Creating My Dream Vanity with One Kings Lane

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Every product junkie’s dream is to have a very cool (and very clean!) vanity to sit in front of when it’s time to get all cute and pretty. I remember when I bought my house one thing I loved about my master bathroom was the ample space I had to set up my own vanity.

Needless to say my adventures in Mommyville have put that dream on the back burner for a bit but that didn’t stop me from partnering with One Kings Lane to put together my dream vanity.

Using their Villa Wall Mirror as inspiration, I chose accessories from their collection of home décor that’s a gorgeous mash up of contemporary and vintage décor. From bedroom furniture to decorative pillows, you can find everything you need to furnish your home with price points that fit every budget.

I chose this mirror because it was sleek with a cool mirrored frame that was a unique without being totally out there.  I would even get a mirrored vanity to match, giving me a clean canvas to have fun with. When it comes to décor I look for fashion and function, because I have way too many beauty products and I can’t stand clutter. So I need accessories that look fantastic on the outside while being able to handle my overflowing stash.

Gray Lacquer Toothbrush Holder

Yes, you read that title right. It’s a toothbrush holder that doesn’t look like one. The silver and white goes beautifully with my silvery clean color scheme. It’s also the perfect place to display all of my makeup brushes in a cool and different way.

Silver 15” Mirror Tray

This tray has a little bit of edge and plenty of function. It’s the perfect place to display my lipsticks front and center where I can see them.

Black Assortment of 3 Essentials Book Boxes

My first thought when I saw these were “How super cute are these?” The patterns are so me – a little eclectic but toned down with neutral colors. Then my second thought was “These are great for storing my eyeshadows and palettes!” Sweet.

Pink 13” Female Portrait Bust

Okay, the only function this serves is the pop of color I always need in my life, from fashion to beauty.  I love how this piece went from totally traditional and boring to trendy and fabulous with a punch of pink. Being the style blogger that I am, I just couldn’t pass this up!

Do you have a vanity at home? What’s your favorite accessory?

Need to up your mirror game at home? One Kings Lane can help you wit h that too! Check this out. :)

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