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It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done outfit posts, with good reason.  I’m a big advocate of creating content that you enjoy doing and at the time I wasn’t really enjoying it.  So I took a break from that to do other fashion posts (like this series!).  When I was contacted by Bank Fashion, a hot fashion store in the UK, to check out their clothes, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try these outfit posts again.  It would definitely determine if I just needed a break from them or needed to give them up entirely.  I’m happy to say I just needed a break because I can’t lie, I had a blast!  I’m sure the t-shirts I chose had a lot to do with it.

First, a little bit about the selection on Bank Fashion.  Their style of clothes is a fun mix of Forever 21 and H&M with a touch of Nasty Gal.  The price point is a little on the high end for trendy clothes but if you’re looking for something super fun to splurge on, you’re sure to find it.  They are a lot of brands to choose from. I’m not familiar with many of them but that’s really refreshing when you get tired of seeing the same clothes everywhere.  Also take note that the sizes are UK sizes so if you’re in the states you have to be very mindful of which one you pick, especially if you’re shopping for shoes.  Thank goodness there’s a conversion chart to help you out with that!  Speaking of sizes, there are plenty of regular sizes available but, unfortunately, not too many on the plus size side of things.  I was kinda disappointed with that.

Okay, now to outfits. This first shirt I chose to style was the Fashionista T-Shirt from Jacqueline De Yong.  That was no brainer, right?  It screams fashion blogger with fun, bold print and falling right in line with the black and white trend.  The t-shirt itself is made of a thin, light weight material so this is definitely a Spring/Summer shirt.  It’s fitted for an XL, the length perfect for me.

Dressed Up

When I saw this shirt my first thought was to wear it with my Forever 21 skirt, going all in with the season’s hottest trend.  To make things more interesting, I folded down the stretchy waist for more black action, dressing it all up with fashion jewelry and my sparkly flats.

Hi Lo Skirt

Black and White High-Lo Skirt: Forever 21 / Studded Flats: Traffic / Chandelier Earrings: Forever 21 /  Cross Necklace: Forever 21 / Black Handbag: Thrift Store

Dressed Down

I channeled my fashion blogger self with the tried and true T-shirt and Blazer.  I really miss rocking my blazers, wishing for the temps to cool down some more so I can.  Yeah, it’s still in the 80’s here so rocking shorts in November is completely normal.  To liven things up I wore my leopard flats, shoes that I also don’t wear often enough!

Fashion Blogger

Black Blazer: Goodwill / Jean Shorts:  Jessica Simpson / Leopard Flats: Target / Silver Hoop Earrings: Forever 21 / Cat Eye Shades: Forever 21


Stay tuned next week where I’m styling my second shirt from Bank Fashion.

FTC Disclosure:  Fashionista T-Shirt was received as a complimentary sample for review.  All opinions are my own.

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