Fierce 2014 Hair Trends: Old World Braids and Ornate Ponytails

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We look to the designer runways for a peek at what the hottest fashion and makeup trends will be, but one thing that gets overlooked sometimes is hair. Ya’ll know how I feel about hair and I have to say I’m pretty geeked about what could be this year’s hottest styles.

I’m also pretty excited to be participating in CoolBlades blogger competition, hosted by Sarah of Life in a Breakdown. Along with other beauty bloggers, we get to talk about what we think we’ll be the hair trends and how we’ll be wearing them.

Out of the many I saw from the 2014 runways, my two favorite were the Old World Braids and Ornate Ponytails. Not only can these looks work all year round it can work on all kinds of hair. For me, the best trends are those that can work for just about everyone and can go from the runway into the real world.

Braids never go out of style. They just get re-imagined. This year the side braid will continue to live on and the braided headband makes your own hair the perfect accessory. Braids are always my go-to when life gets extra busy and still have to look like a person. In the summer they also keep this hair out of the way (it gets way too hot out here for all that!)

As for ponytails, we girls are always looking for a way to dress them up whether we’re going shopping or to a romantic dinner. This year ponytails will be sporting fun hair accessories like gold barrettes and flower clips and playing with textures with waves and side swept bangs. That’s something this curly hair can get with!

So how will I be wearing these styles this year? Together of course!

Natural Hair Style




Natural Hair


  • Spritzing my hair with water, I added a little gel before braiding the front of my hair.
  • I then took the two finished braids and wrapped them around my head, securing them with a bobby pin.
  • Using one of these hair bands, I put up the rest of my hair into a side ponytail, letting my curls do their thing.
  • I can leave it just like this for a day out running errands or add an accessory like a flower clip for a night out with my husband.


Your turn! What do you think will be the biggest hair trends of 2014?

4 thoughts on “Fierce 2014 Hair Trends: Old World Braids and Ornate Ponytails

  1. FASHION TALES says:

    You look great! I always say that braids will never go out of style, just updated versions. They are classic and have been around for centuries. Spring and summer is great for less maintenance on my beauty routine.

  2. Sarah says:

    I love your hair – I honestly need to get trying some more things this year – I want to master the plat I think and get more adverterious with the ponytail :) x

  3. unmuted ink Jamie bond says:

    great post and observation i ALWAYS look at the hair and I agree; I believe that we’ll be seeing more wet sets with the perm rods again, straw sets and up-dos and french twists as well they are classy, and easy to manage while still adding that protective styling to it especially for those in a grow up process of going from one cut to another and of course textures :)

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