Circling Back to the Beginning


Date night. (don’t even ask me when the last time I took an outfit picture!)

Hey ya’ll hey!

I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here. Since landing here on a full-time basis crazy doesn’t even begin to describe how life has been! Achieving such a major life goal has its celebrations as well as its challenges, leaving this blog, my first love, sitting idle for a while.

I’ve gone back and forth with the idea of shutting it down for good, trying to figure out when I would have the time to dive back into it like I used to. For over 5 years now, this was the place was a spring-board for so many awesome things in my life, including my new gig.

So did my little space on the internet finally serve its purpose? Was it time to shut it down?

Yes and No.

Yes in the sense that it got me into the rewarding and fulfilling career I wanted, which was always a core purpose . But now it needs to switch gears and do something else.

One thing I learned writing for a living is it doesn’t just stop when you log out for the day. You have to keep flexing that creative muscle so it can stay in shape and keep your sanity. This blog was also a place where I could express myself, have fun and write about the things I couldn’t write about anywhere else.

So now this place will be my spot to let loose, put my creative feet up and have fun with you guys! Now there’s no crazy pressure to plan and strategize. I’m getting back to what make blogging so cool 5 years ago. Pure, unadulterated fun!

Hope you guys stick around for the ride!

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