2 Summer Ready Styles With Motion’s Style and Create Collection

Motions Hair Products

Along with their latest hair care collection, Motions also released the styling products you need to keep the hair party going. When it comes to this fine, curly hair my styling products have to moisturize and hold my style at the same time, especially in this crazy heat

Flat Twist-Out With Motions Light Styling Foam

Flat Twist Out on Day 3

Flat Twist Out on Day 3

Total Disclaimer: Twist-outs and I never got along. They’re either two piecey or two frizzy-both never lasting more than a day. So you can imagine how nervous I was doing this style with the Light Styling Foam. After washing and conditioning with their Treat and Repair Collection, I put in my usual leave in and styling cream, sealing with olive oil. Then I created medium sized sections and applied the styling foam. What I really liked about it was how incredibly light it was on my hair and didn’t leave it feeling greasy. I combed it through, twisted each section and used perm rods at the end.

When I took them down the next day, my hair did appear a lot shorter than it does with my regular style but the softness and the shine totally made up for it. Each curl was smooth too and the best part? It practically stayed that way all week! I just had to re-twist a few sections on Day 4, mostly for volume purposes. It gave my hair the hold it needed for a great style all week long.

Wash and Go with Motions Versatile Foam Styling Lotion

Wash and Go on Fine Hair

My go-to style for years, I wanted to see if the styling lotion could take my wash-and-go until my next wash day. Whether your doing this style, wrapping hair or heat styling not only does it give hair the hold it needs to look good but acts like a heat protectant as well. After applying my normal products, I scrunched in the styling lotion, the foam thinner in consistency than the styling foam. Once my hair dried, curls clumped together nicely and delivered the wash-and-go style that I’m accustomed to.

Other products you can play with in this collection: The Light Hold Working Spritz, perfect for pinned-curls and the Shine Enhancing Pomade for smoothing down edges.

Have you tried any of these Motions styling products before? Which one is your favorite?


*FTC Disclosure: Products mentioned in this review were received as free samples. I was also compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.

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