Batting My Eyes with KISS Looks So Natural Lashes


Rocking faux eyelashes is one of those things on my beauty list that I wanted to do but never quite got the nerve to do. My first time wearing them was on my wedding day, oddly enough, and it wasn’t even a full set. My best friend added some individual lashes just to the outer corners for a little drama that didn’t last past the emotional first toast! Since then, I’ve been a little paranoid about wearing them again. Will they fall off precisely at the wrong time? Will they look too crazy since I’m lucky enough to have my own full lashes? How the heck will I even get them on?

All of these questions came up when I received the Looks So Natural Lashes from KISS in my Influenster J’Adore box a few weeks ago.  Your girl was a little nervous, trying to figure out not only how I was going to get these lashes on but where was going to wear them.

Lucky for me, my monthly Mom’s Night Out was coming up so I had the perfect excuse to go all out with these lashes.  After hitting up Google for some tips on how to get these babies on, I was ready to go!

Taking them out of the box, I felt a little better that these were the Shy style, the less dramatic of the bunch. Before I got ahead of myself, I did my face makeup. I also did my eyeliner, so it would be easier to find my lash line when putting these babies on.

Okay, it’s game time!


  • I slowly removed the first set of lashes from the packaging and lined them up against my eyes to see if they needed to be trimmed. Thank goodness because, they were a bit long. After a quick little snip, they were ready for glue.
  • Using the small, flat applicator tip, I dabbed on the teal colored glue and waited for about 30 seconds so it can get good and tacky.
  • Then, starting from the outer corners, I took my time applying them to my lashline. I have to admit, this was a bit tricky for me.
  • To help stick them in place, I used a Q-tip to press them on.
  • Once the other set was on, I gave them a minute or two to dry before doing the rest of my eye makeup including mascara, to help blend my lashes in with the fake ones.


Makeup Fake Eyelashes

They felt a little weird at first but as the night went on, I totally forgot they were there (and my Mom friends loved them!). When the night was over, they were easy to take off too!


It’s safe to say that I’m over my faux eye lash fear! What about you? Do you wear eyelashes?


Photo courtesy of KISS

*FTC Disclosure: Product mentioned in this review was received as a free sample as part of the Influenster program. All opinions are my own.

One thought on “Batting My Eyes with KISS Looks So Natural Lashes

  1. Sammy (@BlinkeredBarbie) says:

    I don’t wear eyelashes, similarly to you I tried individual lashes for prom and after dramatic goodbye hugs and (more than) a bit of alcohol, I ended up looking very, very lopsided! I might have to take a look at these if they’ve made you that much of a convert!

    S xo.

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