You Know You’re a Beauty Blogger When…

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After having a relaxing weekend it’s back to the grind.  I have to hit the ground hard this week.  While I had something else planned for today, I wanted to have a little fun before the day got going.  The idea actually came to me when I was doing Friday’s post.  We have a pretty good idea of how to spot a fashion blogger but what about us beauty bloggers?  After having this blog for four years, there are clearly some things I do that is solely because of this blog and I thought it would be a lot of fun to share!

You Know You’re a Beauty Blogger When….

  • You have no problems wearing your latest beauty look to the store or to work, especially if it’s a dark smokey eye or a bold red lip.  I’m guilty of wearing one to my daughter’s library play date….at 10 am!
  • You’re kitchen has become your beauty lab.  My husband has strict instructions as to what is for cooking and what is for my hair. (I play no games!)
  • If you’re hair or skin isn’t cooperating, that makeup tutorial is a no-go!
  • You can’t have a Pinterest board just named Beauty. Oh no, you have to one for hair, eye looks, lipstick, and beauty products.  Guilty as charged!
  • While fashionistas can rattle off designers, we can have our own list of makeup artists and hair stylists.  Johnny Wright, Kim Kimble, and Mally Moncal are my personal faves.
  • You have at least two of everything like shampoos, conditioners, mascaras, etc.  It takes the idea of being a Product Junkie to a whole other level!
  • Despite the fact you get samples for review, you still go out and buy stuff.  The aisles of Walgreens just aren’t safe!
  • You can spend hours watching makeup and hair YouTube videos and not even realize it!
  • Your Instagram feed has pictures of you, you, and oh yeah, you!
  • You’re the first person you’re family or friends call from the store before they buy a beauty product.


And the biggest one:

You only get dressed from the neck up.  I mean who else is gonna see, right?


Okay guys it’s your turn!  Can’t wait to see what you come up with comments!


4 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Beauty Blogger When…

  1. Jessica Teixeira says:

    Ha! Guilty on all counts! Funny story I was filling out a {blogger} application + my hubby leaned over my shoulder + started saying how something I marked wasn’t true. He was referring to the “how much do you spend on beauty related products monthly?” I marked $50-$100. He said, “You’re a beauty blogger + I know for a fact you spent over $100 just last week…” I had to go back + check the $150 & up category! Guilty of being a beauty blogger as charged.

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