Does the Nivea In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion Really Work?

nivea-inshower-module-packshots-front.ashxThe power of advertising is strong ya’ll! I saw the commercial for Nivea’s In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion and no sooner did I hit up CVS and grab a bottle for myself. One half of me was like, “Seriously MJ, did you really think a lotion you can wash off really work?” But the beauty blogger in me was like “OMG, you have to buy it.” So I did and here’s what happened.

It works….for a little while anyway.

Following the clear instructions on the bottle, I cleaned my skin, rinsed off and then applied it all over (except the bottom of my feet because this stuff is crazy slippery!). Making sure I didn’t miss a spot, the product thick like a lotion but went on light like a serum. I rinsed off and got out of the shower. Off the bat my skin was feeling super soft, thanks to the Almond Oil. It didn’t leave behind any greasy residue and I smelled really good!

Now the brand says this product provides 24 hours of hydration and as much as I really, really wanted to love it this is where the product falls short. You can’t really just rinse off and go, especially if you have really dry skin like I do. Following up with lotion or body oil is a must, otherwise the ashy-ness will creep up on you.

Can we chalk this one up to the beauty game? Maybe. If you use it at night, it’s a nice little beauty treat before bed. If you plan on heading out for the day, stick with regular lotion.

Have you tried their in-shower body lotions? What did you think?


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