LUXHAIR™ NOW™ by Sherri Shepherd Has Changed My Hair Game Forever

Black HairBack when I used to relax my hair when I was ready to add a little length to my mane my go-to’s were drawstring ponytails or braids. Never got a weave (couldn’t afford it!) and never got up the nerve to wear a wig. My grandmother used to back in the day and she looked fantastic in it. My fear though was that it wouldn’t look natural or (gasp!) it would randomly fall off and totally embarrass me. Going back to my natural hair¸ I put all those ponytails away and just didn’t look back, focusing on getting my hair back to health.

My curls and I are in a good place 4 years later and I can finally have some fun! You’re girl has definitely been feeling adventurous lately so when the folks at LUXHAIR reached out to me to try out Sherri Shephard’s new line of lacefront wigs I couldn’t resist! Her collection has everything from clip in bangs to luscious layers in a wide variety of shades, reflective of the daytime talk show stars dynamic personality. The synthetic hair itself can stand up to heat and humidity with the movement of real hair that makes styling effortless. The lace front section lends itself to the appearance of a natural hair line.

I chose a style that I never rocked before, with red highlights that I’ve been dying to have – the Casual Curl with burgundy highlights. The hair is soft with big ringlets and chunky highlights that weren’t overwhelming. It has shoulder length layers in the front with a long, curly piece in the back. It wasn’t as curly as the picture but that was alright. Once I carefully cut the extra lace front to the hairline, I was ready to put it on. Once I did.

OMG. It was love at first sight!

Black Curly Hair

It has a basic cap that fit nicely once I braided my hair down, not too tight but snug it enough that it didn’t feel like it was going to fall off. The curls fell beautifully around my face with the ability to the part it the side like I do when I wear my hair straight.

I was also surprised at how light it felt, despite all that hair. It moved like real hair too, able to do a couple of hair flips in the mirror (I was seriously feelin’ myself. I’m not going to lie.)

Black Hairstyles

The only drawback was I wish the lacefront was a darker color. I had to cut quite a bit and the little bit that I couldn’t get was still visible if you looked really close. That was another reason why I parted it to the side.

It was amazing though how one wig changed up my entire look. There was no need to spend hours strengthening my own hair or shelling out major money at a salon. For an investment of about $89, you can completely switch up your entire look in under five minutes without damaging the hair you work so hard to keep healthy.

Do you wear wigs? How often?

FTC Disclosure: Product in this review was received as a free sample. All opinions are my own.

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