Beauty Blast: Ultra Voluptuous Skincare from Giovanni

The name of line alone sounds super sexy, doesn’t it?  It definitely caught my eye when I first learned about this echo chic beauty brand.  They focus on using the most natural ingredients, leaving out all of the harmful stuff like sulfates and parabens as well as use recyclable packaging for all of their products.  The two products from this line that I took for a test drive were the body wash and lotion.  Both are infused with papaya, which keeps skin clear and fresh, and tangerine that gently clarifies and energizes skin to keep it looking it’s best.  Where does the voluptuousness come in?  Giovanni promises that these products will polish, plump, and clarify dehydrated skin.

Body Wash

Ultra Voluptuous Body Wash

This moisturizing wash doesn’t come in your normal packaging, the sleek bottle with a snap open top looking more like a hair styling product than a body wash.  The product itself is smooth and creamy and you can instantly smell the yummy tangerine and papaya. Once I rinsed off my skin felt really smooth and polished, something I was pleasantly surprised with.

Body Lotion

Ultra Voluptuous Body Lotion

The tangerine and papaya party doesn’t stop when you follow up with this lotion.  Just like the body wash it smells amazing, coming in an easy to use pump bottle.  It’s nice and creamy when it goes on my skin, leaving it soft and moisturized.  It absorbs quickly without leaving behind any greasiness.  While it worked great on my body overall, it wasn’t strong enough to tackle my driest areas – mainly my elbows and feet.  But because it smells so flippin good, I would save these for special occasions – you know those occasions you’re running out the door but still wanna smell good? :)

Overall I had fun using both of these skin care products, the polished finish I got with the wash and the fragrance of the lotion scoring major brownie points with me.  The price point for each is a little on the expensive side($8.99 each) but I think it would make an awesome gift for someone like me who doesn’t splurge on this stuff otherwise.

You can find these and other Giovanni product at your local Whole Foods or on their website.


Photos courtesy of Giovanni Cosmetics

FTC Disclosure:  The products mentioned in this review were received as free samples.  All opinions are my own.

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