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During one of my many shopping visits at WalMart, I made a serious detour into the beauty aisle. My lipstick game has been off the ball lately, my color selection a bit on the safe (read: boring!) side as of late. After having fun with this pink shade a few weeks ago, I’m itching for more color. I needed more vibrant shades, colors that I haven’t rocked before. Maybe I’m having a mid-life beauty crisis. But whatever it was there was one thing I had to keep in mind:

This girl is on a budget.

I’m combing the aisles and I come across the New York Color section. I’m already a fan of their mascara so I check out their lipstick section. The first one to catch my eye was Blossom, a beautiful, bright and pink shade. I know, I already have pink lip color at home, but this one was brighter. I take a look at the price tag and I try not to do a product junkie dance – $0.99! I give my daughter another toy to play with and keep looking for more shades. I snatched up Coralista (because Coral is my favorite color) and finally settled on Mahogany because oddly enough, I didn’t have a simple yet rich brown lipstick at home. I take these babies home and have a little beauty blogger fun.

Pink Lipstick

The first one I took for a test drive was Blossom (cuz it’s pink!). Part of the Ultra Moist Lipwear collection, it promises to deliver an Upper East Side kinda vibe while moisturizing lips. It definitely delivered on the moisture part, the lipstick feeling like a creamy lip balm. The color itself has a sheer finish that I wasn’t expecting, going on a shade lighter than what the packaging suggested. It all worked out though, not too bright for my skintone and a lot of fun to wear. The biggest downside was the wear time – it was practically gone by my second drink but hey, what can you expect from a lipstick that costs less than a $1.

Orange Lipstick

If you want something that does last longer, then you need their NYC Expert Last Lipstick. For a dollar more you still get the moisturizing goodness of Ultra Moist collection while getting more wear out of your lip color. Coralista is part of this set, a bright summer color that gives you sheer touch of orange. This one was definitely out of the box for me but as long as I wasn’t heavy handed with it, I could totally rock it.

Brown Lipstick

Mahogany takes a big leap away from the bright and summer fun, with a dark brown shade that’s definitely Fall worthy. As a matter of fact, it’s the darkest shade in the Ultra Moist Collection and like Blossom, it makes my lips feel soft and crazy moisturized. I’m not going to lie, it took a bit of getting used to because I never go this dark but it’s growing on me for sure! Out of the three, this gave me the richest color.

I want to hear from you? Are you a fan of New York Color? What’s the craziest lip color you’ve worn?


FTC Disclosure: Products in this review were personally purchased. All opinions are my own.

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