Fierce Fashion: Fabulous Flats

I knew this day was coming.

It pains me to even think it.  But it’s true.

It’s time to pack away (and look away!) from my favorite stilettos and platform pumps and invest in some flats.

I thought after having the baby my elephant feet would return to normal, my center of gravity won’t be off wack, and I can fit into my shoes.  Well my feet aren’t swollen but wider, my center of gravity is kinda off (carrying a baby will do that) and the only shoes that really fit are my sneakers and flip flops. So it’s time for me to break down and find some comfy and cute shoes.  Luckily flats have come a long way and there are tons of stylish ones to choose from.

Orange flats

Isol Biel Jeweled Skimmer Flat

Polka Dot Shoes

Halogen Callie Flat

Jewel Flat

Juicy Couture Roxanna Jewel Toe Flat

Ballerina Flat

Taryn Rose Ballerina Flat

White Flats

Ted Baker London Iveey Flat

Which ones do you like?

Photos courtesy of: Shopstyle


4 thoughts on “Fierce Fashion: Fabulous Flats

  1. A Brit Greek (@ABritGreek) says:

    Oh bless, so I’ve got all that to look forward to! My feet and legs have retained a bit of water and they do get swollen after a long days work! So I’ve also been in flats! But after you’ve had bubba??? For spring/summer you just want to be in wedges and pretty sandals! Love the red bow ones!
    Everyone keeps going on about making sure I wear some sort of insole thing as my arches might collapse too… thoughts?

    • MJ says:

      Haha! I was very swollen especialyy after my c section so that may happen. Insoles are great and you should wear them. Towards the end you may gain weight pretty fast so you want to protect those arches!

  2. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    These are all so gorgeous! I have pretty much given up on heels, at least at work haha. I’m on my feet for 12 hours, so flats are fine by me! I got some comfy and cheap ones at Target that have support and aren’t TOO flat (because that can hurt, too).

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