Glitter Me Up with e.l.f.’s Essential 3-Piece Liquid Eyeliner Set

glitter eyeliner

I don’t know, maybe I was a fairy in a past life because whenever I see glitter makeup I go bananas. However, I’ve always been too chicken to rock it myself. Well for 2014 I’m trying to change all that with this eyeliner set from e.l.f.

During a major post holiday haul, I bought this $3 trio that came with one black and two glitter liners – Copper and Stardust. Going with the liners was perfect for this glitter newbie, not wanting to go too loud on this first go around. The thin, small blush gets you really close to the lash line, gliding on smooth without having to tug at your eyelids. It also gives you great control on how much glitter you use without it getting all over the place. Because the glitter formula is more glitter than liner, I had to layer it over a pencil liner for it to stand out, especially on my dark skin.

Glitter eyeliner

Layering copper over the black gave me a fun and unique look that I totally wouldn’t mind wearing out. For a night look, I would use a golden liner so the glitter can really pop. Stardust is more subtle liner appropriate for the daytime. Layering it over a soft brown liner or dabbing in the inner corners for a little special something can work!

After playing with these liners, I can honestly say that e.l.f hit another makeup homerun!


Would you ever rock glitter makeup?


Photo courtesy of e.l.f cosmetics

FTC Disclosure: This product was personally purchased.

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