2 Major Things Being a Mom Taught Me About Blogging


My Mom and I!

Mommy’s Day is this Sunday and I tell you, when you become a mom you get a whole new perspective on the holiday. Before I would get on the gift bandwagon and get my mom flowers, perfume, and everything else the commercials tell you to get her. Now everyday is mother’s day for me when it comes to my mom and I, especially when my daughter pulls a stunt that I’ve done to her! To say I have a newfound appreciation for my mom is an extreme understatement. Those pearls of motherly wisdom she gave me in life are seriously starting to make sense and even apply to my blogging life. I know this blog was my first baby and even though it can drive us crazy sometimes, we wouldn’t give it up for the world!

Still, we don’t want to go too crazy too often. That’s why I try to keep these three lessons that I learned from mommyville in mind!

It Takes a Village (aka a Community) to Raise a Blog

We can never underestimate the power of community both as bloggers and as moms. We all want to be superheroes and do everything ourselves, even if it means sacrificing our well being. As a mom, I felt like I had to do everything for daughter, my husband, and my house. I wanted help but felt guilty asking for it.

Does this sound familiar my blogger friends?

You want a break from blog posts but afraid to ask for guest posts. You know a fellow blogger who’s a whiz at designing logos but afraid to ask her to help design yours. You want to learn how to grow your readership but afraid to reach out to a blogger whose blog is at the level you want to be. When I started blogging the sense of community was so strong that you wouldn’t think twice about asking for advice. Now with such an over-saturated market, everyone feels they have to blog in a bubble and that sense of community has gotten lost.

We need to get back to reconnecting with each other and helping each other. There’s enough room for everyone to have their own space in the blogosphere and we will all become better at what we do as a result.

 You Deserve to Take Breaks (Without the Guilt!)

OMG this is a big one for me, even before I became a mom. I wrote about this here and here after going through two big bouts of serious burn out. You would think I would’ve learned my lesson but sadly that’s not the case all the time. As a mom you feel super guilty about getting a break from your kids, even if your sanity is unraveling at the speed of lightning. I could literally be losing my marbles and I would be the first one to turn down help in keeping my little girl occupied for a few hours.

With blogs it’s the same guilt. We don’t want to take a day, let alone a week, away from blogging because we feel our blog would just tank if we do so. You believe that despite struggling to come up with new content, losing your blog’s sense of direction, and your passion for your niche fizzling out.

Listen, it’s okay to take a break!

You need it. You can’t keep up this pace forever and trust me, your readers would totally understand. Real life gets in the way. Creative wells dry up. Toddlers have epic breakdowns because all the goldfish are gone. Life happens and it’s okay to let your blog go on the back burner until you can get yourself back together.

What life lessons have you learned that’s helped you with your blog?

2 thoughts on “2 Major Things Being a Mom Taught Me About Blogging

  1. FASHION TALES says:

    I am not a mother, but I can imagine being one and blogging and having a job is quite difficult to juggle. I take a break myself, because I have a lot to handle with work/life balance, breaks are necessary at times. Have a great weekend. Great photo as well!

    • MJ says:

      Oh yeah, juggling a full time job and a blogging is just as stressful! Breaks are essential for sure!

      Have a great weekend love! :)

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