It’s a Pink Party Up in Here with Mally Beauty’s Lip Magnifier

Pink Lipstick

I can’t exactly pinpoint when I fell in love with pink. Purple was always cool but if you asked me to wear anything pink a decade ago, I would give you a serious side eye. Maybe it’s this blog fault, getting me all into the bold and pink thing. Could be my daughter’s fault (those pink baby girl clothes will get you every time!). But for the past year or two now I’ve been jonesing for a pink lip color. Some colors I’ve tried in the past were just too powdery pink while others barely show up on my dark skin.

Your girl has hit the jack pot with this one!

Frisky Fuschia is 1 of 15 shades available in Mally Beauty’s Lip Magnifier. A lippie lovechild of lipstick and gloss, it delivers bold color while keeping lips smooth and moisturized.  The chunky pencil makes application really easy. A few swipes all you need to get great color that stays put.

For the best beauty look, use the EverColor Shaping Lip Liner to line your lips first for sharp lip color. If you still color a bit outside the lines, use it after to smooth it out. Available in the same shade, the tiny pencil is perfect for precise application and goes on just as smooth as the lip color.

And oh, have you checked out their eyeshadow sticks? They’re awesome, promise!

Are you rocking pink lipstick this summer? What’s your favorite shade?


FTC Disclosure: Products used in this review were received as free samples. All opinions are my own.

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