How to Make This Your Best Blogging Year

Happy New Year!

Whenever a New Year comes around, we start breaking out the pads of paper and start getting those resolutions together.  I actually started writing down my 2014 game plan about a week before, taking the same approach I did last year.  I accomplished the one and only goal I set for myself last year and I couldn’t be happier.  This year, I have a lot more goals, compiling nice sized lists on all home fronts (personal, blogging, and business) but I’m not worried.  I came out of 2013 a brand new person, more fearless and more focused.

That’s what I want for you guys this year.

I want you to accomplish those blogging goals you set for yourself because nothing feels better than knowing you completed what you set out to do when the next New Year’s Day comes around.

For today’s post, I’ve accumulated not only my own blog posts but others from blogs I read on a daily basis that can help you have your best blogging year ever.  From making resolutions to taking your blogging to the next level, these are great articles to get you started and keeping it going well into 2014.

Want to make blogging resolutions but don’t know where to start?

A New Year, A New Look, and New Resolutions: Need some ideas for resolutions?  Here were some of mine that I set for myself when I rang in 2012.

10 Writing Resolutions for the New Year: Bloggers are writers in the end and we all know that content is king when it comes to our blogs. This awesome list from About Freelance Writing can help you figure out what you need to take your writing to the next level.

Friend Friday: Learning the Hard WayI find that learning from other people’s mistakes is a great place to start when it comes to doing things better when it comes to blog. I share the missteps I made in my blogging journey so I can save you the time (and trouble!).

Fashion Bloggers, It’s Time to Step It Up!: Fashion bloggers have been getting a bad rep the past few years and the only way for us to be taken seriously is take our craft seriously. Aside from my rant on the state of blogger affairs, I give some ideas on how to improve your blog.

Ready to put those resolutions into action?

You’ve Set Those Blogging Goals – So What’s your Plan?: One of the downfalls of making resolutions is making them without a plan. In this post I show you how to break down your goals into smaller, action items that will help you accomplish what you set out for yourself.

Get It Done, Girl! Lessons Learned From Daddy Darling: Our fashion favorite Gala Darling goes into more depth on breaking down goals, including a system on how to prioritize along with a good healthy kick in the pants to help you to stop procrastinating.

Every blogger suffers from burnout or writer’s block.  Here’s how you can overcome it.

It’s Okay to Take a Break (Your Blog Will Thank You!): This is for that midyear slump that happens when you’ve been hitting the ground hard with your blog since the New Year. Sometimes doing too much can leave you not wanting to do anything. I’m here to tell you that it’s quite okay (and sometimes very necessary) to take a blogging break.

Taking Time to Regroup (and What to Do in the Meantime): Decided to finally take that break? Here are a few things that you can do to keep those creative juices flowing so you’ll be good to go when you do get back into blogging.

Fierce Vlog: Stepping Out of the Box With Your Blog: Writer’s block still hanging around? In this video I talk about how stepping out of your own comfort zone can open up a world of content possibilities.

Want to take the leap into professional blogging land?

Want To Go Pro? 4 Things You Need To Do FirstBefore you jump into the freelancing world, here are four things you need to do first so you’ll go in prepared.

What it Really Takes to Make a Living Writing: Carol Tice is one of the leading freelance writing bloggers and her site is full of super useful information when it comes to having a writing career. I chose this article because she really breaks down what you really need to write for a living and after a year of doing this full time, you’re going to need to do every last one of them.

2013: Money and Lessons: When I think of a blogger who knows how to hustle and make things happen, Krystal comes to mind. She’s the blogger behind Miss Business and after reading all the things she had to do and sacrifice to make her product line come into fruition, I was definitely inspired.

The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs: Okay, are you ready to be a professional blogger?  Sophie Lizard (aka the Freelance Blogging Guru) has put together an amazing list of websites that pay at least $50 a post.  After you check out this list, run over to her website Be a Freelance Blogger.  The posts on there are ah-mazing.  I literally read this blog every single day.  Like

Time for you to share the love!  What was the latest post you’ve read that has got you moving this New Year?  Make sure you share a link in comments!

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