Fierce Natural Hair: Straight and Sleek

One of the beautiful things about the natural hair life is the styling versatility that comes with it. We can rock short curls, long curls, and big-hair-don’t-care afros without doing any major things to our hair. We can also sport our length and go for a sleek, straight look.

Now I know many curly girls have sworn off all types of heat but for me, every once and awhile doesn’t hurt. I look at it this way: my hair can take a little heat every now and again. Besides, I work hard to get it this long and I wanna show it off every now and again!

Best thing about this style is you don’t even have to wait to have super long hair. It’s just as cute (and just as fierce) if you’re growing out your TWA.

Blown out natural hair


Long Natural Hair


Straight Hair




Straight Black Hair

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Natural Hair

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A Summer Hair Regimen for Us Fine Curly Girls

Natural Hair

How I rock my hair 90% of the time

For the past few months I’ve been trying to change up my hair routine. I feel like my hair growth has stalled a bit and the sun is doing a major number on my hair. Not only that, my little girl is really shaping up to be an Olympic swimmer so we’re  spending at least two days a week in the pool. Most recently, I dyed all of my hair for the first time ever and though I didn’t get the color I was looking for (I got a tint of burgundy instead of burgundy), my hair needs extra TLC.

After a few tweaks I’ve finally nailed a hair routine that gives me stronger hair and, most importantly, super moisturized curls that only require refreshing up to two times a week (as opposed to every morning). From start to finish, my hair routine takes an hour and half.

Natural Hair Products

Prepoo with My Favorite Conditioner

I’ve read how great prepooing your hair is a gazillion times, yet never bothered to add it to my routine. I thought I just didn’t have the time. But my hair was getting drier by the day and once I started doing it during my review of Motions new hair care line, I discovered all the moisturizing goodness I was missing!

So while my daughter is eating lunch, I coat my hair with TRESemme  and put it up in a bun. By the time I eat something and get my munchkin off to bed for her nap, 30 minutes have already gone by and it’s time to rinse.

Cleanse with a Sulfate-free Shampoo

This part of my routine never changes. Sulfate free shampoos get my hair clean without drying it out.  Since my hair is already soft from the prepoo, it stays that away even after shampooing.  My shampoos of choice: Coconut Milk, Moroccan Argan Crème, and argan oil & shea butter shampoos from Organix. I’m telling you, this brand is awesome for natural hair and super easy on the wallet too!

Deep Conditioning

This was another piece of natural hair advice I often ignored, also believing I didn’t have time. Coloring my hair made me put that idea to bed, going with conditioners that required heat for my low porosity strands. I also took a break from my comb and use my fingers to detangle. It’s gentler on my hair, especially my ends which get the most tangles.

The Creme Of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment is by far my favorite. 15 minutes under a hair dryer is all I need to get the soft and strong hair I need. If I’m super pressed for time, I’ll use the Motions Deep Conditioning Masque which only needs 5 to 10 minutes with low heat.


I’ve tried to expand my styling horizons; from chunky flat twists to cute summer do’s like this one. However, nothing compares to big, fluffy goodness of my Wash N Go especially if I stick to the way I always do it. My leave in­-conditioner from Cantu Shea Butter goes on first, followed by a moisturizing cream, like the Curl Enhancing Yogurt from Organix. I seal everything in with olive oil and apply either my Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper for the Brazilian Keratin Mousse for hold while my hair air dries.


While I love my satin pillow, I found that it was still doing a number of my sensitive edges. So after pineappling my hair with the Mixed Chicks Spring Bands, I throw on my satin bonnet and then lay on my satin pillow. If my hair is feeling little dry, especially if it’s getting close to my weekly wash day, I use a refresher spray and my leave in to bring my curls back to life.


Your turn ladies! What’s your summer hair routine?

Fierce Summer Hair Accessories

The hotter the temperature gets, the more relaxed my beauty routine gets. I mean, who wants to spend a ton of time with hair and makeup only to sweat it all off once you walk at the door. And when it comes to hair, the humidity can be a real style killer.

So when I want to go easy with my hair but still make a statement, hair accessories are the way to go.  From bejeweled headpieces to feathered out clips, the summer hair possibilities are endless!

Hair Accessories

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Natural Hair Styles

Natural Hair Accessories


Summer Hair


Summer Hair Styles


Flower headband


Natural Hair Accessories


What hair accessories are you rocking this summer?

Get Summer Perfect Curls with Motions New Natural Textures Product Line


The Motions brand and I go way back to my relaxer days. Their shampoo was the only one I use because it always left my hair soft and moisturized. Since I went natural I sadly had to let it go for more curly friendly products. So you can only imagine how excited I was when they reached out to me to try out their new Natural Textures Line.

With 9 products that take us from cleansing to styling, it promises healthy and great looking hair whether you’re rocking wavy, coily, or kinky curly hair.  I’ve been using their products for the last few weeks for my normal wash-and-goes and even a braid out attempt. Armed with their products and their online tips for my hair type, this is how I got my summer curl game going with Motions.

Natural Hair

Day 1 Hair

Wash And Go

  1. My hair has been really dry lately so I did a prepoo with the Smoothing Conditioner. Formulated with shea butter, coconut, and avocado oils helps restore hairs pH balance and keep the frizzies  away.  I applied it to my dry hair, put it up in a bun, and left it in for 30 minutes.  My hair already felt crazy soft by the time I was ready to shampoo.
  2. Next up was the Moisturizing Cleanser. Made with the same yummy ingredients as the conditioner, it’s just as creamy with a rich lather. My curls were clean without feeling dried out.
  3. To keep the moisture party going, I applied the Deep Conditioning Curling Masque. It had great slip that helped with detangling. Then I wrapped it up in a plastic cap and sat under a warm dryer for 10 minutes. I rinsed it out with cold water and I had awesomely soft curls.
  4. After my leave in conditioner, I used the Hydrate My Curls Pudding to strengthen and moisturize my hair, giving it some hold without weighing down. It also smells amazing and doesn’t leave any residue behind.
  5. I always need a little bit more hold, so I finished off with the Define My Curls Crème, which is more of pomade than a cream. I made sure to use a little bit and only on my ends.
Type 4 Hair

Day 3 Hair

My hair stayed soft and moisturized all week, especially with the Curls Pudding as my refresher.

Braid Out

  1. I followed the same cleansing and conditioning routine as my wash-and-go.
  2. I used the Hydrate My Curls Pudding as my moisturizer.
  3. Dividing my hair into sections, I put in a little of the Define My Curls Crème and combed it through.
  4. Then I did three cornrows straight back, putting perm rods on the ends.
  5. In the morning when my hair was dry, I poured a little of the Radiating Hair Gloss on my finger, took them down, and fluffed.
Type 4 Hair

Braid Out

Though it wasn’t my usual “big hair don’t care” hair style, it was a nice change. Unfortunately the humidity was too much for it to handle so the curls didn’t last too long.

All in all, I was happy with the new Motion’s natural hair line. The Smoothing Conditioner was an awesome prepoo and the curl pudding is a great moisturizer for the summer.

Are you a fan of Motions? Have you tried any of their new products?


FTC Disclosure: Products were received as a free samples for review. All opinions are my own.

Natural Hair Inspiration for My Brides-To-Be

As I get ready to celebrate my fourth wedding anniversary this week, I can’t help but look back at my wedding and all the planning that went into it. One of things I struggled with was finding a hairstyle for my then relaxed hair. Since it wasn’t long and had no type of volume it was hard to find something that would compliment my princess gown. Thanks to a great hair stylist and some clip-in extensions, my wedding hair was gorgeous!

If I were getting married today, I would have a lot more fun with this fabulous natural hair. I would rock my big curly puff all the way down the aisle!

I  don’t see these curls as a bump in the wedding beauty road. There are so many cool and beautiful hairstyles you can pull off! With a little inspiration and some elegant bridal accessories, you can have the perfect wedding day hair – curls and all!

Wedding Styles for natural hair

Natural hair styles


Natural Hair Updo


Natural hair styles


Natural Hair Styles