SKINN Matte BB Pro Made Me a Believer

BB Cream

Remember when the BB and CC creams first hit the scene and it was like the best thing since red lipstick? I was all into it because anything that saves me time by combining multiple products into one gets major brownie points from me.

So I looked, bought a couple, and looked some more but nothing could give me what I needed. For starters, the right BB cream needs to be in the right shade. It can do all the magical skin care things it wants to but if the color is off none of that matters. Second, it needs to give me a matte finish. An oily nose and forehead is not the look I’m going for.

After throwing a couple of tubes of BB Cream in the trash I gave up on them until I learned about the Matte BB Pro from SKINN.  Available in three shades (Light, Medium, and Dark), this beauty cream promises to fight oil all day long as well as minimize the appearance of fine lines and large pores.  Using ingredients from Rice and Bamboo, it aims to control the oil factory on your face while Green, Red, and White Tea create an antioxidant to soften skin.

So how did it do?

The shade I used (Dark) was perfect for my dark skin tone, blending in well with my complexion without any ashy side effects. You can hardly tell I have makeup on and it surely didn’t feel like it either. The cream felt light and absorbed quickly into my skin.  My face felt super soft and smooth too.

When it came to tackling the oiliness, it gets a two thumbs up!

SKINN BB Pro Review

It tackled my shiniest areas, giving my face a smooth matte finish. Normally I would have to pile on foundation, concealer, and a powder to get the same results so you know I was happy to skip all of that and go with the BB Pro instead. Your girl just doesn’t have that type of makeup time anymore and having a product I can quickly put on after my moisturizer is a life saver!

If you couldn’t tell, I’m thrilled with this product. True, it’s pretty pricey ($25 for a 1.3 oz tube) but a little goes a long way and finding something that matches your complexion is totally worth the splurge.

What about you? Have you had any luck with BB creams?


Top photo courtesy of SKINN

FTC Disclosure: The product in this review was received as a free sample. All opinions are my own.

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