Beauty Blast: Spring Bands from Mixed Chicks

Mixed Chicks

While Mixed Chicks is widely known for its hair products that cater to curly girls like me, they sell more than just cleansing and styling products.  They have the tools that we need for our hair like paddle brushes and spring bands, which is what I’m talking about on today’s beauty blast.  These springy, plastic hair bands promise to keep your hair up and out of the way sans the tears and tangles that fabric ties can cause. You get five in a pack and are available in five fun colors (the light aqua is my favorite!)

At first glance they remind of those key chains I used to wear on my wrist back in the day.  I would’ve never thought to wear those in my hair but in this case, you would be crazy not to!  Tying up my hair was absolutely effortless!  You see, my hair in the back has very, very tight curls which are hard to stretch out to wear up in a ponytail.  Even when I tie up my hair at night I would have to make two ponytails instead of one.  Because the bands are so stretchy I’m able to tie up all of my hair without pulling the back too tight.  As a matter of fact, my hair didn’t feel tight at all, which is something my tender head can’t take much of. Just using the bands once around your hair is enough to get those curls out of the way. You also get some nice curly, poof action, especially if you gel down your edges or wear a pretty scarf (like I did here!) I didn’t realize just how often I wear my hair up – during my morning workouts, wash days, before bed, running errands, and, most recently, these past few days when I was too sick to do anything with my hair.  They were a real lifesaver, keeping my hair (and my appearance!) pulled together!

As for the tearing, there were some minor breakage but nothing super crazy and tangles were practically nonexistent.  I did notice that over time the bands do stretch out on you, especially if you wrap them around your hair more than once.   I also wouldn’t suggest using them on super wet hair because you will get some minor breakage when you take them down.

Have you tried any of the accessories from Mixed Chicks?


Photo courtesy of Mixed Chicks

FTC Disclosure:  Products used in this review were received as free samples.  All opinions are my own.

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