Fierc OOTD: Feeling Trendy in Neon

Plus Size Dress

I’m really feeling the Spring trends this season and find myself wanting to give all of them a try!  One trend that I’m glad to see back is Neon.  It’s all about loud, bold colors and that’s right up my alley!  So when Easter came around this year I wanted to neon and had the perfect dress to do it in.

Ballet Flats

{Neon Green Dress:  New York and Co.; White Button Down: JCPenny; Black Belt: Rainbow; Ballet Flats: Target}

I spent the princess’s first Easter with my family down south.  I needed to wear something that not only was appropriate for church but would be comfortable to wear back at my Mom’s house for brunch and dinner.  This neon green dress was perfect!  I’ve had for a few years now, a piece I came across on the clearance rack.  At the time, I wasn’t too sure about the color because I really didn’t wear too much green, let alone lime green.  But it was seriously marked down to an astounding $7 and I couldn’t pass it up.  Since then I’ve worked it into the 30 x 30 challenge and a Bloggers Do it Better challenge.  I’ve grown to love it!

Plus Size Shirt

The only small downside to this sleeveless dress is the straps are a little ill fitted for me.  I can’t wear it alone because you can see the bra straps so I always have to lay it over with a cardigan or in this case, a button town top.  This shirt has gotten plenty of tranction in my wardrobe rotation!  I love the little puff sleeves and the ruffled flower on the side.  I wore it to work with black trousers or on the weekend with a pair of jeans.  To give the whole look some shape I used my trusty black belt to cinch the waist.  For shoes I wanted cute and comfort and these new ballet flats I bought a few weeks ago were perfect.


{Big Gold Plated Earrings: Forever 21; Vintage Pearl Necklage: Birthday Gift; Brown Beaded Cuff: Old}

I can’t get enough of these gold earrings I purchased for New Years.  Their big, their patterned (did I say their big!)  I never was a big a gold person but there are times when the outfit calls for it, like this one!  I finished it up with the vintage pearl necklace ( I love wearing pearls to church!) and this beaded cuff that I haven’t worn in forever.

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

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    • MJ says:

      Thanks love! The weather has gone from chilly to hot (and back again). Can’t say I miss living up north though! :)

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