2 Summer Ready Styles With Motion’s Style and Create Collection

Motions Hair Products

Along with their latest hair care collection, Motions also released the styling products you need to keep the hair party going. When it comes to this fine, curly hair my styling products have to moisturize and hold my style at the same time, especially in this crazy heat

Flat Twist-Out With Motions Light Styling Foam

Flat Twist Out on Day 3

Flat Twist Out on Day 3

Total Disclaimer: Twist-outs and I never got along. They’re either two piecey or two frizzy-both never lasting more than a day. So you can imagine how nervous I was doing this style with the Light Styling Foam. After washing and conditioning with their Treat and Repair Collection, I put in my usual leave in and styling cream, sealing with olive oil. Then I created medium sized sections and applied the styling foam. What I really liked about it was how incredibly light it was on my hair and didn’t leave it feeling greasy. I combed it through, twisted each section and used perm rods at the end.

When I took them down the next day, my hair did appear a lot shorter than it does with my regular style but the softness and the shine totally made up for it. Each curl was smooth too and the best part? It practically stayed that way all week! I just had to re-twist a few sections on Day 4, mostly for volume purposes. It gave my hair the hold it needed for a great style all week long.

Wash and Go with Motions Versatile Foam Styling Lotion

Wash and Go on Fine Hair

My go-to style for years, I wanted to see if the styling lotion could take my wash-and-go until my next wash day. Whether your doing this style, wrapping hair or heat styling not only does it give hair the hold it needs to look good but acts like a heat protectant as well. After applying my normal products, I scrunched in the styling lotion, the foam thinner in consistency than the styling foam. Once my hair dried, curls clumped together nicely and delivered the wash-and-go style that I’m accustomed to.

Other products you can play with in this collection: The Light Hold Working Spritz, perfect for pinned-curls and the Shine Enhancing Pomade for smoothing down edges.

Have you tried any of these Motions styling products before? Which one is your favorite?


*FTC Disclosure: Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples. I was also compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.

Getting My Curls Summer Ready With Motions Treat and Repair Collection

Motions Treat and Repair Collection

I’m thinking Florida completely missed the memo that it’s April because it went from 70 degrees to practically 90 overnight. Hotter weather means a lot more fun outdoors but it can also spell a serious curl disaster. If I’m not careful, my curls can get completely fried in the South Florida sun. When the folks from Motions reached out to take their new Treat and Repair hair collection featuring Color Care for a test drive, I didn’t realize I was getting my summer hair survival kit. Each product in this trio is formulated with coconut oil, vitamin E and amla to strengthen hair to treat hair from the inside out for strength and shine.

So how does this system work?

Step 1: Motions Color Care Sulfate Free Cleanser

This smooth and creamy cleanser works up an awesome lather sans the sulfates. It gets hair clean and leaves it crazy soft and ready for the next step. $7, target.com

Step 2: Motions Color Care Dual-Treatment Conditioner

Using the power of Keratin and a protein complex this rich conditioner repairs and moisturizes hair (even my fried curls after a good weekend outdoors!). Paying special attention to my ends, which has seen a lot of damage lately, I applied a good amount to my hair in sections. This conditioner has a great slip so detangling was super easy. Once all the tangles were out I rinsed it out and moved on to Step 3. $7, target.com

Step. 3 Motions Color Care Deep Moisture Mask

In my world, there is no such thing as too much conditioner so following up with a deep treatment mask was a special treat! Not as thick as the conditioner but packed with the amla, coconut and vitamin E oils all the same, I put it on section by section, racked it through my curls and covered it with a plastic cap. Then you can do a couple of chores around the house or sit under a warm dryer for up to 10 minutes – either way the mask does an awesome job of getting into hair and leaving it crazy soft and manageable. $7, target.com

Natural Hair

After using these products exclusively for 3 weeks, my hair hasn’t been this soft and this strong is a very long time! My curls stayed moisturized, shiny and defined for up to week. The double conditioning did wonders for my hair, leading to less and less breakage and those crazy fairy knots. I also like it because it works for both natural and relaxed hair (and you have to love the price point for each of these too!)

Have you tried these new products from Motions? Share your thoughts in comments!


*FTC Disclosure: Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples. I was also compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.

Fierce Hair: Fall Worthy Braids

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you may have noticed that braids and I are having a moment. It’s my latest hair obsession, from five strand fishtails to waist length box braids. Could it be the casual chicness they bring to a beauty look? Or the edge a girl needs in her life without doing anything drastic. Either way, it’s a trend worth rocking this fall. With cooler temps and the holidays around the corner, you need something low maintenance, incredibly fierce, and gives your hair the break it needs from the day to day styling.

Ready to jump into some braided hair goodness? Here’s some inspiration to get you started!

Side Braid

Black Hairstyles

Fall Hair Trends


Natural hairstyles

The Right Hairstyles

Side Braid

Beauty High

Natural Hair


Fall Hair Trends


Fierce Hair: Short and Sassy

I know I’ve talked about Fall Hair trends before, but  one I’ve noticed cropping up this season is rocking short lockes.  Celebrities like Megan Fox and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting have chopped their long hair to rock super cute and very sassy hair-dos. They’ve proven that short can be the new sexxy. There’s a sense of creative freedom going against the notion of ‘longer is better’ in a way that gets you noticed.

And who doesn’t want that?

Pop HaIr Cuts

Pop HaIr Cuts

Short hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

Short Hair Cuts

Short Black Hair

Short Hair Cuts

Short Hairstyles

The Right Hairstyles



Short Hairstyles

Short Hair Cuts

Which short hairstyle would you wear?

Four Fierce Fall Hair Trends

Hair Styles

Though the temps aren’t letting up (at least down here anyway) this weekend marked the official end of summer. These past two weeks for me have been the epitome of the Fall season – colorful changes and ending the year on a high note. And as such, I’m embracing these exciting changes on all fronts. My wardrobe is as Fall ready as ever and now it’s time to do something different with this hair. Like many of you, I’m looking at the season’s latest trends for the season.

This year fall fashion designers have been on the ball, re-imagining old trends while staying true to the classics. While the Fall is usually about slicked back hair and business worthy updos, this year there’s more style variety to go around. I’ll show you what I mean!

Relaxed Ballerina Bun

Fall Hair Trends 2014

Renewed Style

Remember this hair style from a few seasons back? Instead of loading our hair up with ton’s of gel and pulling it back super tight, we can go the Roberto Cavalli route. No need for it to be super perfect but rather a laid back kinda of vibe that’s still chic and trendy.

Slicked Back Center Part

Fall Hair Trends 2014

Harpar’s BAZAAR

If sleek and chic is more your thing (even I have my moments!) then this trend is worth a try. A crisp center part and a really laid ponytail can work anywhere from the office to Happy Hour. It’s also the perfect hairstyle to rock metallic eyeshadow or berry red lipstick.

Ride the Waves

Natural Hair Styles


Not ready to let go of the summer just yet? Then rock soft waves like the models in Chloe Fall fashion show. The key is to keep them smooth so they don’t look like you spent your morning on a windy beach.

Sixties Mod Hair

Fall Hair Trends 2014

Darling Dexter

If you’re going to have sixties inspired fashion, you have to have the hair to go with it right? Channel your inner Joan Crawford or Megan Draper with a side swept bang and well placed bouffant. If you’re really looking for a change, go short with an asymmetrical bob.

What’s your favorite Fall hair trend?