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If you’re a beauty junkie like me you know that there comes a point where your stash becomes an unsightly mess!  When your beauty product collection is crazy you can’t fully appreciate all the wonderful stuff you have.  I know I came across some old gems of mine lately and it was only because I got tired of using the same old products and had the time to go through the many plastic drawers and makeup bags I had in my bathroom.  I attempted to organize my stuff awhile back but I still can’t see all that I have at a glance.  While my makeup only requires me to rifle around in my drawers for a few minutes, my hair stuff is another story!  I can’t see everything I have under my sink and those products I do use just create unnecessary clutter on my bathroom counter (and clutter drives me in-sane!)  So I’m on a mission to find a creative, and practical way to store my beauty collection and you won’t believe some of the cool ideas I found!

Beauty Storage

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This makeup vanity is AWESOME!!  Totally need this in my life!


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Spice racks from Ikea = Genius!

Beauty Storage

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The little compartments are perfect for all those little beauty tools and brushes I have scattered all over the place.

Beauty Storage

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Another option for the bathroom counter.  It’s like having your own personal beauty display.

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Easy solution for the inside of your medicine cabinet.  I even like the toothbrushes there too.


How do you store your beauty products?

7 thoughts on “Beauty Storage Ideas

  1. Courtney says:

    I love the first idea! For me, if I can’t see it, it might as well not even exist. Everything needs to be out or I forget it’s there. I should do a post on my makeup storage, because I basically use a knick knack holder laid flat to store everything. it’s amazing!

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