If I’m Going to Give My Daughter Juice It Would From Apple & Eve

Apple and Eve JuicesBefore you have kids, you think that you will never be that parent (helicopter, nutrition obsessed…feel free to fill in the blank). But when you do become one, all those things you thought you weren’t going to do go completely out the window.

Me? I’m a stickler for schedules, if it’s not Disney Junior my daughter is NOT watching it and I am very aware of what she eats and drinks. My husband and I joke all the time that she is the healthiest person in this house and the funny thing is it’s true! I made her baby food from scratch and I even bought those sectioned plates to help me with portion control and make sure she had at least three of the major food groups. As for juice – it wasn’t until very recently that we started buying it and I have strict rules for that too. It has to be 100% fruit juice, no added sugars and no more than a cup a day (seriously!).

Enter Apple & Eve’s Organic Juices.

The Natural Style Apple Juice is made with 100% juice blend of real tarte and sweet apples. In each glass you’ll get two full servings of fruit without the added sugars and when you taste it, you can totally tell. It tastes smooth and fresh like the apples were picked right from the orchard. There’s also no crazy sweet after-taste that makes you want to drink a glass of water afterwards. Since my daughter is like me and doesn’t like super sweet things either, this juice is perfect for her.

The Quenchers are the juice box version of Apple & Eve’s organic goodness, with flavors like Razzberry Apple Splash, Berry Lemonade and Organic Fruit Punch. Like the apple juice, it’s flavored with real fruit and 50% less sugar than the regular fruit drinks. Before my daughter had a chance to inhale them all, I tried the Berry Lemonade. More lemonade then berry, it tastes crisp and refreshing without being crazy sweet.

Bottom Line: If I’m going to give my daughter juice, it’s going to be the healthiest one I can give her. These options from Apple & Eve definitely fit the bill. I would feel good giving my daughter these with her after-school snack.

How about you? Have you tried these juices from Apple & Eve.


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