One ‘N Only Brazilian Tech Keratin Kurl Texture Control Mousse has Totally Changed My Life

Curl Mousse

Hair confession: I was never a fan of hair mousse. When my hair was relaxed there was no need for it and now I thought it wouldn’t play nice with my hair. I was afraid it would dry my hair out, making it all sticky, crunchy, and gross.  Even when I was contacted by One N Only to try some of their hair products and then sent over the mousse along with complimentary shampoo and conditioner, I was still a bit skeptical. But, as your resident product junkie I must keep an open mind in the event that I find a new product to fall in love with. Well, it’s official:

Your girl is in love!

Keratin Kurl Texture Control Mousse is a lightweight styling foam that protects, manages, and holds curls. The Keratin strengthens and smoothes hair leaving curls nice and defined. It also promises to block out frizz causing humidity and deliver hair with of bounce and volume.

The perfect time to try this out was Easter Sunday.  I needed church ready hair and I needed it fast! So that morning I washed my hair with the Sulfate-Free Moisturizing  Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner. The shampoo worked great, giving me a nice moisturizing lather however the conditioner wasn’t as moisturizing as I wanted it to be, nor gave me the slip I needed to detangle.

Anyhow, after applying my leave in conditioner, styling cream, and oil it was time for the mousse. I gave the bottle a good shake and sprayed and egg sized amount in my hand to scrunch in one side of my hair. I put on the same amount on the other and gave my hair a quick shake.

After a few hours, it was time to go to church and my hair looked amazing!

Type 4 hair

What it did: My curls were crazy defined, even beyond Easter Sunday with great shine and bounce appeal.

What it didn’t do: Leave my hair sticky, weighed down, or dried out.

For the past two weeks, I’ve given up my regular gel for this mousse. This summer promises to be brutal down here!

You can find this mousse and their other products at your local Sally’s Beauty Supply store.


Photo courtesy of One N Only

FTC Disclosure: This product was received as a free sample for review. All opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “One ‘N Only Brazilian Tech Keratin Kurl Texture Control Mousse has Totally Changed My Life

  1. Eboni Ifé says:

    I may have to try this!! My current wash n’ go currently requires me to let my hair air dry all day…and i mean ALL DAY. I’ve been looking for products that would allow me to diffuse my hair with a blow dryer sometimes when I’m in a rush, and people always recommend mousse, but I’m scared of it. I recently tried frizz ease mouse,and I’m reviewing it on the blog tomorrow…it’s kinda opened my mind up to the idea of using mousse in a pinch.

    Anyway, great review.

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