2013 Holiday Gift Guide for the Curly Girl

Natural Hair Gift Guide


Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Kit /  DEVACURL Trial and Travel kit / Better Than Good Hair by Nikki Walton / Ouidad’s Curls are Coming To Town / Mixed Chicks Spring Bands / Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Starter Kit / Satin Luxury Pillowcases 

This year has proven that natural hair is no longer a trend with more and more girls getting back to their curly hair roots.  Giving them the latest hair products would be an awesome holiday gift, especially if their early in their hair journey.  Hair kits are definitely the way to go, especially if the curly girl in your life doesn’t have a set regimen yet.  It allows her to try out a full set of products to see if it works out for her and her hair.  By some chance they don’t, there’s no pressure (who wants to throw out full size bottles of anything!)  Shea Moisture and Carol’s Daughter are my personal favorites while DevaCurl and Ouidad get a lot of positive play in the natural hair world.

If you’re still iffy on getting her hair products, hair accessories like the Spring Bands and the Satin Pillows are excellent options no matter what her hair type.  The bands are great for keeping the curls out of her face while the satin pillows will keep them looking gorgeous while she sleeps.  The latest book from the founder of Curly Nikki herself is an extra bonus, a how-to guide to fabulous curls right at her fingertips!


Photos courtesy of:  Drugstore.com, Sephora, Beauty Bar, Curly Nikki, Bed Bath and Beyond, Mixed Chicks


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