductive as this one.  The scent is very masculine, yet smooth and sophisticated.  My husband loves it and has been wearing, just as I have – day and night!

You can find Euphoria for Women and Euphoria for Men at a department store near you!

Favorite Fragrances of 2010


Balenciaga Paris

Lola Velvet

Photo courtesy of: Calvin Klein

FTC Disclosure:  Products used in this review were received as free samples from said company.

Fierce Fragrance: Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Collection

I was first put on to Harajuku Lovers last year when I reviewed their Snow Bunny collection.  One thing I absolutely love about these fragrances are the adorable bottles they come in, making great bedroom decorations long after the perfume is gone.  This year these Japanese inspired girls (Love, Lil Angel, Music, G, and Baby) are dressed in their own Wicked Style in this new collection.  They are decked out in bright colored threads, cool accessories, and totally punked out hair, taking cues from Japanese fashion.  Lil’ Angel and Baby are the new additions to my fragrance collection and when I received them for review I was anxious to know if the fragrance was just as good as the bottle!

 Lil’ Angel aka Gothic Lolita

Her style is my absolute favorite!  She’s rocking the all black outfit with Rhianna Red hair.  The perfume smells really good, getting whiffs of the plum and champagne notes.  It smells sweet without being too fruity.  Despite her loud her, her scent is very feminine yet let’s you know that Lolita is in the room.

Baby aka Kawaii/Decora

She has more of a girly look with her bright yellow outfit and powder pink hair. Her perfume is girly as well, much lighter than Lolita’s with a mixture of vanilla floral and glowing amber.  It’s light and airy, perfect to wear all day long!


Collectible eau de toilette                         10mL                                    $30.00

Collectible eau de toilette                         30mL                                    $45.00


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Photo courtesy of:  Harajuku Lovers

FTC Disclosure:  Perfumes used in this review were received as free samples.