5 Totally Random Things I Love

Today is one of those days.  You know,  where you have absolutely no idea what to blog about?  With all the pre-planning, editorial calendars, and brainstorming you can still have a day (or two!) where you have no idea what to write about.  It’s moments like this where you just have to go with the flow and fun!

Yes! Fun! Even if you want to blog professionally!  Between chasing a super active baby (she is crawling and cruising around all my furniture!) and actively building my business, this girl needs a little fun!  So I’m rambling off ten completely random things I’m obsessing about at the moment.



Chocolate Everything!

Have you seen my Food Board lately?  it’s filled with Oreo this, fudge that, and softy, gooey chocolaty goodness.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t crave something chocolate.  Thank goodness I’m doing myself and my waistline a great service by  not keeping those things in the house!

Ankle Strap Shoes

Have you seen these from Giuseppe Zanotti?? OMG!  Not that I could wear those or any of the other sky high ankle strap sandals I’ve been swooning over lately, but a girl can dream, right?

Fringe TV Show


The TV Show Fringe

To keep myself sane working at home, Netflix has become my best friend!  One show I used to watch but fell off after a few episodes due to lack of free time was Fringe.  I’ve been watching the show starting from Season 1 and I’m officially hooked!  The writing is amazing and the concepts are simply mind bending.  It’s hard to find good TV shows that get your mind going like this one does.

PS:  If you love Sci-Fi shows and actions movies like I do, like my new author Facebook page!

Big Curly Hair

Okay, when am I not obsessed with big natural hair?  Since you’re girl got a good trim last weekend, I am back on the “Get this hair growing!” train.  That means being diligent with my natural hair practices, keep an eye out for natural ingredients that my hair can benefit from, and leaving my hair be as much as possible!

Tote Bag

Micheal Kors Nautical Bag (Nordstrom)

Over sized Handbags

If my twenty year old self read this she would scream!  I wasn’t a handbag type of girl back then, notorious for carrying around the essentials in my back pocket.  Now that 95% of my outings involve taking the princess with me, carrying two bags is out of the question and the diaper bag is getting kind of old.  I need something stylish (and baby proof!) that I can carry not only the stuff I need but the things she needs as well!  (I’m open to suggestions!)


Your turn!  Tell me five random things you’re loving right now.




9 thoughts on “5 Totally Random Things I Love

  1. Nadia Marie says:

    Great post! Loved it! I want that cake! My five random things would be: washi tape, designing stationery from my own illustrations, watching old BBC Britcoms, iPhone photography apps, and bunting!

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