Who is MJ?

Fashion BloggerThe Professional Stuff:

I’m a freelance writer, blogger, and social media consultant. My freelance life includes being a contributing writer on BuddyTV and an editorial assistant for NewBeauty. I also help small businesses and brands create engaging online content and manage their social media presence. I was a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru, a wedding blogger on  The Perfect Wedding Guide,   a West Palm Beach Examiner, an interviewer for Floss Magazine, and an entertainment writer for Visual AdjectivesI was a virtual blogger correspondent for  International Woman’s Day 2010 and the Avon Voices Contest in 2011. I also participated in Yahoo! Shine’s You.Reinvented  program for BlogHer 2010.

The Beauty and Fashion Stuff:

I am a serious product junkie!  My love for hair products has doubled since transitioning to natural hair, making me even more conscious of what I put in my hair.  The three drawer plastic storage cart in my bathroom is a testament to my obsession  fondness for beauty products.  Doing product reviews on here is super fun and trust me, I don’t like everything I try!  As for fashion, my accessory addiction is crazy (and I won’t be seeking help for that!) and my motto for clothes is – don’t knock it until you try it.

The Personal stuff

Born and raised a New Yorker living in sunny South Florida!  I love the beach, reality TV, pizza, cheesecake, and all types of music.  I’m a wife to an awesome husband and a mother to my gorgeous baby girl. When I’m not working or blogging (which I don’t know when that is!) you can catch me working on my fiction novel and short stories.

The Social Media Stuff

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