Summer Beauty Wish List

Oh Monday!

After dealing with a sick baby all week and playing catch up this weekend I am really dragging today.  Your girl is in need of a major  pick me up and what better way to do that than put together my beauty wish list.  While there are some items that have been on my radar for awhile (hello NARS!) there are some new limited editions that launched recently that look ah-mazing!  These tired eyes need some color and the lack of a really good nights sleep is taking a toll on my skin. I need to at least look like have it all together when I step out, you know?

So while I go for my daily cup of coffee, enjoy my summer beauty wish list!

Beauty Must Haves

What say you?  What’s on your beauty wish list?


4 thoughts on “Summer Beauty Wish List

  1. Michelle says:

    There’s soooo much on my beauty wish list I don’t know where to begin! I am trying to curb the PJ buying but I do have my sights on buying these in the future:

    * Entwine Couture Products
    * Bee Mine Hair butter
    * RCMA foundation and brow Makeup

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