The Not So Glamorous Side of Freelance Writing

When you’re sitting at your day job looking over the fence to the full time writing life, all you see are the birds chirping and the sun shining down on you as you type away. You see the sweats you would wear while working at home or the coffee you’ll order before huddling away in a swank coffee shop.  Man, those bloggers who get to write full time must have the life! Roses and daisies all around! Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of awesomeness on this side of the career fence. But I’d be a fool to tell you that there aren’t not-so-fun times.

These past few days are a prime example.

You may have noticed the blog has been quiet since Wednesday. Despite the nicely laid out editorial calendar and carefully planned schedule, when I sat down to blog my brain came up with nothing. On Sunday it was time to crank out yesterday’s post – I wasn’t in the mood and couldn’t think of anything. I was like, “I can’t have writer’s block! I can’t afford to have writer’s block.” But I did and even as I type this I’m still in my creativity funk. And I know exactly how that happens.

You see, freelance writing (or having any type of business) you wear a ton of different hats. Your creative mojo is on all the time – from brainstorming posts to pitch to creating content for clients. Your marketing efforts also have to be on full blast, thinking of ways to make money and diversify your portfolio. I’ve been dipping into my creative pool a lot since January started, my brain having to churn out ideas, figure out how to get them on paper, then make them perfect and sell the mess out of them.

Having a flexible schedule is great, but when everyone gets to home at 5pm, my work day is really getting started. My daughter has become a lot more demanding so many nights I don’t start work until she goes to sleep at 8pm. My writing has to be on until 12:30 am some nights. Then I have to turn around and be up for my baby girl at 7am, who has her own set of play dates, reading programs, and classes (because keeping her entertained keeps the tantrums away). Even still I’m checking and sending emails during her meal times.

Don’t even ask me when the last time I slept in was. It takes a lot not to check my phone when I go to bed at night and first thing in the morning. I have trouble getting a good night’s sleep because my mind is always going. Will I meet this deadline? Will that client book my services? Can I make enough money?

No wonder I’m tapped out by the time it comes to my blog! My mind is drained, for reals!

Instead of freaking out, I’m just going to take a step back. Breathe. Think of all the good things I’ve been blessed with and smile. I’ll be all right.

I’ll do just fine. :)

Tell me, when was the last time you just felt so spent? What did you do to get over it?

4 thoughts on “The Not So Glamorous Side of Freelance Writing

  1. ShalandaLeigh says:

    I am going through this right now. January to the start of FCAT testing (now in late April) is always stressful for a teacher. I usually choose one weekend that I stay in and watch YouTube and Netflix, take several naps throughout the two days and workout.

  2. Othelia says:

    I am going through this right now. I feel like everyone around It can be draining, I feel like everyone around me wants me to give them 100% while they give me less than half of that. It can be draining, but I have to remember I have to invest in me and take care of me first. Whether I take a hot, bubble bath at night when all is quiet, treat myself to a meal at a new or my favorite restaurant or go for walk and listen to music; I know that taking care of me first and foremost is the most important thing because if I am not okay then how can I be there for anyone else?

    • MJ says:

      Yes, I absolutely agree! When I’m not at my best, I can be the best for anyone else. I know it’s harder said than done but we do have to make a conscious effort to make sure we’re good first!

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