Beauty Blast: Smart Shade CC Luminous Primer from Almay


Bright, glowing skin is one of those things every girls wants, especially this one! I always want to look like I don’t chase a toddler all day while trying to work from home. I want to look like I get 8 hours of sleep every night and that I always have it together.No crazy dark circles, no dull skin, and no paying an arm and a leg for it.

Just a fresh face

The folks over at Almay want to give us all of that with their Smart Shade CC Luminous Primer. It promises to give skin a smooth and luminous appearance with pink, pearly tones to brighten skin and broad spectrum SPF 15 to minimize sun damage over time. One small drop is all you need, the primer itself on the thick side. Once you rub it in very well and let it dry completely you are ready to go! My skin felt soft and looked brighter than when I started. That meant less foundation and powder I needed to put on to complete my look. Another plus? My skin was very moisturized even after putting on the rest of my makeup, which is something you need especially with all this crazy cold weather.

Have you tried this primer from Almay?

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