10 Totally Random Beauty and Fashion Things

10 Random


Crazy weeks call for random brain farts, so here we go!

  1. I never thought I see the day where camo was a serious fashion trend….and I would like it!
  2. Am I the only one completely drooling over the M.A.C Retro collection?  I seriously want every shade.
  3. I think faux leather pants are super sexy.  Still trying to get up the nerve to try on a pair (maybe after a few more workout sessions!)
  4. I’m still not a nail polish person.  Just did my nails Saturday and they already look a week old.  Just pedi’s for me.
  5. Do you get nervous going to get your eyebrows done?  I’ve gone to the same place to mine waxed for over a year and the thought still pops in my head that this lady may be having an off day and totally jack up brows.
  6. Florida, can I please have a 50 degree day?  I’m dying to wear a peacoat with a crazy oversized collar.
  7. Speaking of coats, did you see the one Kerry Washington wore on last weeks episode of Scandal?? Ah-mazing!
  8. My hair goal for the  next two years is to have crazy, big hair.  Like stupid big hair. And maybe dye it an outrageous color…
  9. I love super sparkly shadow.  Just trying to find a place where it’s appropriate to rock it (and I don’t do the club scene anymore)
  10. Pumpkin spice lattee’s are delicious.  They brighten up the Fall season.  Totally not beauty or fashion related, but I just had to share!

Your turn!  Tell me a completely random beauty and/or fashion thing you want to get off your mind!


Photos courtesy of:  Burberry, Amour and Apparel, M.A.C, Pinterst, Forever 21, Fashion and Clothing, Natasha Fatah

One thought on “10 Totally Random Beauty and Fashion Things

  1. Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty says:

    Gurrrrrl Scandal!!! Are you on FB? We have a Scandal Gladiators group where we have a time discussing the show.

    You no like nail polish???? I’m a fanatic. I do my own manis and pedis and I come to think I do a better job – not with designs. Just the polishing :-)

    I had the Pumpkin Spice iced coffee at Dunkin – meh

    Brows….after many YT tutorials watched I have it almost nailed. I do my own brows so I don’t have to get jacked up somewhere like I did back in the day

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