Beauty Look of the Day: Maybelline Painted Me Purple


After having this on my beauty wish list for like ever, I finally went out and bought Maybelline’s Color Tattoo 24hour cream gel eyeshadow.  I’m a sucker for high pigment at a drug store price and with the summer around the corner. Cream shadows are perfect for the hot weather down here and I’m ready for full on color! I really wanted Fierce and Tangy, an intense orange color that the darker skin model wore in their commercial.  I don’t have a real orange shadow but unfortunately they were all out.  So I went for Painted Purple, a brighter version of the color family that don’t have too much of in my beauty stash.  After putting this look together, I don’t know why I waited so long to buy it!  The color intensity is amaze and can practically carry a great eye makeup look all by itself!

Cream Eyeshadow


  • Avon Cream to Powder Foundation* (yeah, I don’t expand my foundation horizons too much!)
  • CoverGirl concealer under the eyes
  • CoverGirl Press Powder for my shiny T-zone
  • Stila Convertible Color in Poppy on my cheeks


  • Painted Purple was going to be the star of the show, so with a small, stiff brush I applied it all over my eyelids, using my finger to blend.  The shadow goes on really easy and you don’t need a lot to get that bold color you want.
  • For the crease and brow bone, I used the dark purple color from Wet-N-Wild’s Cool as a Cucumber palette.  I just dusted it on to keep the color soft and complimentary
  • Big color needs a crisp liner so I whipped out Wet N Wild’s Mega Liner in black, applying a think line on the upper lash lines to  make my eyes pop some more.
  • For Mascara I used NYC Big Bold Mascara.  It’s becoming a favorite of mine for big, bold lashes.


Avon’s Glazewear LipGloss Intense in Crimson*

flat twist


In the last BLOTD, I told you guys I was getting a little bored with my hair.  So going through some old posts, I came across this hairstyle that I haven’t done in a while.  Not only is it easy to do, it held up for a few days which is a big plus for me!

  • On freshly washed and moisturized hair, part your hair in half.  For a little pizzaz, do a little side part in the front.
  • Start flat twisting your hair, twisting down taking little bits of hair at a time.
  • My hair in the back is softer and thicker in the back and with twists it unravels easier.  So I stopped twisting finished up with a braid.
  • That’s it!


What eyeshadow do you use for bold eye color?


*These products were previously received as free samples for review

4 thoughts on “Beauty Look of the Day: Maybelline Painted Me Purple

  1. A Brit Greek (@ABritGreek) says:

    Wow, it so doesn’t look like a cream gel eyeshadow – does it crease in the fold after long wear? Looking pretty in lilac doll! Hmm, I do love Mac eyeshadow for boldness and colour, but ages ago I picked up a palette from H&M with lots of bold summer colours & it was a bargain too!

    Thanks for your comment, I have been wearing some maternity things, but the over the bump jeans from GAP is not v comfy anymore, so leggings it is! As for tops, I’ve gone to H&M to get some Maternity basic jersey longline tops… but I just wanted some fashion!

    • MJ says:

      No, it didn’t crease on me at all and didn’t fade either as I wore it throughout the day.

      Girl I hear u! When you’re that far along you still want to look cute (and be comfy!)

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