Why This Fashion Blogger Stopped Taking Outfit Photos

BloggerIf you’ve followed this blog for awhile, you may have noticed that it’s been a really long time since I’ve done outfit photos. I slowly came out of the groove when I got pregnant and afterwards I was struggling not only to find the time but the inspiration. Plus my body and wardrobe are still in flux almost two years later.  I was constantly looking at my favorite outfit bloggers for inspiration, trying to make sense of my closet, and stressing over finding the time to shoot whatever I can come up with.  Then when I did manage to put something together, I didn’t like any of the photos. After months I stopped stressing and had a blogger epiphany:

Who says I have to do outfit photos?

The answer: No one. I realized again that I was putting unnecessary stress on myself. Stress that was coming from outside perceptions of what a successful fashion blogger ‘needs’ to have on her blog. Subconsciously I felt like my outfits and my photos had to be just as pretty and creative as the bloggers I admired, beating myself up in the process when they weren’t.  I honestly thought I lost my sense of style in Mommyland and I was trying way too hard to get it back. But did I want it back for the sake of my own fashionista fulfillment or for the blog?

Honestly it was for the blog and that’s a surefire way to suck the fun out of it. So I stopped taking outfit photos and since then I’ve felt relieved. No more pressure. No more stress. I can focus on the content I want to write about and on the off chance that I want to share my outfit, I can do a quick Instagram post and go on with my crazy day! Personal styling just isn’t my blogging voice at this point in my life and you know what? It’s perfectly okay!

The lesson to be learned here: Don’t let the pressure to be a ‘successful blogger’ take away your motivation for wanting to blog in the first place.

Blogging is huge right now, the gateway to many great career opportunities in and out of fashion. While that is super awesome it also puts a lot of pressure on bloggers to be the best that can be so overwhelming it can kill a blog.  Between all the how-to articles and bloggers landing magazine spreads it’s no wonder we can  stressed out! And if you have or planning to make the plunge into freelance writing life, there’s even more pressure, your blog serving as your portfolio for future clients.

No matter what role your blog plays in your life, at the end of the day it has to be a reflection of you. Everyone who’s made it big has done so because  their blog was about thing that were unique to them. It was a voice and style they never backed away from regardless of what everyone else was doing.

So step away from your Bloglovin feed and close down your WordPress Dashboard.

Take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the blog posts I’m writing really what I want to write about or what I think I’m ‘supposed’ to write about?
  • Is blogging still fun or feeling like a lot of work?
  • If my blog had the same traffic in two years as it does today, would I still want to blog?

I would love to know your answers in comments!

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