5 Tips for Caring for Your Fine Natural Hair

Type 4 Hair

It’s been almost four years since I gave up the relaxers and let my hair do its natural thing. Since then, I can honestly tell you that it was one of the best beauty decisions I’ve made for myself. Even on the few occasions when I straighten my hair, I’m craving my curls after a few days. I’ve also learned a lot when it comes to taking care of my fine natural hair.

Oh don’t let this curly fro fool you! If I started putting this hair into twists right now, they would be the scrawniest things you have ever seen (and the twist outs are even worse!). It takes styling fails like that to remind me that everyone’s hair is different. What a girl can do with her thick hair can be a total fail for mine.

That’s what inspired today’s post. I’m breaking down ten things to keep in mind when caring for your curly hair.

The bigger the better for twists/braids. The bigger they are, they less scalpy your twist/braid outs will look. You’ll also get a lot more stretch and volume, especially if you curl the ends.

Detangle  on soaking wet and conditioned hair. While I envy those girls who can detangle their hair dry, it spells disaster for my fine, natural hair. So save that when your in the shower and your hair is loaded with conditioner. Fine hair is especially prone to breakage so you want the detangling process to be as smooth and painless as you can.

Olive oil is your best friend. Shea butter and even coconut oil is too heavy for my hair so olive oil is the one for me. Pre-poos, hot oil treatments, oil rinsing, sealing in moisture – olive oil is light enough for fine hair yet strong enough to penetrate our strands and keep them strong and healthy.

Less is more when styling your hair. Another reason why twist outs aren’t the best for my hair is that after day one, I have to re-twist my hair again to keep the definition. Taking a modified approach to the wash and go and letting your hair be is one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy. Handling fine hair too often just leads to more breakage.

Save the heat for special occasions. Keeping blow-drying and straightening to an extreme minimum is a definite do for fine curly hair. Too much heat not only leads to more damage but crazy frizz as well. No matter how low the setting or what products I use, frizz is inevitable in the straightening process. You also don’t want that frizziness to carry over into your curly life too. So rock your curls and save the straight hair for special occasions!

Do you have fine, natural hair? What tips do you have?

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